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  1. Thank you. I did it again. I work between Affinity and Procreate and on the iPad, it's easy (for me) to forget where I'm at.
  2. I thought I was in another software program and I dragged a Layer (Group) out of the stack and now a ghost of it opens when I open new documents. I don't know what to do to remove it.
  3. I have been an Affinity Photo fan/user for years and just got Affinity Designer for the iPad. I had been having trouble ending both pen and pencil strokes until I found ben designs on YouTube. In very short videos all was explained concisely, and in easily learnable terms. (Very much like James Ritson does in his tutorials.) Pen Tool Pencil Tool Node Tool
  4. I cannot get a mark for my finger or apple pencil on a pixel layer. This is on iPad pro 2 On a iPad (not pro) there is no problem.This is on a new document so there are no hidden layers. I-was able to fill that layer with the paint fill tool. I tried changing dynamics. Should I save my wokh, and delete the app and then reinstall..?
  5. wing selected.pdf I started over today and have a question. It is my understanding that clipping masks only show where there are pixels. When I selected the files in my group, I saw that each image is surrounded by a transparent rectangle and the area that I thought was clear to the background is covered. (See attachment). Yesterday I added a shape and clipped to that. Today I masked the center and filled it and I could clip to that--but I don't know where in the stack to place it or if it should go on top of the group. Would merge all visible (group) be of any use?
  6. I tried adding a pixel layer and then clipping image to that layer. I tried putting the pixel layer above the group and every other place I could think of. No luck I put a filled shape in the center above the group and clipped the portrait to it and that worked but didn't fit the 'hole'. Then I selected the actual 'hole' in the center of the group and output as a layer with a mask, but I couldn't clip it or fill it. I've given up for the present and am moving on to other projects. Would you let me know when AF fixes the glitch, please? I think that then I will start the project from scratch in case I have corrupted the file with all my attempts. While this project was done on my desktop, ultimately I want to transition all my work to iPad Pro.
  7. This project is a beginning proof of concept for future composites and, yes, in this instance I could have done it without the mask but I have ideas for others that will need a clipping mask. Thanks everyone for such prompt replies and I will try inserting a blank pixel layer to the group (stokerg). Would 'Merge Visible' be of use? and would I merge the Group Layer or select and group all layers within the group?
  8. I have used clipping mask function in past but I up-dated to v. and now the clipped image is not visible. If I place it on the layer below--hanging out from behind--I see the image but as soon as I clip it, it vanishes. I repeated a butterfly wing around a circle and in the hole in the center, I want to clip a face (I tried it in PS CS 6 and it worked. The portrait was a smart object and I rasterized it. ) The portrait is of my daughter and is copyrighted to my grandson Will Ross. I drag the portrait icon up to the wings group icon and get the blue line and it is inset as a child layer.
  9. I could not find an icon to the right of the file (v. 1.7.2) so I used File/Save As and renamed it that way.
  10. I saw this video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX_h98OW4-8&list=WL&index=14&t=754s It's about compositing video into an image and the tutorial is made for Photoshop. However, I wondered if it is possible to do the same on either WIN desktop or ipad pro 2017? I have been unable to place the downloaded mp4 file onto ipad and thought this may not be available in Affinity Photo?
  11. Thanks for this explanation. I don’t know how to rasterize on iPad although I did manage to select a portion of a photo and create a layer for a composite. At first I had a problem creating a layer from selection on iPad although I saw it done on tutorials. I wasn’t following the arrows and missed some of the options from the Refine Selection — I saw two choices when there are four or five available. this note is mainly to thank you for the upgraded gestures. Much simpler, and much appreciated
  12. Thank you...for someone with your experience, the checklist is probably instinctive. I'm only beginning to work on portraits and I appreciate what you have shared.
  13. I think everyone who has used the book has this problem. Place the address in the search bar at the top of the page, not the Google search bar. This question has been answered before but you may have to try a different search to check that I am correct as I used the workbook several months ago and then broke my leg and couldn't 'comfortably' use my desktop computer.
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