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  1. Excellent ... loving that. Glad you love the program so much too :)
  2. We're working on it, but for the time being we have lots of video tutorials located here https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/and on Vimeo
  3. Really nicely done! :D
  4. Excellent image. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Keep in touch.
  5. Hi, Whilst I haven't personally used ACDC Canvas, why don't you give the Designer a try? You could download the free trial, and at the moment after winning the Apple Design Award, the program is discounted if you did want to purchase it. Al
  6. Hi, I'm Alex Loach. I head the Service Operation teams including QA aspects, documentation, tutorials, localisation and direct support of the Serif Plus range. Al
  7. Love the comic style image. Makes me laugh
  8. I like to test them against backgrounds, layers, and different sized objects to see how they're affected. The versatility also allows for experimentation as I can switch between styles, apply them to different layers, and shift all of my objects around without affecting the styles, and the app keeps up whilst I'm doing it. They're also a lot of fun.
  9. Thanks. I can't seem to quite create what i'd like from them. For example, i'd like to create a yin yang shape by combining the areas marked X
  10. Is there a tool for combining shapes together to create totally new shapes?
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