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  1. Exactly. Plus, Microsoft is raising the price of office this year and is kicking around the idea of a monthly fee for Windows...all of which inclined me to ween myself off of all office products (which I did over 4 months) and then ditch Windows completely.
  2. My HP Deskjet prints just fine and very easily from linux. I didn't even have to run the 16' cable that I bought just to install it in windows. Yes...talk about bad design, you have to hook up the cable to enable wifi printing in Windows with this particular HP deskjet. With Kubuntu, it said "HP Deskjet 3050, want to use this as your default printer?" Even after I replaced our modem and router, it was as simple as changing the IP address to point to the new destination, something that would have required me hooking up the usb cable again in linux. Things have come a long way with linux. I'm not saying there still aren't pain points. I also know each person's experience varies. However, I've been working with linux full-time (no windows at all) for over a month, and the only thing I'm missing is Affinity. I can do all of my development (easier, faster), security (easier, faster, better tools), writing (no change), and other jobs with no problem. Even my backup program (Jotta Cloud) has a linux version, and google backup and sync doesn't have that. Even my wireless headphones and mic worked perfectly, no setup. Just turned it on and the tunes came out.
  3. It certainly isn't all it takes, there's no doubt about that. However, another question is: have you seen how slow adobe products are? Do you think there's "good code design" there, or is it the usage of legacy code? I don't know how much optimization their developers do. I do know that I can barely use my wacom tablet with Photoshop and 32GB ram with 8 cores. The brushes drag all over the place. Affinity and Krita are far superior in speed and usefulness. In any case: the developers for Affinity have given me the answer I asked for, and now I have to accept it and find an alternative.
  4. Lack of time and lack of access to the source code.
  5. Thanks for the info Gabe. That's very disappointing but I appreciate the honesty. As a programmer, I find the link you shared very disheartening, especially the quip of a $500,000 development cost. I don't know what technology you use to build Affinity programs, but I do know that good code design makes it easy to port to other systems. I've done quite a bit in the past of even translating native OS programs to run as web-only (even pure JS or PHP) or as a backend with front-end web code, and it never cost me that much time/energy when I had the source code available. Even reverse engineering a program didn't cause that much hassle. In any case, I hope the commenter was being facetious and not serious about the dev costs. I guess I'll have to look for some alternatives now, and in doing so, so ends my advertising for how great Affinity products are.
  6. Due to many reasons (MS can't update their software without issues, threat of having to pay monthly license fee for Windows 10, and I just plain like linux, it's faster (even my internet download speed has improved 120% in speed tests) + much more) I have switched over my desktop to Linux 100% of the time. Every program that I "needed" from Windows runs fine in Wine or has a linux version to use. Every program accept Affinity photo and Designer. I have tried the installation .exe which kills over immediately with a repetitive error "Exception: ResourceSection::ResourceSection". Copying the files from a Windows installation also throws exceptions. Is there any hope of a linux version of Affinity sometime in the near future? If the answer is no (and I hope it isn't), do you have any way of a workaround to get both Photo and Designer working in Linux?
  7. Yes indeed! Well over a year ago I said goodbye to Adobe and haven't looked back. I have both Affinity Designer and Photo and love them more than Illustrator and Photoshop. Even after 18+ years of using Photoshop, I just find Affinity to be better.
  8. Put in a vote for designer. Looks like it has a little ways to go to beat out Todoist currently!
  9. Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking! Thank you so very much.
  10. Ok...I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. I went to do some pixel art in Photo and can't find the Pencil tool. Any idea where it is? Does it exist? The pencil that I thought it was is the eraser...not quite what I was looking for.
  11. Thank you. That is perfect. Does just what I needed. You gave a very nice and clear explanation!
  12. I need to take two files and move them into one. What I have is a bmp file and then a second bmp with the alpha information. How do I combine these two together to give the first image transparency? I used to know how to do this in photoshop but I can't figure it out within Affinity.
  13. Yes, the little bubble idea might not be bad. At least it would keep me from thinking that the program is broken.
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