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  1. Hi everyone! I was just about to post a similar request and then came across this thread. I am a CorelDraw user since Version 1 and have been frustrated ever since I changed over to Mac a few years ago. I've been following a Corel user blog for a while now where it seems a large number of users are looking for an alternative, as Corel is making no effort to migrate their software to the Mac. The blog entry that brought me to buy Affinity is here: https://corelblogs.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/you-can-run-coreldraw-on-a-mac/#comment-5630 I've literally only just played around for 15 minutes without reading any tutorial and my first impression is that Affinity is very intuitive coming from a Corel background. Everything feels like it is "in the right place" and I'm eager to explore it more. What I would like to see is an active effort by Serif to make a transition from CorelDraw to Affinity as easy and painless as possible. A solid import option for .CDR files would certainly make the software an instant hit with anyone who is considering finally ditching the Parallels/CorelDraw setup. I think there would be a considerable market from CorelDraw users who are desperately looking for a Mac alternative that has a very similar feel and functionality. What does everyone else think? I am sure there must be plenty of Corel users who have switched already. Any advice? Are there any specific "how to migrate from Corel to Affinity" tutorials anywhere to be found? Many thanks!
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