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  1. kumarab123 issues, Tabs Vanishing

    I'm not sure it's a graphic driver bug. I have the latest Nvidia drivers as well, and no issues. There was no such issue on the earlier driver version too. There's an AMD user with the same issue in this very thread thread. Then there are users who developed this issue only after the update. There was also a .NET quality rollup update in September that introduced graphical problems with WPF applications. I'm guessing that's most probably the culprit here.
  2. kumarab123

    Develop Persona Edge Aware

    Works the same as before here. Although I've found the non-edge aware brush to be pretty aware since I started using AP. If you don't stroke too fast that is (no pun intended).
  3. Sorry to hear that man. Must be frustrating. Hope you get this issue resolved asap. Good luck!
  4. They work fine here. They will be greyed out if your active selection is an adjustment/filter or image layer.
  5. @vstrava It's probably not your issue. But you could try redownloading the installer. Remote possibility, but maybe it's a corrupt download?
  6. kumarab123

    DoF Blur Filter Unusable

    Checked again. Yeah, takes between 45 to 50 seconds. This is very odd indeed. Why is 1.5 so many orders of magnitude faster than the latest release?
  7. kumarab123

    DoF Blur Filter Unusable

    THis is quite strange. I didn't wait for that long. THese are 18.2 MP files. Also, it doesn't matter if it's a linear function or not, when the 1.5 release does it in 3-4 seconds flat on the same files.
  8. kumarab123

    DoF Blur Filter Unusable

    Depth of Field, both Elliptical and Tilt Shift? They haven't worked here for the last three betas and the current public release. Another poster mentioned this one of the beta threads.
  9. As with the beta, it persists in the official version, The filter loops. CPU usage goes up to 80% and touches 100 at times. Even if you ESC out and close the program altogether, the exe still stays in memory. You have to kill it from the task manager.
  10. kumarab123

    Some Reverse Lens Macro Shots Developed With AP

    Great to know. All the best to you man!
  11. kumarab123

    Some Reverse Lens Macro Shots Developed With AP

    Thank you! It's a reversed 50mm prime for the first shot. The other two are on a reversed 18-55 kit lens (at 35 or maybe a little less, can't remember exactly). It's a Rebel T6/1300d (my first DSLR).
  12. Hi all, New to AP. Relatively new to serious photography as well, but it has always been a hobby. First of all...big thanks to the Serif team for providing such a professionally crafted app at such an amazing price. Eagerly awaiting what's in store for the future. Anyway, just thought I'll say an introductory Hi with some recent shots RAW developed with AP. Cheers P.S. All criticism, advice and suggestions much welcome and appreciated.