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  1. It mean, I have to wait for next version. It is great news. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello Old Bruce, thank you for your answer. At 2) It is the problem. On my camera is not possible setup orientation mode. And I can rotate the photo in Adobe Bridge. But Affinity Photo ignored this setting.
  3. Is any way to use Develop Persona for developing many photos in one time? I miss two functions: 1) Copy the development setting from one to next picture. Or choice to setting all pictures together. 2) Rotate picture. I mean not rotate canvas. Thank you very much.
  4. 1) Character Panel. I would like to have the small arrows for increase and decrease by 1 step next the Character Size too. 2) Paragraph Leading field don't have pictogram. I can not find, what it do. And this field have not the small arrows too. Thank you.
  5. I would like to ask you to add Czech language interface to Affinity designer. And to Affinity Photo too. I will make the translation, if you tell me, how.
  6. Hello men, I would like to ask you about improve features in the Affinity Photo. Is it possible open the Location Panel in the Photo Persona? If not, could you allow it, Please? I tell you why. I would like to insert location to many my photos. I can open many final photos (post processed photos saved in Jpeg format) in the Affinity Photo. But the switch to Development persona is followed to any Pixel layer in the every picture. I can not switch affinity photo to Development persona for every opened pictures just ones. I have to open any picture, switch to development persona, insert location via location panel, hit Develop button, save (export) the picture, open another picture, switch to Development persona, ... . It is crazy. Otherwise, is any way to develop many photos from RAW format, or to change EXIF in many photos, wholesale? I think Affinity Photo is powerful tool for one picture editing. It is not ready for wholesale photos editing (RAW develop). I use Camera RAW inside the Adobe Photoshop. I want stop using Adobe Photoshop. But i am not able stop using the Camera RAW. Thank you very much Elektronek
  7. Dear Affinity makers, I vote for it too. Excuse me, but I use only .tif suffix 22 years already. If I should using .tiff suffix, then is wrong joke. https://picasaweb.google.com/114276772909509438610/Affinity#6245971406724307474
  8. I have 3 wish about Canvas rotation. 1) I know, instructions Rotate left and Rotate right are inside View menu. Even so i think, the tool Rotate canvas will be better. There is not necessary rotate with canvas by 1 degree. Rotation by 15 degree is OK. But rotation by 90 or 180 degree with repeated Rotate left instruction is not comfortable. Rotate canvas tool could be going by 15 degree without any hotkey and by 90 degree with Shift key holding. 2) Every tools, primarily Move tool and Text tool, should be connected to the screen. Now are connected to the canvas. I think, it is crazy. For example: I have canvas rotated by 90 degree left. I have one object selected and I take Move tool. Now I want move the object to left. I hold left arrow key. But object is moved down! Is possible fix it? 3) When I pull out Guide from the top Ruler, the Guide should be horizontal on the screen, regardless of how canvas is rotated. It would be wonderful.
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