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  1. I got it, actually all i had to do was move them out of that folder directly into thedownloads folder as individual files and yippee Affinity could see them - thanks so much for your help - I would not have thought of doing that without your input
  2. this may seem like a stupid question but, how do I unzip them?
  3. Hi Carl123; the names of the files are below and the file types are all AF MACROS File distortions.afmacros image Styles.afmaros Light Leaks.afmacros They are all in a compressed (zipped) file in my downloads folder call Macro-pack, I can see them when I browse through windows but, when I attempt to open them in the library it say no match - it seems like Affinity can't see them because they are in this other folder or something - I am not really sure.....thanks for any help you can give me
  4. Hello Patrick, I am using the library panel I have followed the instructions several times and just don't seem to be able to get this to work.
  5. Hello, I just downloaded Affinity today and it came with a free Macro-pak which I also downloaded. When I follow the instructions to import the files it says no files found although I can see the files when I search my files through windows, I am pointing to the correct folder but it just does not seem to be able to see them, can someone help me?