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  1. Hi, this works perfectly fine for me! I just have to name the preset correctly so it appears on top of the list... Thanks!
  2. Hi, when exporting an image (e.g. *jpg) automatically the meta data is included in the file. I can change that with the "more" option in the export-dialog. Is there a chance to set this option to NOT to include the meta data per default? I don't want the meta data inside my images and now I have to disable it EVERY time... Thanks...
  3. :-) No, I want to change the "default"-method ... I don't want to click every time, because in most of my cases Lanczos is better than Bilinear...
  4. Hi, is to possible to change the default resample-method (from bilinear) to Lanczos3 when resizing documents? Where can this be done? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, the given macros in the other posts are not working for me, like R C-R said. ... I get so many "can't record" messages while trying other things...thats really annoying. Btw. "change macro" doesn't really gives me the opportunity to change anything. I can check or uncheck things, I would be much better to have something like a scripting-language...
  6. On OSX (10.12.6) not ... Yes...it should be 20, but the effect is still the same... It does not work with different dimensions/ orientations of images in a macro ... Mathias
  7. Hi v_kyr, no it doesn't... With an actual canvas size of 1000x667 pixels, actor in the center and synced (lock icon) --> changing value 1000 to +=10 will give me 1010, but 667 will become 673,7 pixels... :-( Mathias
  8. Hi, thanks for the answer. I tried this one before. It works, but NOT in a macro with different image sizes/orientations... :-( This +=10 recalculates the values for "size" but these values are static now (in the macro), so an image with totally different dimensions will get a canvas-size that is absolutely off... Mathias
  9. Hi John, no it doesn't because there is no "hight" and "width" in the resizing canvas dialog (it just says "size" I know it is the same, but it is not working like this...). And I tried with "w+10" or "h+10" but is not affecting the canvas-size :-( Mathias
  10. Hi, I would like to create a macro that resizes the canvas based on the actual image size. The canvas should be increased by 10pixels on each side, no matter what the image size is. How can this be done? Idea behind: create a macro, that makes borders/ frames around my images, but these images can have different dimensions/ orientations.. Thanks Mathias
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