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  1. It works just fine now, on a pixel layer... Fill -> Linear and swatches was a big help too thanks. I just had to put the opacity on the white color to zero because I wanted a transparent gradient with 1 color.
  2. I still have an problem tho... I do an selection with the "Free hand selection tool" and the Gradient goes on the background as well how can I make it to go just on the selection?
  3. Yes I used a Pixel Layer... your way probably will fix my problem... thanks! and I use it for colouring
  4. Hello, I have a really big problem with the Gradient tool... When I use the tool it immediately applies black/white color on my image, i can first change the color when its already applied which means under my intended color there will remain black or white pixels which make the gradient look terrible. My question is can I turn the automatic-application off somehow? it kind of works with Context:Fill-->Type:Solid Im just wondering if other people have experienced same issues with the tool, im still a newbie at the program... overall it's good but I enjoyed the Gradient tool of GIMP way more... Affinity Photo never acutally saves the colors that i've used before it always jumps back to black/white colors or it lets me select 1 color but the other one stays black/ or white... I struggle so much at this, maybe it's on me to blame. IDK anymore... sometimes I click on Stroke and the ( Type: ) option is even locked... or it doesnt allow me to reverse the gradient on the options.
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