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  1. Hi, mac_heibu, first, sorry for the cursing. I was really frustrated yesterday evening. I tried with: - all pictures and graphics in an RGB/8 (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) colourspace and colour profile, the same goes for the document. I then exported this as an PDF in RGB and in CMYK, not working, both have the red tint in it. - all pictures in CMYK/8 with Coated FOGRA27 (ISO 12647-2:2004), same results. It seems like the problem itself is in the software (Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher) but I don't seem to get, why that is.... I even considered playing around with the colour profile of my monitor, but as this monitor is a gaming, and not a graphics montior, I'd rather not change anything on my monitor software ... Nothing seems to change when I export to PDF... I even tried to export one page as an TIFF, in RGB, when I look at the picture out of Affinity, it got the red tint ... when opening in Affinity Photo the red tint is gone ...
  2. Greetings, and good evening ... after searching for about four hours now for a solution for my problem ... I've come here, really hpoing, someone can help me with this. So ... I made a flyer for print, with all three programs, Affinity Photo (for picture editing and converting them into CYMK, after the original try to export the PDF directly from RGB into a CMYK file), Affinity Designer (first try to design the flyer, with the result of a "red tinted" pdf) and Affinity Publisher (same result). I can't seem to get the right result after exporting the file into a printable pdf. Always got that red tint, and frankly, after trying for about four hours, I'm done ... with this *PEEP* programs. I searched the internet for a solution of that problem. The screenshot shows the difference between the look of the file in Affinity Designer and in browser or pdf viewer. The file looks more "yellowish" in AD. I've also opened the settings, with which I run the program. As I wrote, I'm really done with this ... *peep* ... really. I've had the same problems when exporting to jpg files ore other files as well. Colours seem way off sometimes and I've read every topic about this as I could. There seem to be others, with the same problems. Maybe someone out there knows whats off? Best Regards Mel
  3. Hi Mark, Hmm, well, the display scale for my main display is set to 2560 x 1440. Could that be the problem? Also, I'm using two displays, one with the said scale, and one smaller. Maybe that's also a problem. Mel
  4. Hi Callum, yes, that problem is still occuring, even with the newset updates for Affinity Designer and Photo. I'll try with the WARP renderer. But as I just tried, the problem still exists...
  5. Hi, Callum thanks for the fast reply. Here you go. I was surprised that the display dropdown is missing, or didn't I go to the right window? Mel
  6. Hi guys, so, I got this problem with the studios, of both Affinity designer and photo, on Windows 10, are not displaying the right way. Right after the start the welcome screen is part white, no buttons showing, I can only work around that "buggy welcome screen" with pushing "ESC". Well, but then, the studio itself is buggy. Sometimes it works, for about 10 mins, than the panels "mix up", buttons vanish ... it's annoying. I tried to resolve the problem myself, but I don't quite get the right term to search for that exact bug. The PC is updated to the fullest. I'm really helpless right now, because working with the software right now, like this, is nearly impossible. I know that the problem could have been, because of the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, but I pretty sure I got the right one installed. Perhaps someone else has the lightning strike idea. I'm at my wit's end. Thanks in advance Mel
  7. Hi guys, first, I know there are many topics already being handled and talked about, but english is not my mother tongue, therefore I don't understand some of what is talked about. Second, I searched for my problem on Google&Co but found nothing. So here goes: I installed Affinity Photo and Designer on my PC (Windows 10) at work. At home, everything runs fine, no stumbling, no freezes, no display bugs, such as white windows or studio panels. But here, at work, I have those problems since I installed the software. White Studio Panel windows, sometimes it looks like the panels won't change the specifics when I click on another part of my vector illustration, sometimes the whole program freezes. That, pardon my ordinary speech, sucks. I have work to do, an no time to bury myself in bugfixing, while I working as a graphic designer. I have no screenshots, but perhaps there's another unlucky person, trying to fix that problem, or has it fixed already, and could tell me how to do so. ;) Thanks in advance.
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