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  1. Same issue here. Version 1.9 of Affinity Photo takes over 30 seconds to load on an 2019 i7 iMac with 64 gb of ram. Same problem with an i7 2019 16 inch MBP with 32gb ram.
  2. Please add the ability to import CDR files. Lately, clients have started mentioning that they would like to move away from CorelDraw. You might be surprised how many Mac users are using CorelDraw via Bootcamp or Parallels. Now that Serif (Affinity) is supporting the Mac they want to migrate away from CorelDraw. However, they feel trapped with CorelDraw because: They do not want to lose their CDR files created over many years. In addition, they want to avoid exporting hundreds of files out of CorelDraw one at a time so the files could be used elsewhere. Here is an opportunity for Affinity to make friends in the Mac community. Make Affinity products able to perfectly import Adobe and Corel files. Do this and you will have an automatic customer base for a long time.
  3. The problem is this: all of my clients have "Close windows when quitting an application" checked. That "restoring documents and windows" feature went over like a lead balloon when Apple introduced it. Mac users went ballistic over having old documents automatically reopening. That is why Apple was forced to add "Close windows when quitting an application" to the system prefs. Having said that, it sure would be nice if Designer had the ability to startup in maximized window position. (See Libre Office or FireFox for example). Both of these programs open maximized without opening an old document.
  4. "We were thinking about showing the tab bar even with one window open." That option would be wonderful!
  5. Just dowloaded beta 5 and am still having the same issue. Designer always opens to the same screen size no matter how my screen is positioned when I exit the program. I set screen to full window (Maximized) and it always opens to 90% of full window or maximized. Please see attached file. Thank you!
  6. I can't seem to find a non pull down menu way of closing a window without closing the program if you have only a single tab open. With multiple tabs open you just click on the close button on the tab. I would like to see a tab with a close button even if there is only one tab open.
  7. Like to request that Afinity Designer remember the last window size on opening the program. I don't like having to resize the application window each time I open the program.
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