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Found 12 results

  1. I have a freeformat logo (vector-based) and will produce a sticker from this. The producer of the sticker demands me to add an outline in 100% magenta and name that outline 'cutkontur' . The sticker will be cut along this line. I used Layer -> Layer Effects... -> Outline to add the outline. This works perfect, but I see no way on how to add a name to the outline. How can I name that outline? Affinity Designer, Win7 Enterprise x64
  2. Hey everyone! It would be useful to be able to name symbols. Best wishes, Shu
  3. In the list view of the swatches pane any new swatch gets an auto-name with its defined values. Unfortunately these names don't auto-change when the color definition got changed by the user. This results in wrong swatch names, both for global and non-global swatches. To avoid wrong names the user has to rename any swatch manually after changing its color. To fix the name it needs several clicks to the manual renaming option window. Suggestions: – auto-change a swatch name when its color definition got changed – enable renaming on double-click the swatch name p.s.: in the actual renaming option window a hint appears: "This is not an undoable operation." – Why does it warn me that I can undo this operation?
  4. Hello, I'm using Affinity Designer to create a svg map which is to be processed by a custom software. This programm requires a path and its expanded stroke. Is it possible to get a path name like "path_XXX_expanded"? This would make my work a lot simpler. Thank you in advance. Greetings Rogue Seven
  5. Hey guys, When exporting to psd, the layers, if they are not named in Affinity, get export with the name Layer, followed by a number (Layer1, Layer2, etc) It would be great if the default layer names would actually get export as well. For example, if I don't name a layer that's a Curve, it would get exported with the name Curve, not Layer1. Thank you
  6. Hi everyone, I downloaded the promotional brushes, and installed on my affinity for iPad. I noticed that they come with brush name in the list. How I can show my brush name in my custom library? I have many custom brushes created by myself, but every time it's hard to distinguish one from each other. I'd like to have a label with their names. Like I have with this new promotional brushes.
  7. Hello, I was hoping that there would be a way for Affinity to import the file name from the RAW image that is being edited. As it is right now when I go to save an image as a jpg it defaults to "untitled" With Lightroom Mobile it is able to keep the file name and save it in an easier to organize way. I hope this is a feature that can be added, or at least the ability to consecutively name the saved images in some way. Thank you!
  8. Hi, there is the following inconsistent naming issue, when creating symbols: 1. create a group 2. create a symbol out of the group >> in the layer hierarchy the name of the group will be displayed with "(Symbol)" as Suffix 1. create a layer 2. create a symbol out of the layer >> in the layer hierarchy the name of the layer will be displayed but NOT with "(Symbol)" as Suffix, it keeps its "(Layer)" Suffix That's confusing. You never know if it is a symbol or not. Especially if you are so forgetful like me or you have to work with files from different users. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Create a new symbol. Rename it in the Symbols panel as "MySymbol". The original instance does not acquire this name, but remains simply "(Symbol)". Drag an instance of the symbol on to the canvas, this does have the correct name "MySymbol (Symbol)" Now rename the symbol in the Symbols panel to "NewName". The neither the second instance, nor the original update to reflect the new name. Now drag an instance of the renamed symbol to the canvas, again it shows the correct name "NewName (Symbol) We now have 3 instances of the same symbol, all with different names. Surely the name of all instances should be updated to reflect the source symbol? I can see an issue where the user has explicitly renamed a symbol in the Layers Panel, and this is then over written by the base symbol being renamed in the Symbols panel, but the present system seems pretty messy and incoherent to me. Perhaps the layer naming should be… "Instance name [base name] (Symbol)" e.g. "Reflected Logo [MyCorp Logo] (Symbol)" Thoughts?
  10. In Export Persona, the slices cleated by latest version cannot add "~ipad" suffix. Some slices which I have created by old version(cannot remember the version) still work. Try export my file. Cheers ;). filename~ipad.afdesign
  11. Designer is crashing when a color is renamed
  12. Hi everybody. I'm just start to work with affinity. I would like to change a massive number of files. Is there this possibility in Affinity photo as in Abode photoshop? Thanks in advance

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