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  1. Hi, I installed the trial and then purchased "BetterTouchTool" which is a vast improvement on the standard MacOS input device drivers. It takes a bit of tuning but the mouse 2 actually becomes usable in Affinity (and some other apps as well). Good Luck.
  2. After some further experimenting, I think closing AD and restarting with keys Control + AD app (open all the Clear options prior to starting) and only clear "User Defaults" data will fix the issue. Very likely the same for AP...
  3. I think I found a work around... - By choosing the Studio Character pane, I seem to be able to change the fonts without AD hanging. - Once I've selected and changed the font in the character pane first, I can then select the font in the top left font drop down menu. - If not first chosen in the character pane, the top left drop down hangs AD. Hope this helps. I'd be interested if this is also a work around for the other users on this thread.
  4. Brand new iMac 27" 2017. Core i7, 24Gb RAM. High Sierra, Out of the box Fonts. Same issue. Spinning ball and lock up of AD. Seems to be an issue in both the artistic and Frame Text tool. AD locks up when changing fonts and then spinning beach ball of death. Force quit required. Changed all the possible GPU settings from software through Metal. Same issue. Completely removed AD and resinstalled. Same issue... No problems so far with AP 1.6.7, Fonts are ok. I do not have issues with AD 1.6.1 on my early 2011 MacBook Pro. Very Strange. Please look into this asap. I can provide a diag dump if required.
  5. Thank you for that... Just right clicking on the thumbnail works, miss the thumbnail (easy to do on in the high res mode on the 5k display with the quirky magic mouse 2) and the truncated menus shows up! It is a very subtle bug indeed...
  6. Trying to follow the Affinity Photos Edge Detection for Masking Tutorial on 2017 iMac 5k, High Sierra. At 3:22 The possibility to "Load to Gaussian Blur" has disappeared in my version of 1.6.7 that I downloaded from the App Store yesterday. Am I doing something wrong? or is it a bug? If it is a bug, does it affect all channels manipulations with live filters or only the Gaussian Blur?
  7. As the forum is now quite messy with no clear suggestion sub forum I post here. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I can not seem to find anything about it. It would be nice to enhance the parameter section in macro to allow for custom or constrained ranges as sometimes exagerated values make no sense. This could be done for example with: "default_value default_unit,[min,max]" or some other syntax which seems consistent across the app. I am not sure if this is better implemented when saving the parameter under a custom name or in the actual parameter setting. Example for Gaussian blur: 0.8px,[0.2,2].
  8. Hi, In full screen mode on external monitor on OSX 10.11: AD 1.3.5. & AP 1.3.5. Scroll down lists such as fill color mode displays underneath menu options. See attached screen shot for AD 1.3.5. Ditto in AP 1.3.5.
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