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  1. I'm having and having same problem. I didn't have this issue when I was playing with an earlier trial version back in Feb/March. This should be a regression bug.
  2. I have just used Affinity Photo (Windows Trial version) for about a week. It is really an amazing piece of software - I'm especially impressed by the easy to use user interface and how fast the software applies adjustments to the images. Great usability design! However there are a few things that bugged me and I'd not want to move to Affinity without them - maybe I've been ignorant on some hidden tricks - if anyone could advise, I'm willing to learn and reconsider: Cannot save Raw adjustments - I have to restart from zero if I have to stop working on a raw file in the middle Cannot save Raw adjustment as macros and apply to similar photos When doing raw stacking, it would be nice to be able to apply (previously) saved adjustments to each image, before Affinity Photo calculates the stacking result I'm not a professional but I do have my photo trips from time to time. Without the above capabilities I'd be wasting too much time on developing raw files. Thanks for the wonderful work. Looking forward to the good news.