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  1. Thanks for this explanation. I don’t know how to rasterize on iPad although I did manage to select a portion of a photo and create a layer for a composite. At first I had a problem creating a layer from selection on iPad although I saw it done on tutorials. I wasn’t following the arrows and missed some of the options from the Refine Selection — I saw two choices when there are four or five available. this note is mainly to thank you for the upgraded gestures. Much simpler, and much appreciated
  2. Thank you...for someone with your experience, the checklist is probably instinctive. I'm only beginning to work on portraits and I appreciate what you have shared.
  3. I think everyone who has used the book has this problem. Place the address in the search bar at the top of the page, not the Google search bar. This question has been answered before but you may have to try a different search to check that I am correct as I used the workbook several months ago and then broke my leg and couldn't 'comfortably' use my desktop computer.
  4. Include ‘ from contextual toolbar. Select source instead of destinatiion and be sure to show grid is selected ‘ see Jsmes Ritson tutorial Panorama Disortion Correction Https:/Vimeo.com/170633074
  5. LLM

    useful keyboard shortcuts

    I may be coming 'late to the party', but I've found a couple things that have speeded up my workflow which I want to share. Sometimes I want to edit an object but I don't know what layer it is on. Thanks to Serif, I click on the object and then use Ctrl/Cmd + K and the layer becomes selected. Thanks to Carl Surry, I now can use Alt/Option + X to get Black and White. I took his other advice to customize my own shortcuts--although because my hands find Shift easier than Alt/Opt, I used Shift for a modifier key. Now I can create new a new layer or a new mask layer, or get to my most-used Live Filters directly from the keyboard.
  6. It would be good to be able to have a keyboard shortcut for either the most-used blend modes. or the ability to create a custom shortcut for a blend mode. e.g. similar to Photoshop Thanks. I love using your program
  7. It would be good to be able to have a keyboard shortcut for either the most-used blend modes. or the ability to create a custom shortcut for a blend mode. e.g. similar to Photoshop Thanks. I love using your program
  8. Thanks. My main problem wasn't that I did it wrong, it was that I didn't know what it was supposed to look like. I was thinking the background of the rink should still have been there. I worked through the whole chapter and realized that the rink was only replaced (placed) near the end. I had the right idea of using the Inpainting Brush to remove the original skater but following the hierarchy makes it work effortlessly. I don't remember changing the preferences but I reset everything just in case.
  9. I am gradually working my way through the Affinity Photo workbook and it's been challenging me to learning new ways of doing things. No complaints, I'm enjoying the learning. On the Pure Gold chapter, I have a couple questions Page 391 opens the file aMH1_3032.jpg and begins cutting out the skater. On page393, step 4, the instruction is to Unlock and select the background layer (not previously mentioned). No background layer left, only skater on transparent background. I saved the skater selection and then opened the background file again and placed it below selected skater layer (in one instance I rasterized. In another I tried treating the skater as a child), When I moved the skater, I was left with a double image (another try got me transparent pixels). Finally, to move on, I wiped the skater from the background with the Inpainting Brush and then put the loaded selection layer under Smudge layer as a child layer. puregold (2).pdf What am I missing from the instructions?
  10. I have watched and re-watched the video Clipping vs Masking by James Ritson and am unable to select the mask (child layer) without the layer. Clicking one selects the other. (ditto for a clipped layer) That is not what I see happening on the video as is done at 2:07 min on YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKrQ2BEFWMs This is similar to another question in the forum but the difference is that I don't want to separate the child layer from the layer, I Just want to manipulate each separately. Here is a quote from the other post by webb, "I have a pixel layer (say, Background) and have added a child filter. I would now like to move that child filter up on the stack, but can't seem to select it without selecting the pixel layer as well--both parent and child layers are highlighted and stubbornly insist on staying that way. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen, I don't know what to do."
  11. Thank you., I watched it several times and missed that. Now I can use them the way they were meant to be used. I appreciate your quick reply
  12. I couldn't find a way to set a keyboard shortcut for the following 'most used' blend modes Normal, Multiply, Overlay, Screen/Softlight Photoshop uses a Ctrl+ Shift+ a letter (M, S, F,)
  13. Regarding Snow Queen project. The image links worked well. Thanks. I've also been able to download all images for the other chapters. I did and redid this image several times because my cloning looked terrible. I finally did it my way. When I placed the trees/mountain image, I left the selection on. Then I placed the trees just above the woman's hair line and stretched the image to fit as much as possible to save having to edit a lot. Next I selected the mountain layer and alt + clicked the mask to extend it by painting over the trees that were above the selected outline of the woman. The only cloning was cleaning up the shoulder and a little on her forehead. In the last generation, I didn't get the eye cleared on the mountain/lighten mode layer but I had done it earlier so I left it. Still doesn't look bad, just different. I am getting a lot out of the workbook and I look forward to working on the 'Discovery' project.
  14. LLM

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I looked at the book again on page 367. It looks like it was cropped/masked to reduce the size. Page 377. I'll let you know how well I did when I finish the project. Good luck on your work.
  15. LLM

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    It looks like it to me. I will dry to down load it. Previously I used the suggestion to try Unsplash and just picked a picture that looked similar.
  16. LLM

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thanks to Alfred for the link. and to Patrick Connor for checking on the other link. I love compositing and look forward to doing this chapter
  17. I replied in another thread but wanted to be sure my question is answered. I tried putting resources' addresses in both Google search bar and the address bar at the top of the page,and neither worked. I downloaded resources for Coreskills, Peak Country 1 & 2, HDR, London1 & 2, Then jumped ahead to do the compositing chapters and couldn't get resources,
  18. LLM

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I have not been able to download the resources for Chapter 5, part 1, the snowqueen from workbook https://affin.co/snowqueen opens the locked file-- snow_queen (snowqueen.zip) https://affin.co/girlportrait has no download https://affin.co/snowmountain has no download
  19. I’m doing chapters of Affinity Photo Workbook on my PC. I tried this on a personal file on iPad Pro and Merge Visible isn’t reduciing file size. I still see all the layers below the new merged layer.. I recreated the file and I checked the size by going to export before and after merging and the file size is the same. I thought it would be smaller? Is there another way to check file size? I didn’t see it in the metadata studio.
  20. My problem too--on Chapter 2: Lumsdale Falls. Page161. I couldn't find any good color tutorials. One by Elaine Giles' is over an hour and a half long. I like the shorter ones by James Ritson. I'm looking forward to working my way through the book (just got it this week.) The one thing that would be more helpful for a 'workbook' is to be able to open it flat. I had to get a carpenter's clamp to both hold and weigh down the first pages. It lies flatter toward the middle. Thanks so much for developing AF. I could never get very far with Photoshop because if I didn't use a method for a while, I had to re-learn it. So every new type of project was like starting over.
  21. I have both an iPad and an iPad Pro. On the iPad I can still Place images from Dropbox exactly as they should be. And until tonight, I could do the same on the iPad Pro. Now the Placed image is coming in cropped (like a square cut out of the full image) and magnified...sometimes magnified to point of pixelation. I checked that the Preferences are the same on both. I may have altered something but I don't know what...any suggestions? Thanks Attached: After Placing the cluster of yellow and red tulips on background (single tulip), it looked like the green leaves and is the same size as the layer below.
  22. LLM

    Problem with Place

    Thank you. I rescaled both images to same dimensions and resolution and it works. Previously, the size of the background layer was working like a clipping mask. Do images need to be resized before placing?
  23. WIN 7, a{ V. In an Affinity Photo Tutorial on Lynda.com, in the section on refining a selection using the quick mask, "If we hold the kControl ad Otion keys together, we can drag up and down on the tool to make it harder and softe, and wwe can drag left and right to make it smaller and larger." What I get is circle with color values e.g. white = R 255 G 255 B 255, in fact that happens as soon as I use the Option key. This same tutorial says to Zoom with Cmd/Ctrl + Spacebar/--doesn't happen. In my version, when selecting, I have tool bar choices of New, Add, Subtract, Intersect and the online tutorial doesn't--I don't think the shortcut keys in the tutorial work the same way. I would really like to have a current tutorial that works. I'm very frustrated. I have AP on an iPad 2 and haven't noticed these problems. I'm not getting any work done because I'm struggling adapt from PS and not only is the app slow but fighting me every step of the way.