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  1. I reset everything with the control key startup and this time it worked.
  2. Dear Friends, Hi, my interface is f...ked up. I can't see either the context bar or the the tool bar. I tried restarting with the control key and that didn't help. I tried checking and unchecking the show and hide commands in the view menu, no luck. Also Develop Persona opens with the Studio panel smack dab in the middle of the photo and I can't move it or get to box to click on develop. It seems to be off screen. Help! Thanks.
  3. Dear Friends, I followed everyones suggestions and nothing changed the Basic panel appears in the middle of the image and I can't move it. even after I close it there is a grey rectangle which persists where the panel was. Can reinstall the whole program?
  4. Dear Friends, When I open either the Tonal Persona or the Deveop Persona a panel appears smack in the middle of the photo and I can't seem move it. I can't drag down enough tograb the top. The Photo Persona doesn't do this/. Can you help?
  5. Dear RC-R, Thanks for your help. My problem is not finding the Affinity images, it's seeing them clearly. The finder doesn't work nearly as well for sorting through images as Preview does. Either the thumbnails are too small to evaluate the images or they are bigger and you only see a few at a time. I appreciate that the Finder has some functionality in perusing folders, but its not good enough to do real work with large folders of images for professional design & photography.
  6. Dear DesignMeister, The Finder just doesn't work for me sorting through large numbers of images. I understand that technically it functions, but actually working with it isn't good for me. Preview does a better and more useful job. I am willing to get a third party image viewer if it gives me a useful way of sorting through and finding Affinity as well as non-Affinity images. I appreciate your help.
  7. Dear DesignMeister, Thanks ,but it really doesn't do the trick. I've tried using the Media Browser, but it is awkward to say the least.
  8. Dear Friends, I am using Affinity on a Mac. Normally I drop a folder of images into Preview to see them all at once. I recently noticed that the ".afphoto" images don't show up. Is there a fix? Is there another image browser that sees them? Thanks for your help.
  9. Dear Friends, I am relatively new to Affinity. Although there seems to be a huge amount of support material, somehow I can never find what I need. I am designing a book cover and I want to try different colors, say for the title text. I'd like to save each color as a swatch so I can go back to them. I can't figure out how to do this. I 've found the document pallete, but that saves all the colours not just one. Can you help? Thanks so much -Walt
  10. Dear Affinity, I can't find a simple way to make contact sheets. Maybe I am missing something, if not I think that would be a very useful addition to Affinity. -Yours truly, Waltl
  11. Dear Friends I am a relative newbie in Affinity Photo. I wanted to create a contact sheet( from a folder of images) like in Photoshop. I looked in Help, and in the Forum and I couldn't find any instructions. Could you help? Thanks.
  12. Dear Friends, I have been teaching myself Affinity Photo it is a bit of a slog. I have a lot of Photoshop experience, but much is different. Do you know of any courses in Affinity Photo in the Seattle,WA. USA area? Thanks for your help.
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