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  1. Hi! I recently updated to Affinty Publisher V2. I've used linked .ai files in Publisher V1 before with success. The files only contain outlined text, no effects and no pictures. Now after updating to V2, placing the ai file makes it rasterized. It stays the same after exporting it as pdf. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  2. Are we safe to assume that Affinity Publisher will be able to import an existing 100 page PagePlus file with ; Left and right hand Master pages; Auto table of contents generation. Thats not too much to ask is it ? I really don't want to re-create it all manually ! regards Paul Churchill
  3. Adding the ability to export document presets would be extremely helpful for environments that use multiple installations of Affinity apps. To clarify to what I am referring here is a pic:
  4. Hello! Is there a way to export/import document presets? To clarify exactly which presets I am referring to, below is a pic. I know that APub stores such things under the user profile, but cannot find a location where these particular custom presets are stored. Thanks, Chris
  5. Affinity doesn't recognize some font names that are treated as a font trait in Affinity other than predefined traits such as Bold. Many apps including Word treat traits as a individual font. so the name is different between Affinity and others. When I paste text with those fonts, the question mark appears on the font selector. Such as these fonts: Calibri Light (Calibri and Calibri Bold have no problem.) Yu Gothic Light / Yu Gothic Medium (Yu Gothic and Yu Gothic Bold have no problem.)
  6. Hey forum! I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm missing something. Basically I simply want to import all pages from document A into B after the last page. However, I'm asked to specify a valid target page. Am I misunderstanding the message? Why do I get the below warning? Also, even if I wanted to, I can't access any boxes with this setting. 🤔 Thanks for any help! 😊
  7. @Chris B I am having constant issue with Designer opening file from STOCK sites ( eps files ) they open as images rather than vectors. I open them in Illustrator and they are Vector. This happens alot. I the movie industry we use STOCK image sites all the time. Can you fix this ? Its annoying. I don't want to own Adobe anymore but i have to for these types of problems. Gary
  8. I have many many text FX and layer styles created in Photoshop that I'd love to import and use in Photo. Problem: When I navigate to a target folder with the PS styles I want to import, all of them are greyed out and non-selectable. Is there a way to import and use already-created layer / text FX / styles from PS into AP? And: Is there a way to create a REAL DROP SHADOW effect in AP? No, the Outer Glow does not do the same thing as a genuine drop shadow capability … close, but no cigar. Thanks for any input regarding how to accomplish these goals.
  9. Could someone at affinity please send an update on why the ability to open a raw file from Apple photos app on iPad M1 Pro no longer works in v2.1? It worked in the previous version so surely it’s not too difficult to compare the coding.
  10. Please add the ability to import CDR files. Lately, clients have started mentioning that they would like to move away from CorelDraw. You might be surprised how many Mac users are using CorelDraw via Bootcamp or Parallels. Now that Serif (Affinity) is supporting the Mac they want to migrate away from CorelDraw. However, they feel trapped with CorelDraw because: They do not want to lose their CDR files created over many years. In addition, they want to avoid exporting hundreds of files out of CorelDraw one at a time so the files could be used elsewhere. Here is an opportunity for Affinity to make friends in the Mac community. Make Affinity products able to perfectly import Adobe and Corel files. Do this and you will have an automatic customer base for a long time.
  11. Hi, I would love to be able to import blocks from CAD files (DWG/ DXF/ 3dm) as symbols. That way, I could severely reduce the file size and it would be a huge workflow improvement over Adobe Illustrator, because Illustrator is not capable of importing blocks as symbols either.
  12. Any kind of import crashes everything, Designer V2, Photo V2 and Publisher V2. Whether assets, brushes or color palettes, the software closes immediately without notice. All three, Designer, Photo and Publisher. Software: latest versions of affinity 2 for windows Hardware: Microsoft Surface 8 Pro Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 2.42 GHz RAM 16.0 GB System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch input Support for pen and touch input with 10 touch points Windows: Windows 11 Home edition Version 22H2 Installed on 10/15/2022 Operating system build 22621.1778 Performance Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22642.1000.0 All, but really all suggested support measures have been implemented: 1. reset Affinity 2. .Net repair tool 3. sfc /scannow (scan) 4. dism.exe /online/ cleanup-image/restorehealth (Repair) 5. reinstall directx12 6. reinstall .Netframe 4.8 7. reinstall visual 8. unistall/reinstall all affinity apps 9. hardware acceleration sometimes on, sometimes off, same error 10. update all drivers (graphic drivers etc) 11. update windows and all components and many more attempts, many days of work and much disappointment. But the apps keep crashing, every time I try to import. I am at a loss, this is a new Surface Pro that I bought just for Affinity. The only thing I can think of is that this is a bug in the affinity software. Attached are the dmp files. Additionally a text file , listing the windows event viewer at the time of the error. I hope for quick help. Thanks. c2930239-5c6f-4ce9-b9ba-18b75f3b12a2.dmp ab6ea42a-ba7a-48df-a3a3-b33d76a4074f.dmp b50df02f-9148-4018-89c6-330a9c58d0a9.dmp cd32f927-c0d5-4816-9426-11f015b44023.dmp 365c042a-4621-40f6-aa8a-e8ba0b420470.dmp 1a256952-5fd7-4159-9d56-b28d2ebab481.dmp 2f178444-5636-49f4-a0cf-a1b556c7892f.dmp Error-Designer.exe.txt
  13. Is there a way to do this with Photo? If now now, will there be Please? :)
  14. Hi, I'm using artboards in a document that contains all my graphics for our web-site. On the web we use SVG. Hence, I drag & drop some SVG files into AD and export from there. When adding an SVG via drag & drop, it gets added to the artboard as [Embedded document]. Some questions: How can I copy such a thing? When I do it the normal way and I edit the copy, the original gets changed too. Is there a way I can convert the embedded document into a normal group? Any documentation available about embedded documents? How to best edit these etc.?
  15. Hi guys, I just released 11 new landscape brushes for you to use, and these brushes will be free for the first 24 hours once this video is uploaded, but after that this brush package will cost $1 so make sure to get it!! You can watch this video below to see how I make this beautiful scenery using these brushes, I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!! - Beautiful Landscape Brush Package Download Link: https://krisna0.gumroad.com/l/tbqwj
  16. Hi, just did a test with Designer 2.0.4 and noticed it couldn't import my DXF properly. So I did this simple test with Autocad and you can see that the dotted and dashed linestyles are not correctly imported. This is without applying any scaling to the geometry. I do notice there is an attempt to get the dashing, but it's wrong. 2023-02-23 08-41-05.mp4 Here's the test file: test.dxf The reason I did this test was because Designer completely froze when importing a fairly light file that I exported from Rhino (as opposed to the Autocad file above). Both placing the file and opening the file in/ with Designer led to large performance issues, that I wouldn't see otherwise. 2023-02-23 08-28-47.mp4 It is using a dotted line style and when I import that as a PDF, I get circles, instead of continuous dotted lines. But, if dxf cannot do the trick, I have no idea how to best import this file. Test-export_2.dxf
  17. Please, add the ability to import preferences and/ or shortcuts that were assigned in the commercial versions. That makes it a lot easier for us users to get up and running quickly to do a few tests of the new features.
  18. When i try to import from photo library my app crashes.
  19. Hi i got the apple motion app and im struggling to find out how to import vector files into the motion app vekpo isn't support affinity files and also svg/pdf files
  20. How can I move projects over from Affinity Designer on the iPad to Affinity Designer 2 on the iPad? Is there an easy way? Thanks!
  21. This may be a problem you can't solve - but I have thousands of Xara files that I will have to convert to some other format to import into Affinity, or I'll have to keep Xara for a while. I have been using that software since 1995 and would love to simply be able to import their files into Affinity. I have only continued to use Xara because until now, there has been no MAC program that could compare to the speed and versatility of that software. So if we could get the ability to import the XAR formatted file, or if you included an algorithm to convert it to PSD or whatever on import - that would be awesome and I (and many others) could get rid of Parallels off of our MAC's, dump Windows and regain valuable drive space. I can't begin to tell you how cool that would be as I do not have time to take almost 20 years worth of files and convert them all to another format for import
  22. Hi I am trying to import the color palette into AD from ase file which isa standard for illustrator. Is there a way I can do this. Right now the AD doesn't recognize this file type. Thanks Pranav
  23. Hi, I tried to import a brush set of file type .abr, let's say it's called 'brushes123.abr'. It says it is successfully imported But when I try to pick the brush set from the drop down menu in the 'brushes' window, it does not appear. I've tried it again and it says: 'successfully imported 'brushes123 2', which leads me to believe it did originally import, I just can't find it. Can you help? Thanks in advance
  24. To be very clear: I am not talking about the option to automatically import assets that were previously installed in V1. I have done that already, for the few assets I did have previously installed in V1, when I installed V2. YouTube keeps showing me videos about this or that free brush pack, created back before V2 was released. If I now download any of those brush packs (or other assets), that were originally designed for V1, will I be able to import them directly into the V2 products? Or will I need to do some kind of ridiculous workaround? Or am I just out of luck, and should only download assets designed for V2?
  25. Dear developers, I have a problem with EPS import. I downloaded this vector pack what include an EPS and a JPEG: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/set-people-character_4486128.htm When I opened in AD, then I get a few group, but thats no correct, curves mixed. If I open this EPS in Illustrator, then I get correct groups: every person a group. If I export this EPS to SVG by Illustrator, and open exported SVG in AD, then groups will ok. Please check, what's problem with groups in EPS import, because I don't want use Illustrator. Thanks!
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