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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Not only am I NEW to this forum, I'm NEW to Affinity Photo and I'm in my dotage [ thats very old - so be kind to me] so not very tech minded [any help should be simple so I can understand]🤔 and to finish with I'm not into photo's just want to edit my watercolour art paintings. After finishing my painting I scan with an Epson Perfection v600. I can edit most of my painting with the Silverfast programme; ie: colours/sharpness etc but need to use AP for removing backgrounds and the new fill layer option. PLUS I needed to cut and paste part of my painting into a new document [I had two small animal study's on one piece of paper so needed to split these into TWO separate paintings] this I achieved following video instructions. In Silverfast I set the output to 48-24bit with resolution at 600dpi. it scans as a tiff into my files. In AP I OPEN the file I want to edit. Use the relevant tools to remove the background. Then go to export using the Tiff / uncompressed/lanzos3 non separable/RGB16-bit But when I click export it saves as an AP photo file? I thought it should save as a Tiff as it was a Tiff when I opened it into AP. What/where am I going wrong. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance 😁
  2. After some initial problems I have almost fished a 124 pages, 600+ images, 4 sections, well structured book (styles, layers etc.). "Almost"means unresolved ptoblems with TOC and hyperlinks. In this post i have only one question: How to get rid of the TOC formatting garbage remaining im my book from several versions back, and after clearing all the visible remains of them? No PDF bookmarks this time, fortunately;-)
  3. I have just purchased AP and the first task that I tried to do was register this product. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to connect for registration to occur and instead kept telling me they were sorry and to try again or leave until later. I have tried several times and i don't have a weak wi-fi signal; can anyone tell me why this software won't allow me to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Please help. I downloaded Publisher and it would only let me place it in Dropbox, but It won’t save or open it in Dropbox. I have both Affinity Photo and Designer and didn’t experience this problem.
  5. Greetings, and good evening ... after searching for about four hours now for a solution for my problem ... I've come here, really hpoing, someone can help me with this. So ... I made a flyer for print, with all three programs, Affinity Photo (for picture editing and converting them into CYMK, after the original try to export the PDF directly from RGB into a CMYK file), Affinity Designer (first try to design the flyer, with the result of a "red tinted" pdf) and Affinity Publisher (same result). I can't seem to get the right result after exporting the file into a printable pdf. Always got that red tint, and frankly, after trying for about four hours, I'm done ... with this *PEEP* programs. I searched the internet for a solution of that problem. The screenshot shows the difference between the look of the file in Affinity Designer and in browser or pdf viewer. The file looks more "yellowish" in AD. I've also opened the settings, with which I run the program. As I wrote, I'm really done with this ... *peep* ... really. I've had the same problems when exporting to jpg files ore other files as well. Colours seem way off sometimes and I've read every topic about this as I could. There seem to be others, with the same problems. Maybe someone out there knows whats off? Best Regards Mel
  6. Hi, I'm D and I seem to be having a problem installing Affinity Publisher despite purchasing it a few days ago for preoder. Before this I have downloaded the Adobe Publisher Beta and now that I try to setup the software it said it's failed? Someone please help me, I need to do my portfolio quick
  7. Hi! New to Affinity and really enjoying it. I do have one problem... I 've been happily moving my assets into the assets panel/library; BUT, this morning when I restrarted it the various assets were a much different darker, more vibrant shade of color. Does anyone have any advice? How to correct the color and/or how to upload it properly? Thank you for any help! Bernie
  8. Hey everybody! When I use the frequency separation filter and deselect the High Frequency layer and only have the low frequency layer select my healing tools no longer work. I am not sure why; I am following tutorials but no matter what I do the tools will not work. They do however work if I choose to only have the high frequency layer selected. Thanks!
  9. So I've followed the steps to remove the white areas from my image, use the pixel persona brush and highlight it all then press delete. However if you look at the pictures I've attached, those steps don't work for me and I'm left with a highlighted area that I can't do anything with. Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  10. There seems to be some over compensation in Vertical panoramas emphasising curvature. The strange treatment of sunbursts has already been noted and you await information from me.
  11. I received the Affinity Photo Workbook 2 days ago, excited to get started. However, there's a huge problem. It smells really bad - in a 'what ink or paper did they use to make this nauseating stench' kind of way. I doubt it's a used book - it doesn't smell like smoke or food and it cracks all the time as if it hasn't been moved since it was printed. I love the look of it and want to work through the tutorials, but every few pages and I just have to put it away again. The smell's that bad. (it might be the glue that holds the book together now that I'm thinking about it. Whatever it is, it's noxious.) So, I'm hoping someone else has figured out something here. Does the smell go away? in what timeframe?
  12. Hello, I have a really big problem with the Gradient tool... When I use the tool it immediately applies black/white color on my image, i can first change the color when its already applied which means under my intended color there will remain black or white pixels which make the gradient look terrible. My question is can I turn the automatic-application off somehow? it kind of works with Context:Fill-->Type:Solid Im just wondering if other people have experienced same issues with the tool, im still a newbie at the program... overall it's good but I enjoyed the Gradient tool of GIMP way more... Affinity Photo never acutally saves the colors that i've used before it always jumps back to black/white colors or it lets me select 1 color but the other one stays black/ or white... I struggle so much at this, maybe it's on me to blame. IDK anymore... sometimes I click on Stroke and the ( Type: ) option is even locked... or it doesnt allow me to reverse the gradient on the options.
  13. I'm having a problem with one of my projects kicking me out when I work on it. How do I send you a crash report and what info do you need from me in order to file one?
  14. Hi all, I've finally got some more artwork to post, but the uploader won't let me use that extension (jpg) or Pinterest weblinks, but PDFs are fine: also my upload limit has not been exceeded yet. Any ideas? peter
  15. Hi I've bought windows version and I am really happy with this program, but it has some problems the aplication stops suddently, it gave me a message telling me that affinity photo has stopped and closes, it happens when i am working with several or a lot of layers, fx or adjustments. (no more than 15 layers) the day after yestarday I just apllied and effect and the pc got very slow and a bluscreen appeard with a text like this: error storing or something so, I don't remember very well.... I think this software has problems with its performance, I think my pc is pretty good for working with it 'cause I can run modern games My pc: amd fx 8320 3.5ghz asus m5a99x evo r2.0 corsair 1600 4gb x 2 dual channel = 8gb XFX Radeon 7850 2gb dd black edition with last drivers seagate barracuda 1tb 7200 rpm all without overclock thanks for your help...... A final question......... can I post in spanish?
  16. Hi there, What format should I save a large affinity design file to be sent to a printer and turned into a banner? I've been creating a banner for the local karate club, on and off, for some time now. I had to come onto this forum before regarding some issues with the stability of it, which have been sorted now... We've finally got it to where we like it, and would like to send it to the printer for a sample and ultimately printing. The banner is to be five metres wide and just under a meter tall. Every file I've sent them so far, they've been unable to open, has appeared pixelated or is too large for them to deal with... I've tried a .svg, .jpg and a .pdf. Please, can someone help? This might just kill me... I'll post links below to the dropbox files so you can take a look. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ff9qser123nsn1n/dojobannerprintvariant2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v49136o7yf9sfro/dojobannerprintvariant2.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4zbgyxlm15cx81/dojobannerprintvariant2.afdesign?dl=0 Thanks!!!
  17. Have just installed the latest beta. Installation was rather slower than previous versions, especially for the M$ NET requirement but seemed to go without hitch. Following a reboot, the new version opened and, although I have not seriously tested it yet, seems to perform without difficulty. However, when I just now returned to my computer I was confronted with a security message from my AV, Bullguard Internet Security, with a message that a series of files, apparently installed at the time of the upgrade are Trojans and they have been quarantined! I assume these files actually came from the NET Framework installation since they were all located in C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\System.Web.Routing\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Presentatio53a7a42c#\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Microsoft.VisualC\ Obviously (I hope) there are additional file names at the end of each string above, 4 for the first location, 2 for the second and 8 for the third. All are described by Bullguard as "Trojan.Generic". I can retrieve these files from quarantine but have not done so yet since AD still seems to run without problem, but I would welcome a developer's/moderator's input on this. Thoughts/advice, please! Thank you. Jeff
  18. Hi, I have an iMac 5k mid 2015. After developing Raw file photos and work on them in photo persona after some working steps AP becomes incredibly slow leading to lags, which does not allow to work properly eg. even only clicking on the drop down menu for the blend modes needs loading time only to show the menu. Further, changing the blend mode takes 20 seconds instead of "realtime". I have already went through everything with apple support but only working with AP boosts CPU usage to 350%. Therefore a hardware issue can be excluded. Is anybody facing the same problems, respectively more important has a solution for me ;) Thanks!
  19. Congratulations on your great new photo app, which seems most impressive. I today purchased it from the App Store and would like to become familiar with the details of how to better use it. I found your videos on Vimeo, which is awkward compared to Youtube, and have a problem with how they get cropped on my TV. I was surprised to see your screens on Vimeo losing the edges with the tool bars on a new large Samsung. I have a very advanced TV that doesn't crop anything and works with a wide range of sources. I routinely watch similar videos on Youtube. I also use Airplay to transfer and watch videos without problems. Whatever the problem with your videos, it doesn't relate to the TV. I wonder if there is some practical or commercial reason why they are just not uploaded to Youtube? I notice they will view on an iPad without cropping, in an oddly elongated format, but that is less convenient for watching an hour or so at a time. Apart from the cropping, I was wondering if somewhere you have a list with recommended viewing order of the various features being explained individually. I assume it's best to start with the RAW developer, but any pointers? It's a pity to have to begin here like this, but as a new user this is my first experience of your app. I can see it's impressive, so it would be great not to have hassles with something as basic as the videos.
  20. Hallo to everyone. I have a problem with exposing from AP. Once the image is exported it has some really strange colors.... But only if reported from AP... If the same image goes from Lightroom to AP and back no... Tiff format or jpeg happens the same... It doesn't happen if i save a .afphoto project. tried in various formats but didn't change... Thank you very much...
  21. Russell Brown here — no, not the one from Adobe but I *am* the author of Paths to Artistic imaging in Photoshop (ISBN 978-0-987574-60-2 ) Nevertheless, I for one would be delighted to see a viable, professional alternative to Photoshop and will be happy to make suggestions, should they be helpful. I have installed Affinity Photo today and have only had time for a brief look, but I already have some observations and will add more here, as I find them. I have noticed some others already making similar suggestions, however I felt that it would be better if I start my own thread to keep all my ideas in the one place. The main issue I have so far in that raw (NEF) files opened in Develop Persona are doing some strange things. It would be good if the default processing on opening could be switched off permanently as an option and where is the white balance adjustment for Tini? As it is, this module is a bit clunky and could do with some refinement. Ajustments to the sliders are difficult and can't be adjusted finely, as one can with the arrow keys in Photoshop. ACR is quick and intuitive but so far, Develop Persona is not. In the main program, can you add an option to have finer grid squares in the Curve dialog box? In PS, one can Option-click in the dialog to get the extra grid lines, making fine adjustments easier. Double clicking in the workspace in PS is a quick was to open a file. Can this be incorporated into AP? Do you have plans for a Bridge style image viewer to make selecting files easier and quicker? In the Channels palette, could you add the composite image, so that after working on individual channels, I can easily return to the composite image? At the moment, it seems that I have to click on each of the other channels, including Alpha, before I can see the composite image again. Do we have an Info palette and can we add sample points to an image for precise colour adjustment? This is essential and I can't see anything in the Help section about it. While we're on the subject, some diagrams and info are missing from Help. More to come....! Thanks.
  22. Hey guys, loving the program with each illustration I work on, but I have had this issue with 2 different files, when I export my pdf it looked really pixelated, blurry and doesn't look like it was made with a vector program, giving me a really blurred look once I printed it out. My work around was exporting an eps, opening it with illustrator, saving it as a pdf from illustrator and printing, and I still had some little details looking blurred cartel_1.pdf
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