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  1. Sorry.. I think it's kind of misunderstand ? My affinity photo and publisher won't start.. I tried to open it, resetting it, reinstalling it.. and so does about this clear data.. by pressing ctrl and open the app. The clear data menu don't come out. But when I try it with affinity designer I can open the "clear data" menu.. So how I can open my affinity photo/publisher again ? Or even open this clear data menu ? I'm really sorry.. Thanks for your kindness for answering
  2. Hi again, so i have try, and i have make it shortcut at desktop, but the menu from affinity photo won't pop out :')
  3. Honestly, I don't know how to put it on the desktop as a shortcut since it's installed from the Microsoft store, so I only see the menu to put to taskbar and start menu by default.. Sorry.. Thanks for the suggestion and answer
  4. Yes, indeed, as I say before.. I've try it with the designer and works and that menu pop out. But when I try the same way with photo/publisher nothing happen thanks for your suggestion
  5. Hi, I don't know why too hehe.. But to make sure, I've try it to my affinity designer and the menu sure came out. But when I try in both affinity publisher and photo, nothing happen thanks for the answer
  6. Hi, I installed both of it from Microsoft store, so its located in the start menu/taskbar, (idk how to make it on the desktop), but when I try to open it from taskbar and holding ctrl, nothing happened :) sorry.. thanks for your answer
  7. Hello everyone... So a few months ago, i bought affinity photo and publisher but from microsoft store, and it did run well. But a few weeks ago, it can't be opened anymore. I've tried to reinstall it and no use. I've ask about this in the microsoft community and they suggest me to ask here. I do buy Affinity Designer too, but from the Affinity Official and it still work well till now. Is there anyway i can open it (APhoto and APublisher) again ? Need to work with both of it. Thanks
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