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  1. Exact it was a one of my pane that was oversized.... Sorry for that.
  2. Hi just get the automatic update on mac osx in version 1.7.1 and i get a weird trouble that look like a display graphic card error.
  3. Hi is there a lasso selection option in designer to select the shapes we want to include within a selection?
  4. Hi is there a lasso selection option in AFdesigner to select the shapes we want to include within a selection?
  5. I know about the symbols they are ok but far from the use I have in mind. but its a base for what I was describing. Thanks for the tip anyway mate.
  6. I it would be great to have a parametric replicator over or within shape or along shape using any layer as source. we would be able to change size and color of the included element by random or progressive scale etc.... Exemple of use Present Paper... or massive banners. Let me know if you have any easy way to achieve this.
  7. Hello, First of all thanks for the tips to access the noise parameter. that was my original question and I got the right response. Regarding those additional demands I think that control of size of the moise would be great. and being able to blur it it as well. this would help a lot in specific cases.
  8. Please let me know if its possible to add noise in a color Swatch on a selected color. This function would be very very useful.
  9. it would be great that it do nothing just pop out a bubble with comment "if you want to in paint do you want to rasterize?" then you can chose yes no.
  10. i have both buy i m using most of the time my mac version and it was on this one i would like to achieve this. let me know if you plan to have that option in future. anyway i m so happy with the apps as it is already but it would be much more practical as i use a lot the embedded document fonction.
  11. Hello would it be possible to have a separate windows mode but keeping all the rest of the tools and nice dark grey background present in the back and keeping those two separate windows separate but inside this dark grey area. Thanks this would be a very useful option i think. Also being able to save various layout to be able to accommodate our tools according to the available space and monitor. Best Regards.
  12. Please it would be very very useful to have better snapping option in export persona and special the snapping should take in consideration the guides place in the photo persona. also it would be very useful to have a fonction that would allow to create slice base on layer, but also transform those created slice into slice that would take all layer from top to bottom in consideration. exemple if i create my slice from my background layer i would like this slice to be able to export all contend of above and under layer within that slice. let me know in case i missed those fonction in your existing version. Best Regards. F
  13. No problem i understand. i l be waiting for the beta. Thanks a for all you reactivity in reply it is very appreciate. Best Regards.
  14. Thanks for your fast response. Is it possible to be in Alpha Test of this product when you will be ready ? I would even pay for that if needed. Thanks.
  15. Hi thanks all for keeping up with this great apps package. I would like to know if it is possible to create a document and drag into this document 3 other files that would be place as layer, but would be updated if those file would be changed or modified individualy by someone else on another package. I would like them to be updated in my document and keept as external references. Then if I want to convert them as embed within my document and break this external link I would like to have this option to do so as well. Let me know as I would like to know if I can base my next project pipeline on your apps. Regards.
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