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Found 183 results

  1. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  2. I created a macro in which I press ⌘⌥I, type 2000 in the 2nd box, select Bicubic, and press resize. When I run the macro, the result doesn't preserve aspect ratio, and I suspect it doesn't use Bicubic, either. What can I do to make this work? Bobby
  3. This may be not be a bug, although by the logic on other software and features like "Sublayers" on Affinity Photo, I'm assuming that it is. I'm recording a macro in which I want to consolidate all the layers of the macro into a single folder, and I have a layer structure like this: And it works as intended, all the adjustment layers inside the MACRO folder affect how the pixel "Background" layer looks and I can hide the effect by just hiding the MACRO folder. BUT, as soon as I add a pixel layer anywhere inside the folder, even if it's completely empty, it all breaks and my macro edits become invisible, and they seem to only affect the pixel layer inside the folder, I've verified that my folder is completely visible with "Passthrough" as blending mode. So basically the folder is becoming the sum of all child layers and acting like a pixel layer on its own instead of just grouping. The reason I think this is a bug it's because the folder is not acting any different as if I were to merge its child layers, IMO folder are for structural reasons and only affect the way the child layers interact if the folder itself has its opacity or blending mode edited or has effects apply to itself (not the child layers, and if possible). And because if I wanted to limit the adjustment layers to the PIXEL layer inside the folder I should add them as SUBLAYERS to it, like so: am I right?
  4. Hello everyone! Do you know if there is a way to record changes made to brushes? It would be nice to be able to just click on a macro to set, for example, 120px, 25% opaque, 100% flow, 50% hardness. Best wishes, Shu
  5. Hi, how further is the Mac version with Macros/Library? I suppose the Win version is maybe in progress now. However.... Macros: At this moment I can see only few settings editable (opacity,blend mode), but it would be much better when we are able to modify all the parameters (curves, levels, colors...). Also the name of a layer as a parameter would be nice.... Library: I would prefer double click to run a macro from a library, otherwise I am always doing one click to display the macro, but it also already runs it. As mentioned, I suppose there will be surely done more work on this topic to 1.6. version as this seems only as a "quick to have" feature. Otherwise, thanks for this great SW, except Macros/Library I do like it so far :) Especially satisfied with the speed and responsivnes of the SW ;) Jindra
  6. Hello, Their seems to be a bug still in the batch export and export, that if embed metadata is ticked on jpeg or tiff that it will sometimes create a file that does not have the correct resolution properties embeded e.g with embed metadata ticked exporting/batch jpeg or tiff it will create a file that is 150dpi and double the size of the original regardless of what you do. you should be able to recreate this by loading a jpeg in, resize to A1 300dpi adobergb1998( i use this size alot ) move over to export persona, select jpeg best, make sure embed metadata is ticked (others settings were" pixel format :use doc format, resample:biliner, matte:none, icc:use doc profile, embed icc:ticked, quality:100%, progressive:UNticked"). affinity photo ver if you require any more info I will do what I can. regards Chris
  7. I have started to play around with macros and wanted to create a macro that mimics and ND filter. I.e. add a new Fill Layer, and then add a Gradient fill. But I get an error message saying that the Macro Recorder cannot record this. Maybe I am missing something (I hope so!) Any ideas / help very welcome. Thanks!
  8. I hope someone can guide me as I'm finding conflicting information and seek clarity. My AP and AD takes ages to open. I have seen postings relating to that - and I have seen postings saying after downloading the beta's there are improvement's on speed of opening. That said I did it. THEN I see a posting saying there is no need to download the beta's unless you are looking for a specific fault. I downloaded the Macros and UI goodies and attempted to load them. I have 2 readme files one refers to AP the other to AD - When I try to load the files for AP and unzip them they have AD logo's. With AD and AP when I try to import the goodies it says they are not infinity files. ????????????? I unistalled the Beta on AP and AD. Tried to import. Probably O.K. Am getting a little miffed so have not tried to use them yet. I've now got the slow loading again. Should I download the Beta's again? What do I do? Lastly - now I've decided to post again, I would like to say both negative and positive comments. I am not a negative person. I have been a loyal customer to Serif for so many years I can't remember when I bought my first package. I have bought nearly everything they have produced and ALWAYS ALWAYS by the manuals. Also I'm not in the habit of telling social media what I'm doing at any given moment. Therefore WHY oh WHY have Serif in their wisdom not supplied a help line - albeit during certain hours to enable folk to ask question's and not feel awkward about posting comments because they don't have the wealth of knowledge the good folk on the forum have? Will will get a manual. and if so when please? I am very saddened and disillusioned with you Serif. I thought better of you. That said it is worth repeating that the software is indeed very good. Thank you in advance.
  9. When I run a batch job on some raw files using a macro I have created, the saved jpegs come out differently to when I run the same macro on files individually. Is there something I am missing? See attached photo: Left is individual output, and right is batch output. This only happens with raw files (olympus .orf) and not if run it on a jpeg. I can change the output of batch jobs to a degree by changing the develop assistant options, but I cannot get the result I wanted. I assume the problem is something to do with the develop persona, which I cannot record a macro for, but automatically runs when I open a raw file. Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello forum I am facing some issues in affinity photo for windows can any please help me. 1.In Macro, when selecting the previous layer, it does not record in the action 2.No offset command 3.No Perspective / Distort / Skew tool 4.Only Scale and rotate but not useful 5.Jerks experienced while zooming in and out when done with zoom tool Thanks in advance
  11. I was trying to make a macro of the tutorial on making a portrait look like it was shot in technicolor. When I tried I was told at almost every step of the way that the action I was performing couldn't be recorded by the macro. This included renaming layers, clearing channels in layers, even switching layers. Am I doing something wrong or are these really limitations of macro recording?
  12. I wrote a macros to prepare my pictures to the web. Macros makes them of certain size and sharp, but It can't add a signature to the photo, because AP „Cannot add Artistic Text“ to the macros. Thus I suggest to allow to add Artistic text to the Macro.
  13. Hello, I have been using Affinity only during the last few weeks and I am pretty happy with it. However, as other users, I missing some small things. One of them is the capacity to record a macro in which exporting a file is part of that macro. When I tried that, an Affinity pop-up window said it was not possible to record it. It would be very useful to record the action of exporting a file as one of the available types to a specific location. Thank you and keep the good work!
  14. Hi all, I'm a new user of Affinity Photo, and i keep discovering thing with it. Yesterday i worked on creating a macro to automate a part of my workflow. In this macro i creating multiple "channel", and i would like to rename each of the newly created channel. It works perfectly fine out of the macro creation, but during macro creation it does not work and gives an error message. Is there anyone else facing this issue ? Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. I found that sometimes I could edit Macro, but sometimes the "Edit" was greyed out. Does anyone know the reason and how I could fix the greyed out Macro problem? Thank you very much.
  16. PastorPixel

    special offer cant find macros

    Affinity launches Affinity Photo Windows Version with a special offer till 22.Dec.2017. There should be a lot of Macros too. Does anybody know where to find them.
  17. When you first open the Macro Library all the macros are expanded. Could there be an option for these to be displayed in a collapsed state so that only the title of the macro is displayed? It would make working with the display a lot easier when first opening rather than having to manually collapsed everything. Thank you.
  18. cristy

    Macro bug

    Hi! I wanted to record a macro to change the canvas and transform the original image. First, I found out that selecting layers is not recognised or recorded in the macro wich is a pity. When I finally suceed to record the macro in the correct order of steps I cannot use it in the proper way. I have to apply the same macro twice to get the desired result. Why? BTW, in PS I solved the problem in seconds.
  19. I've searched the forum best I could on this problem with no results. I tried to create a macro to add copyright info to images. AP gives me an alert indicating text cannot be applied using this method. Really?? Please don't tell me I have manually add copyright text to 25, 50 or more images. Anyone find a way to do this using A P?
  20. I know that there are 2 ways of producing the input files for a macro focus stack i) a small refocus between images ii) using a focus rail to move the camera between photos. From what I understand refocusing between photos is much easier for the stacking software to deal with but a focus rail gives more control. From the forum and the tutorials I couldn't see whether the new feature can merge a stack created using a focus rail. Has anyone tried this?
  21. Hi, It looks like the crop tool in Affinity Photo is not as flexible as in PhotoPlus. With the latest crop tool update in PhotoPlus we were able to go anywhere we wanted like creating a fixed dimension crop from any size crop marquee: Constrained 658 x 498 -> crop marquee became this dimension and could be manually dragged bigger and moved. When applying the effect the selected area was cropped and automatically downsized to 658x498 (image size). This seems not possible in Affinity. Additionally, when recording a crop in a macro there is no way to select an image area to be cropped: Affinity just crops the area recorded, period, while no way to select the area to be cropped. This makes the crop tool useless for macro recording. That truly exciting crop flexibility was very useful for quickly transforming (part of any) images to required sizes like website uploads, wall papers, optimizing images for DTP purposes, etc. Hope PhotoPlus crop power is going to make it in Affinity :-P Roberto
  22. - Is there any possibility to initiate a macro or batch processing from "outside" of Affinity Photo? (like AppleScript on Mac) - Are macros and batch processing also implemented in Affinity Designer?
  23. This is so bizarre I am not sure if it is a bug or something wrong with my software, but I have reset the macros & I still get the same problems. The basic issue is the values in the transform macro step keep changing. Sometimes this is just cosmetic -- it does not change how the macro executes the transform -- but other times it does. Since this is erratic & hard to explain, I hope the attachments will make clearer what is happening. This is the macro I am testing with & what the transform values look like initially vs. after either playing the macro in the Macro tab or saving it back to the library & then opening it for editing (whether or not I play it). This is what the test file looks like before playing the macro: After playing the macro for the first time, the test file looks like this: If I play the macro again (after undoing the changes the macro makes) I get this: Note that the offsets change, the shear is applied on the second run, & pretty much nothing is as I would expect from the original macro as created. Also attached is the test file & the exported afmacro file, zipped because (kind of absurdly) apparently we are not permitted to upload .afmacro files. Transform test.zip
  24. Hi there, I played with some macro photography I shot a few days ago. Working with the brushes in Affinity Photo is a nice experience (the luminosity jitter it's really interesting). Below, a few samples of the photographs and the compositing. Best, Piero Macro #01 no PP: Bitmap painting #01: 100% view #01: Macro #02 no PP: Bitmap painting #02: 100% view #02: Macro #03 no PP: Bitmap painting + 3D #03: 100% view #03:
  25. As people have mentioned in other posts, it could really do with a way to rename layers when recording a Macro. However, I would go one step further and suggest not only being able to rename layers, but also have the ability to move the layers to change the layer order, select particular layers, etc. during recording too. Following on from that, it's missing the ability to 'Insert Menu Item', which is equally important when creating macros. As an example, it's possible to record a macro that will resize the document based on what values you enter, however if you just want the macro to bring up the Resize Document dialogue box for the user to enter their own dimensions, there doesn't appear to be a way. If there was an 'Insert Menu Item' option like in Photoshop, you could then select 'Insert Menu Item' > Document > Resize Document, this would then prompt the macro to just open the dialogue box, and then after the user enters the dimensions and hits 'apply' the rest of the macro would continue playing. Another example would be if part of a macro involves a sharpening step, you would be able to use 'Insert Menu Item' > View > Zoom > 100%, which would automatically change the image view to actual pixel size right before the sharpening step, then afterwards use 'Insert Menu Item' > View > Zoom > Zoom To Fit, to automatically display the entire image on screen for the next step of the macro. Additionally it could also be used to prompt saving the image at the end of the macro by using 'Insert Menu Item' > File > Export. Obviously, there are lots of additional possibilities by being able to insert a menu item. I have noticed that some filters such as Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask, etc. allow you to click the cog icon after recording a macro and then select the 'eye' to allow the user to adjust the sliders during macro playback. However, if you use more than one, it won't just sequentially go through them one by one and allow you to adjust them individually, it just dumps all the settings into one dialogue box, where you don't even know what settings are what. I just added Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask and Twirl macros (all with 'eyes' selected) to the library to see what would happen and when played back was met with a single dialogue box with three different 'Radius' sliders... Each filter should really have it's own dialogue box that the macro launches in a sequential order. Another thing that seems to be missing is the ability to 'Insert Stop'. Although this is not something that I use particularly often, it can be useful for adding notes to macros. For example, to insert a stop with a note saying "In the following step, keep the threshold slider above 20 to prevent haloing", etc. Or use it to pause the macro midway to allow the user to manually paint on the layer mask before continuing with the next steps in the macro. And finally a couple of smaller items to do with the macro library. Settings in the library should be sticky. So if you collapse a category, it stays collapsed, otherwise every time you go to use the library you end up with a big list of macros. And lastly having the ability to assign shortcut keys to macro's that are saved in the library would be a welcome addition too.