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  1. That will work. However it is always a bit dangerous that you forget to 'unhide' when you do the final output. If possible I prefer fail-safe solution. If it does not get exported to the .PDF I would use a linewidth if 0.1. As I said, hardly visible if you zoom in a lot...
  2. Not sure about this: Is it possible to reduce the line width even to 0.0 instead of 0.1? With 0.1 you will see (and print) a very fine magenta outline when you proof your design (well, I know 0.1 wan't be visible in the final printout. So it only disturbs during the design). When the line width is set to 0.0, the line will not be visible at all. I think this is preferable. Is it? - I have not enough experience with this... However: Right now I have no idea if a line of width 0.0 will be exported to the .PDF - and that is mandatory in order to cut the contour later...
  3. Hmm, I understand: Layer -> Layer Effects... -> Outline does not create a line, but an area (check this by reducing the opacity of a single vector object to 1% (not 0%)). You will see the area of the object in magenta. To do it correct: Select all objects and create a Copy. Without clearing the selection use 'Joining objects' and execute 'Add'. This will result in a vectorized outline. Now change Fill to none and Stroke to 'magenta', line width '0.1'. The resulting object will have the name of the lowest object in the above selection (you will have 2 objects of this name now). So change the name of the newly created object to 'cutkontur'.
  4. I have a freeformat logo (vector-based) and will produce a sticker from this. The producer of the sticker demands me to add an outline in 100% magenta and name that outline 'cutkontur' . The sticker will be cut along this line. I used Layer -> Layer Effects... -> Outline to add the outline. This works perfect, but I see no way on how to add a name to the outline. How can I name that outline? Affinity Designer, Win7 Enterprise x64