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  1. No doubt. I am definitely willing to be patient ad infinitum with Affinity... but would like to find the right place to voice my desire to support interactive PDF... maybe I should be focusing my effort on influencing ISO to re-imagine use cases for the interactive PDF.
  2. Thanks @Old Bruce ... are you able to expound on why this is not something Affinity is planning to support? It's the one thing preventing me from abandoning InDesign altogether.
  3. I've tried using the search tool on the forums... but I get lots of results that have nothing to do with the Publisher Beta. So, my question is: Does Affinity Publisher support embedding video files? I realize that there is some information regarding Affinity's current limited ability to import a variety of file types. But, are there plans to support placing video (and, dare I say it) animated GIFs/PNGs inside a document for export to interactive PDF?
  4. Just stopped the presses in my office. Shared with all colleagues. Please buy yourself a few rounds on us! (We build a lot of UI/UX iOS emulations.Embarrassed we didn't know about this until today!)
  5. I can not believe that was a native capability!!!!! When did Apple include that!? I am blown away. Paul, "Thank you"x1000000000000!
  6. I've seen several people posting time-lapsed videos of their drawings in Affinity Designer for iPad, from start to finish. They aren't image sequences, they are sped up screen recordings. I'm not quite sure if this is something that Affinity enables internally? Or, if they are using some third party gear to capture their actions on the iPad's screen? At the very least, exporting the image history to an image sequence would allow for a time-lapsed "build" over time to be exported and shared. How are people creating time-lapsed videos of their drawing in Affinity Designer on iPad?
  7. Thanks Advanced Member! Maybe the instructions quoted above should have said "At the beginning of each chapter..." and then specify that each project will identify the respective files to use, since chapters have multiple projects in them. I was also surprised that the link was a direct download link... and not a page where I could selectively download the current project files only. FYI Thanks again for the clarification. UPDATE: It appears this is only true for the first chapter. The rest of the chapters have no links, and the first project page within those chapters does have the corresponding link.
  8. I just received my hardback copy of the Affinity Designer Workbook. It looks great. At the start of each chapter is the "Resource" box with a filename in it. Where are these files to be found!? The book says, I see green box with the filename in it... but no link info. I tried tapping on it with my finger, but nothing happened. :)
  9. It would also be really nice to toggle On/Off multiple tools assigned to a single shortcut (for example the Brushes). I would toggle off any other tool associated with the Brush shortcut. So that when I hit "B" I know I will always be on the Brush tool and not something else (currently cycling between Brush, Color Replacement Brush, Pixel Brush, Smudge Tool)...
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