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Found 98 results

  1. Hello, currently using separated mode in fullscreen, the Export window thingy and similar slides out underneath the Toolbar. Sure the toolbar can easily be grabbed and moved out of the way, so it's not hugely problematic, but it's still a bit of an annoying design oversight. It's the kind of thing that should be on top I've a feeling this had probably already been brought up, but my searching found nothing. So apologies if I'm repeating things, just needed to add my voice as I find this quite irksome.
  2. Hi, I'm new here, and have tried to find an answer for my question: Is it possible to change the color/thickness of the actual crop line? When cropping inside/along the border of a white/bright surface, Affinity Photo Crop Tool (v.1.5.2 Mac) adds a dark line (1px) on both sides of the otherwise white cropping line. This makes it impossible to see the difference between the extra thick cropping line and the edge of the subject (eg. when the area around the subject is dark - see attached screenshot). Thanks, Paul
  3. I downloaded the trial versial and it doens't fit my needs. As a photographer, I edit like 200 photos one by one in a row. Using lightroom I can load all images in miniature and they are kept in a toolbar. When I click them they are loaded and I can edit, the moment I select another one the previous is "discarded" from ram and the modification are storaged. With Affinity Photo I can only load full images. I can't load at the same time 100 images, they would take a lot of time and ram. Therefore, it doesn't suit me.
  4. (later edit: sorry for the bitchy title :ph34r: ) I know there's been a few threads requesting either unlock all or hideObject/unhideAll, but I'm so frustrated that I created an account just to post this. I think AD is pretty awesome, the transition was almost flawless except this. Not even sure how some people can handle it in the current state, I know I'm struggling. If I want to unhide something, I have to dig through countless layers and hope to not spend the next half hour scrolling, looking for a missing checkmark. It's silly, really silly. I know some people are fine with layer hunting, but in my experience they are always slower, for obvious reasons. I suppose AD is trying to change this lock/hide paradigm, but there is nothing to replace it with. Because there is no option to automatically focus the current object in the layer palette either (I know about the right click, but it's a laughable workaround). And there's no way to unhide an object or all objects without frustrating layer hunting. So can we please have shortcuts for lock/unlock all & hide/show all, at least till you figure out something better? A script, a plugin, anything. Thanks guys, and keep up the awesome work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later edit since Matt confirmed it's coming :) My usual workflow is something like this: I usually keep stuff grouped and use Isolation mode a lot (dbl-click on a group). I do my thing laying out whatever I'm working on, hiding stuff in the process. So, UnhideAll will usually unhide a few groups that are easy to hide again (click, click click, Hide, or just deselect whatever I wanted to unhide, and then hide the rest, because they remain selected. see below for details). When it gets too messy I either clean up old stuff or just move it to a backup layer. It also takes care of cleanup when sending files (just delete the backup layer). There are a few important aspects to Unhide/Unlock All to help keep your sanity: - Root layers are not affected by unhide/unlock all. If they were, it'd be a headache. - Whatever is unlocked/unhidden becomes selected. So, SO helpful for moving it around and lots of other tricks. - Objects that are in a Hidden or Locked layer are not affected. Just your "work" stuff. So if you separate your layout on regions of interest on layers, one unhide/unlock all is not gonna mess your scene.
  5. Hi there, since about a week or so, the interface icons aren't rendered correctly. When starting the program, nearly all icons are inverted: When I've opened a document (new or existing) some of the tool-icons are appearing as they should: And when I've selected an object or layer, some more icons are being rendered correctly: I've tried rebooting my pc, uninstall/reboot/install and removing the 1.0 folder from AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer, but nothing has seemed to help so far. Is there anything else I can try? Kind regards, Maarten
  6. For parameters, like font size, line width, etc. where the value is numeric, it would be nice if like photoshop you could click-n-drag left and right or up and down over a label to quickly change the value up or down.
  7. Hello, I'm a freelance concept artist, matte-painter and illustrator and have been living with an orphaned copy of Photoshop CS5 that I purchased many years ago. As my business depends heavily upon this software and I do not, under any circumstances wish to migrate to Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription service (a preference to purchase and own outright, the fact that a subscription model is costlier over time and Adobe's monopolistic price gouging practices) I've been seeking an alternative. Affinity Photo may just be that replacement which I can run concurrently with CS5 and over time, replace it altogether. Also, the market is in desperate need of comparable and competitive alternatives to Adobe's suite. I'm very impressed with what I've experienced thus far after downloading the trial and with a new computer system (Win 10 Pro) arriving next week I intend to purchase it and most likely Designer. There are a few things that I would like to see that would help with workflow tremendously. Bear with me as I'm still coming to grips with Affinity Photo. I would like to see it possible for the palettes to be collapsible into docked icons as is possible with Photoshop. I would like to see the right mouse button have contextual functionality depending on the tool selected - for example, the possibility to 'Deselect' or Invert Selection' et al when you right click on a selection. it feels constraining and retards workflow not be have a contextual right mouse button option I would like to see it possible to make the horizontal toolbar more customisable - adding a drop-down brush editing palette for example. That's about it for now. However, i will be purchasing and joining the Affinity family. Thanks for creating such a quality product that is getting very close to rivalling Photoshop, and for offering it at such as competitive price. .Grant
  8. Will affinity program interface in Russian? Because know were your Serif series of programs to x5 in Russian. Can we expect this from you? Or maybe it is possible to translate the program interface for themselves based on Photoshop and other programs. p.s. used google.translate :unsure: p.p.s. Now a lot of graphics programs on a PC and mobile systems support my mother tongue, therefore I have been asked a question.
  9. Is it possible to save an interface layout, with customized toolbar and palettes layout?
  10. Not sure if I should have created a thread for this because it's not that important, but there is a little interface bug in the French version of the Curves pane in both Photo & Designer. Here is a screenshot. It might be better to just replace the text by a color picker icon.
  11. A simple one from me - not found it anywhere else so apologies if it's a duplicate. I tend to prefer all panels - minus the tools - swept over to the right hand side of the workspace. I'd love to see the (already pretty flexible) Studio system allow for double-stacked columns of panels on the right, rather than just a left/right/floating option. Thanks!
  12. In several places of the UI of both Photo and Designer I'm seeing noticeable color fringing. I'm using an EIZO monitor and I'm running it at my monitor's native resolution - 1920 x 1080. Where is this coming from and can I fix it so that text is more clear? I haven't seen anything like this happen in other apps that I've used, Photoshop included. Please check the attached screenshot.
  13. Running 1.5.4. on mac. My interface is in Separated Mode. Selecting Merge all Windows does nothing. I have tried to reset everything by holding Ctrl key while opening app, but that didn't help. BTW, I am running the latest Beta version (just installed). That is working fine.
  14. I'm keen on escaping the adobe plantation. :unsure: But I keep getting frustrated with squinting to use the interface. Both tool icons and menu text is too small! Consider the visual effort expended on an application's interface and add it up over a day's use. That time and energy expended is that much lost on the work that matters. This may be acceptable on an occasional basis but if one's using an application daily for hours at a time, the interface design is critical. I think this aspect is a major factor in expanding adoption.
  15. Hi, Very excited about Affinity Designer!! Could you please answer a few questions that I haven't been able to discover before I pull the trigger: 1. Typography: – prof. level kerning and tracking? – optical char. alignment/hanging punct.? – text stand-off/runaround object? – OpenType support for small caps, o.s. figures, alternate styles, etc.? 1 Support for multi-page docs (i.e. 8 pg brochure)? 2 Drag reposition highlight in radial gradient? 3. Import+open Ai documents? InDes. docs? Quark docs? MS word docs? 4. User-definable/adjustable pasteboard size/width? 5. "pathfinder" style tools? "envelope distort" capability? Thanks so much for your answers! David
  16. Weird. Weird. Weird. For some unknown reason, my tools (left of screen) started to appear and disappear with each click.This is with "dock tools" unchecked. If I dock the tools, it works fine, but I prefer using 2 columns and docking only allows me 1 column. I have tried: • Restarting while holding down control key. •Removing 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist' and restarting. •Deleting the app and re-downloading from Apple. No change. Any ideas or suggestions?
  17. I've been using Lightroom for a few years, but it's limited so I've bought Affinity. However, I want to eventually delete Lightroom and use Affinity for all my work. Problem is finding files from Lightroom and associating these with Affinity. At present, the process is a little convoluted. I have a large number of photos (10k+) organised into a good number of folders and sub-folders. I'd like a way to transfer these folders from Lightroom to some other picture storage software that will allow that process. Anyone any ideas, please? Thank you.
  18. hi I would like to work on one window and see the change on another window containing my embedded documents. but i can t find the function edit embedded document in floating mode. is it ass well possible to have a floating view in non floating interface mode? Thanks
  19. There is a discussion on PPI vs DPI in the Questions and Feedback section. After discussion and consideration, I'd like to make an official feature request. In the User Interface section of the Preferences in both Designer and Photo, I request that you include a checkbox to change the default DPI setting of documents to PPI. I understand a portion of your staff believe DPI is an appropriate choice, so it could be set to DPI by default, and every one who feels strongly that it should read PPI could have a customization option to change their user experience within the software. I feel that's a good compromise, considering everyone who understands what the field is for would understand that it would typically make no difference to anyone's workflow, and it would appease each party that has a preference to one acronym or the other. Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate your time.
  20. Hello I have a request about interface: ;) On Designer I need to immediately understand what color mode is set to my document, if CMYK or RGB, maybe beside the name of the document or anywhere else. I usually import technical cad files and have to convert in CMYK from RGB and to check if the conversion is correct I have to go to "modify - document settings." and see the winodow opened. Or maybe I don't find it? :unsure:
  21. Just installed Affinity photo and put the interface into UK mode. However, this does not apply to all areas, wich is unacceptable. See image: If this is going to be a permenant error then I think I want my money back. If I am paying for software then I expect the interface to be for my country and not a mix of two. I also don't like having to have Aero enabled as I can't stand the Aero interface.
  22. I have a strange problem with my Wacom Cintiq 13HD. The pen does not work on the interface but only on the drawing board. Some solution ? Thanks
  23. I am a new convert to Affinity, and so far it is the best thing going in my world. It has all the features I need and more. My problem is my transition from Adobe products. Others have complained about the size of the icons down the left side of the screen and I too would like larger icons as I learn. I have plenty of screen real-estate with multiple monitors etc, so larger icons would be a big help with no down side. What would be an ever bigger help is text labels on each icon. There are over 100 tiny icons, and each just might make sense to the originating programmer, and they may eventually make sense to me, but until I learn, having the ability to turn on a text label to the right of the icon would make my learning process much faster and just might increase the speed of adoption of your great software by others. You already have text labels on the icons across the top and the ones on the left, so how about some on the right. I can hear the programmers now: "That is not possible because there can be multiple columns of icons with multiple languages." My reply is as I stated at the start of this request - Screens are cheep and most of us have plenty of screen real-estate so if I select labels, make columns of icons with labels. As for languages, I suspect if you asked, there would be hundreds of volunteers to provide translated labels. Yes it will be less elegant, and it will take up lots of screen space, but it would make my life and the life of other adopters much, much easier. As a side note, that is why I do not use Olympic brand cameras. They only have icons for functions and I was unable to operate the camera without a manual in my hand and I tried for over 3 months. This is where I am with your software today. Nikon has a better answer I can read the screen in english for every function. Could you please follow Nikon not Olympic! Finally - Thank you for an excellent replacement for Adobe products. I only commented to make an excellent product even better. You will be receiving more of my money even though I need to keep a paper manual nearby with function names.
  24. As a photographer whose images are in museums, color judgement is critical to me. I have a 10-bit path showing 100% of ARGB. In order to do this accurately, one needs an environment that is LIGHT (such as the light grays of this very forum). I realize you're aesthetically fond of the dark environment, but any photographer worth his salt will tell you it screws up color and luminosity perception. If you doubt me, please see the attached image from: http://web.mit.edu/persci/people/adelson/checkershadow_illusion.html. Look at the light surrounds of the A square and the dark surrounds of the B square. Humans are not wired to see A and B as the same tone, as this example makes stunningly clear. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to select a light UI with black text. (Yes: as a retired programmer, I -do- realize that this will take some effort on your part, as all your icons are white; the font is white... I get it.) But this is a fundamental and nearly crippling mistake in your UI. Please fix it.
  25. I managed somehow to get out of the default interface (AF 1.5) and can't seem to restore it. How do I get it back? Thanks!
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