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  1. Hi Matt, i will send it to support and let's discuss afterwards. Many thanks for the fast reply and help. Br
  2. @Lobu - do you use high resolution RAW photos too? (ie mine coming from EOS 6D- 5472x3648) Anyhow, I have my imac back from apple service center - all hardware tests ok. They even installed AP on two of their working imacs and 1 macpro retina, and they have the same issue as me: extremely high processor usage and lags.. I will now try to use lower RAW resolution, maybe this is the porblem....
  3. Hi tomorrow the imac goes to the appleshop. in the meanwhile i wanted to ask if someone is using AP on an imac Retina 2015 without any problems? many thanks
  4. ad RCR: I haven't migrated anything afterwards, only formatted everything, reinstalled OS and installed AP from AppStore. Yes, Etre check was fine, only AP was marked red (CPU usuage) ad Ben: I have upgraded the RAM on my own, but issue exist already before that.Further, the problem starts with all files after adding some layers & (live) filters In the meanwhile imo all the signs lead to the hardware because everybody i am talking with, doesn't report any issues on imac with AP. I have already called yesterday an apple shop to bring my imac to them because for me it's simply odd, that a computer , somehow tailormade for photography, is struggling here (although imac is only 5months old!). In addition, i am not the "hardcore" AP user but mainly using it to enhance photos.... Hope they find the problem Anyhow, AP is really a fantastic program and I hope that I can use it at 100% performance soon ;) (thumbs crossed the guys will find the problem) keep you posted and again thanks for your fast replies/help! Br
  5. does anyone have further ideas? Is anybody working with AP on imac Retina 5k 27'' without problems? Lightroom 6 is slow too.... Do you believe it could be a software issue too? Thanks
  6. I have set the iMac to factory settings (i.e. formatting whole iMac), only installed AP and unfortunately nothing changed...Now I don''t know what I could still try. Anyhow, many thanks for your help!
  7. I have tested it with another already existing account, lags were stille there. not sure if this could make a diffierence but i will try to create a totally new user?
  8. Hi, Many thanks for the extensive answer, unfortunately I have done already yours and MEB's advices before and nothing worked. I will download EtreCheck, let's see what it says. Otherwise I believe last chance is an reset to factory settings....
  9. Hi, thanks for the fast reply. I am only using 1 live filter (Gaußsch). It's starting after some layers and getting worse and worse. It's with all files I am working with and converted from Raw. Photos have been done with Eos6d (5202x3465px). eg 1 Background layer (=photo), 1 live filter, 1 HSL, 1 black&white layer, 1 graduation curve, and two selections painted. Therefore not really an exhausting one.... The strange thing is, performance on my weaker macbook air is much better (with the same photo)
  10. Hi, I have an iMac 5k mid 2015. After developing Raw file photos and work on them in photo persona after some working steps AP becomes incredibly slow leading to lags, which does not allow to work properly eg. even only clicking on the drop down menu for the blend modes needs loading time only to show the menu. Further, changing the blend mode takes 20 seconds instead of "realtime". I have already went through everything with apple support but only working with AP boosts CPU usage to 350%. Therefore a hardware issue can be excluded. Is anybody facing the same problems, respectively more important has a solution for me ;) Thanks!

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