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  1. The suggestion of the previous was for the designer, this pro Affinity photo
  2. I know that the padlock works only for tool move, but should have the option to block any type of change in the blocked layer, because sometimes we are unattentive, and we end up modifying what should not
  3. The symmetry option should be present in other tools besides the brush, could be in the pen tool
  4. Symmetry in the Affinity designer, not only in the brush tool but also in the Pen tool
  5. Padlock does not block actions on blocked layers, ends up being useless, in addition to disabled layers
  6. Bruno Henrique

    Include HSL tools

    I use the software in PT-BR, the Persona develop, got the name of Persona revelar, and as I do not speak English translator use to communicate here on the forum
  7. Include HSL tools in the reveal persona, for color changes, without going to photo persona
  8. Bruno Henrique

    Two columns on the toolbar

  9. Tip link the site account with Windows store software, and manage product keys from different platforms.
  10. Thanks, it worked!!!
  11. The shortcuts [and] I know and use, but they do not end up being so productive and fast during editing, the more shortcuts better.
  12. It did not work, to migrating from Photoshop to affinity, and this is a feature that use a lot in Photoshop, in Help has the shortcuts but does not work, at least Windows, did not work
  13. Use sidebar tools in two columns, not only in Affinity photo, but design node and Publisher Also
  14. Increase and decrease the fit brush size and other tools by holding Alt + right-clicking dragging.