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  1. I'm working in Publisher Ver 1 on a doc in which pictures with text wrap had been placed. After deleting the pictures and the text wrap, and checking that 1) there was no text wrap object remaining (via Designer persona outline view, 2) there were no text wrap settings were cleared, and 3) creating a new page and copying my work into that page, the text wrap continues to push text outside my previous box. It remains in the same location as I move the text in the frame text box. around on the screen. Thus there must be a residue text wrap of some kind in my work. Must I rebuild my work in a new doc to get rid of this invisible text wrap or is there some solution?
  2. I have a producing program. Each performer has a headshot and a bio. I want the headshot to appear next to the top line of the corresponding bio. My text style has widows/orphans turned on to prevent single lines at the top or bottom of a frame. The circled photo is placed as a floating image to line up with the paragraph (see arrow). The only way I have found to make this image move is to physically shorten the text frame on the left (picture 2). I very much dislike this because if the text changes length, the frame has to be manually adjusted again to allow for it. If I make the image inline, I'm unable to add a wrap to the image (see picture 3). I would have thought that float with text did exactly that. If the text to which the image is "pinned" moves, shouldn't the image move with it and not require manual resizing of text frames?
  3. I'm having difficulty with text wrap. I'm using a rectangle that expands as a header and "pushes" the content of the main box away by a set distance. However despite having no style sheets using baseline grid, no baseline grid set and Ignore baseline grid selected I cannot get the offset to match my chosen distance. What happens is the text moves away relative to the leading of the text regardless. Pushing the offset up and up nothing will move until the next full line of leading value is exceeded, and will then jump. If you look at the two sample files you will see the difference Affinity orange header boxes has only 2 outcomes, InDesign file (Green headers) Outcome I was after is that of the InDesign file with the text beneath being exactly as the wrap is set – is this a bug or chosen way of working? has incremental increases.
  4. I'm a complete noob at Publisher (but fairly good at Photo and Designer). I'm a really good beta tester though, often finding the most hidden bugs. Anyway, while inserting Text Frames, the wrap style is always "none". Is there a way (yet) in Publisher Beta to change that default, say to "tight" for example?
  5. Since there aren't any text wrap features in Designer (are there?) I have a rectangle that I sheared into a parallelogram to flow some text into so it'll have a left margin with an acute angle. I copy my text and click in the parallelogram using the Frame Text Tool and paste it in. That works but the posted text has taken on the same shear angle as the rectangle has. So I delete the text and convert the parallelogram to curves and paste the text again; same result: the text has the original shear angle and I notice that the rotate gizmo at the top of the selected shape also has the shear angle. The question is: after using the transform settings to adjust a shape, how can I place text into it where the text will not inherit any of the shape's distortions? This is also the case where I wish Designer had text wrap tools; I started the project in Designer and had to change it to a design that included skewed text boxes instead of straight ones. Publisher doesn't have the illustration tools I need so it's not worth trying to rebuild the design in Publisher just to get a wrap tool for a few text boxes. I thought the Frame Text Tool would be a good stand-in but it only seems to work correctly if the text frames remain simple rectangles. Any ideas?
  6. I have an image surrounded by a text in a text frame. When I set some padding in the "Distance from text" part of the Text Wrap window, the text is not immediately shifted away from the image, but as soon as the value of the padding is increased enough, it jumps line by line. This is not necessarily what I would like to achieve. Is it possible to set the padding more precisely, for example by 1mm?
  7. I don't know if this is expected behavior or not. I have a Publisher document and have placed a Photo document in it. When I put a text wrap on the Photo, even without specifying the size of the wrap, the text jumps about an inch from the Photo. Dragging the photo to the left (second picture below) the next moves with it, but with the same inch space. It's only be cropping the photo (with the rectangle/crop tool) and setting the text wrap on that that the desired layout is achieved. Is this normal?
  8. For a book project I work with pull-out quotes (see attachment). The quotes have a decoration background, and they are wrapped. However, the wrap is separate from the paragraph style, which adds another unnecessary step for clean formatting. So: please include the text wrap to the style sheet, so that one click formats the pull-out quote including the wrap settings. Thank you. 🙂 Helmar
  9. Is there a reason the Text Wrap panel is not "pinnable" like studios? Text wrap (for me) is an often used feature and having the panel hang out in the middle of my design window is cumbersome. Just curious...
  10. Hello all — new user here, just in from Quarkland. In Publisher, I want every picture frame to have a ‘runaround’ of 5 mm. So I draw a frame, call the Text Wrap dialog, set it to Square and 5 mm. Next, from the Edit menu, I select Defaults>Synchronize from selection, and Defaults>Save. I expected my next picture frame to use these values and the text to wrap, but it doesn’t work like that — I have to call the Text Wrap dialog again for each new picture. What am I missing?
  11. It is impossible to apply Text Wrap on inline pinned objects. While that may be "by design", it leads to unexpected results if the object spans over multiple columns. In any case it is confusing that Text Wrap panel appears as "applicable" to an object even though it cannot affect it at all: If an inline pinned object is at the beginning of a line and wider than the column, it results in this ugly text mash: Floating pinned object with Text Wrap behaves even more erratically as it floats where the line would be if Text Wrap were not active: Editing Text Wrap values of a floating object doesn't refresh the layout until another value has been – at least temporarily – edited elsewhere: There may be more…
  12. Hello this sounds like a simple task, but somehow I don't get any further … I want to place images in my document. Each image should have a desription (caption) right to it. The Image plus description should float with the surrounding text. I experiemted with text wrapping, but this is not satisfactory. See screenshot and example document. (I'm using Publisher Wrappingtest.afpub
  13. Hi. I am well advanced on a magazine I am producing and all of a sudden the text will not wrap around an image I am adding, whereas on the several previous images it worked fine. "Ignore text wraps" is not checked for the text frame. When trying repeatedly to do it Affinity actually crashed, though the crash report goes to Apple not to Affinity I suspect. Has anyone had a similar problem recently? I am using Affinity Publisher 1.8.6 on an iMac with 32GB RAM, running Big Sur 11.1. Thanks!
  14. Hi Publisher team, I'm facing the problem that I can't set the distance from text as exactly as I'd like to. That applies to images as well as rectangles. (I haven't tried circles and other objects but believe that this is a general issue.) Details: I place an image inside my document. Next I draw a text frame and type some Lorem ipsum etc. Then I let this text frame snap to the bottom of the image so that the top of the text frame is attached to the bottom of the image. Now comes the mystery: I select the image and chose a text wrap with the wrap style 'Jump' or 'Square' and set the distance from text to 1 mm from the bottom. Instead of moving the text 1 mm down the text jumps down 1 line. I understand that it makes sense when an image is placed inside running text. But when the text starts under the image, it would be nice when I could control the distance between image and text as seen in the dialog. My work-around right now is to set the 'Space Before Paragraph' to the delighted distance and set 'Use Space Before' to the column-top-option. That's fine for me, but it would be more logical if I could do it the other way, too. Nevertheless Publisher is a great software and I don't miss InDesign at all. Thanks, folks! Georg text-wrap-issue.afpub
  15. A bizarre bug. I selected an image in my document, opened the Text Wrap box, clicked on "tight" and apparently nothing happened, but the programme immediately opened an old file as a second window. Each time I closed the unwanted window and clicked "tight" again, the same thing happened. This happened 4 or 5 times before I gave up. I closed down the programme and left it overnight. Examining the pinned document list in Affinity Publisher I realised it was the first document on the top of the list that was being opened each time. In desperation I have unpinned all the pinned documents, and now it is working OK.
  16. Experimenting with how to use style groups, I created a new group, defined its characteristics, and then a made a new paragraph style based on it ("Body-text" — see the screen shot). The screen shot I've linked below shows what happened when I applied the new paragraph style to a line of text. It runs completely outside the frame. (If it matters, the frame was created with the Text Frame tool, not the Artistic Text tool.) I can replicate this with other new text frames. But a paragraph below it, set to "No style," wraps within the text frame as expected. If I style the problematic paragraph "no style," it immediately behaves — line-wraps as expected. If I re-style it "Body-text," it runs outside the frame again. • What paragraph settings that I've set incorrectly, or failed to set, could cause such a problem? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w5nYg37JBJbYnMoed3MaC0YikOUuhrbn _________ (Question for any admin reading this post: I still can't successfully attach screen captures to forum posts or comments. Is there any ETA for when this problem with the forum will be fixed? I'm also not able to get the "insert link" feature to work. At least inserting a link by pasting it from the clipboard works, as above.)
  17. I've got a text in a shape (a double star) and I want to put it partly over a jpg. The shape sits on top as expected, but the text which should be over the jpg doesn't appear. The text outside the jpg appears okay. Publisher on Windows 10.
  18. Hi, How to Automatic wrap pasted text to text box without the box change size! Because instead of return to a new line, the text expands the text area, while I wanted to lock that text box and make the text fill (with wrap and return) Thanks for your help
  19. I just downloaded the Beta, this is the first time I ever use an Affinity product, but I'm planning on buying them soon. I really liked publisher and all, but as of my first time using it, I found a few things missing that could benefit the user (I probably just missed some options for this, but still wanted to share). - Text Wrap Preview: The only way to preview it is watching the text around an image for example move along when you increase the size of it, but it would be nice to have a little guide preview at all times around the image or graphic. -Guides Manager | Margins: The guides manager is great but a little thing I noticed is the margins section, doesn't have a link option, so you have to enter each number individually, again, a little thing that could help. -Hidden Characters: I just couldn't find a feature like this, if it is not there, I think it should because it's a great tool when working with a lot of text.
  20. Title of this topic sounds funny, but it isn't at all. Maybe not a bug, but a flaw in design. Stumbled upon this yesterday. Most of my documents contain technical drawings with lines or arrows to show measures in the outer area of the drawing. First objects in the drawing could be a simple line in the upper right corner with no elements left of it or a small empty distance below. Making text wrap around these drawings give you more work than needed. Step 1: I group legends and drawing. Step 2: I give the group the text wrap options and place the group inside text. Expectation: Since the group is a "box" with coordinates, width and height one would expect, that the text wrap would be around the "box". Result: Only polygonal objects / text boxes but NOT lines are respected in the text wrap. Extra work: Create an object with the same size and coordinates as the "box" and give it text wrap options or edit the text wrap outline of any object inside the "box". In the attached image you can see that only the tiny rectangle is the obstacle for text wrap.
  21. This has got to be simple and I just can't find it. I've placed a photo onto my Affinity Design artboard and want to wrap text around it. How do I do that? I can't find text wrap in Affinity Designer help, only text on a path, which is not what I want to do. I am on a Windows 10 desktop PC. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Hi, Working on a document converted from PDF, I had some images cause a freeze any time I applied a text wrap to them. Also, I made bulleted lists using a character style on the bullet, with different font, size, color and baseline. The character style doesn't update automatically and the bullet baseline jumps erratically high, like 20 pt when it should be -3-ish. BTW, I managed to get Finnish hyphenation working on a semi-decent level using the attached Public Domain library. The library makes Publisher crash as is, but when you remove the first charset line, it works just fine. The library is not perfect, but it's a good start. Should you be able to tap into the OS X library, that would be just smooth too, but I understand it's not as simple as one would like to think . Sorry to include multiple topics in one post, bit of in a hurry here and wanted to contribute… Asukkaan_opas_01_2019.afpub fi_FI.zip
  23. Hello, seems like Text Wrap is not working (, at least not for me.
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