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  1. @Callum, I know this. Sorry again for not explaining it fully. If I expand the strokes the layer names are lost. I want them to be named after the layer they came from.
  2. Hey @Callum, thanks for your quick response. Layer naming is what I meant to say. Sorry for that. Unfortunately, after naming the layers and expanding stroke my layer names are gone. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Hello, I'm using Affinity Designer to create a svg map which is to be processed by a custom software. This programm requires a path and its expanded stroke. Is it possible to get a path name like "path_XXX_expanded"? This would make my work a lot simpler. Thank you in advance. Greetings Rogue Seven
  4. I'm waiting for it too. Serif, you've done a great job by coding Designer and Photo. Chapeau.
  5. Ok. Thank you. How can I realize this in AD?
  6. Nur in Illustrator I am able to use the same node twice
  7. Hi there, I've got following issue: I'd like to make a low poly logo according to this tutorial: Currently I'm not sure how to make the triangles fit perfectly. Especially the edges. I want one node with e.g. five branches if you understand what I'm trying to say. From my point of view this is not possible in Affinity Designer. You can only create two independent shapes. Is there also a live paint tool like in Illustrator? I'm lokking gratefully forward to your answers
  8. Rogue Seven

    Arranging artboards

    This is not that awesome. Could you give me a clue how I could arrange my wireframes like This? I'm talking about the correct spacing and so on.
  9. Hi out there, is there any possibility to arrange artboards in my document via a self defined grid? Hope I explained my issue quite clear. Rogue Seven
  10. Rogue Seven

    Resizing Vectors

    Thank you so much. It works!
  11. Hello community, due to my lack of experience in writing "designer-english" I hope it's quite clear what I'd like to ask you. Even in my native language it's getting quite complicated without the correct terms. But I'm going to try it anyway. I've created a logo and I want to resize it without the stroke keeping it's thickness. My solution was to create a svg but I want to edit it in other documents. This is the original version of the logo. And if I make it smaller it looks like this: In Photoshop I'd use smart objects for this purpose but I'm quite sure that there's another way to solve this problem in Affinity Designer but I don't get it. Can you help me? I hope I described my problem clearly and with all necessary information. Greetings Rogue Seven

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