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  1. Since updating to 1.7, the BASIC erase brush has been very choppy, only erasing in what seems to be full circles, just repeated. Before the update, Erasing was smooth and I was able to mask cleanly and accurately, but this has made that no longer possible. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. Hey guys, Since the 1.5.1 Designer update, I've had a problem with the font drop down menu when using text. It seems that a new feature causes the font that I'm hovering over to appear at the top of the recently used list. However, the font previews in the drop down are different sizes, so when they appear at the top of the list, everything gets shifted, and it has become impossible to choose certain fonts, simply because of the other two fonts they are between. Very frustrating! Does anyone have a fix? Is it possible to make the preview sizes the same, or eliminate this feature? Is there a preference menu for the font drop down list? Please see photo attached and notice the font with a check mark near it, but it is not included in my recently used. :( Thanks!
  3. Attempted to blend an imported photo into a black background using the transparency tool, something I've done many times in the past, but this isn't working in version 1.4. Anyone else? Any solutions?
  4. I know that you have announced several times that the distort/perspective tool will be available in Designer, but can you please give us a time frame? I feel as though this is the most desired tool right now for Designer, and I assumed it would be included in 1.4, but it wasn't.
  5. Hey there! Ensure that you have installed Affinity version 1.4 and this problem should fix itself!