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  1. This tool would be a great for those who work a lot with logos and icons using the grids method. It´s possible to do it with the tools avaliable? Maybe, but it takes so much time and effort that is worthless in a work situation.
  2. Ok thanks, i´ll give it a try as soon as i can.
  3. where can i get that beta 1.5.2 for mac? is not the version that is on the appstore, right?
  4. I only have this problem on my mac. the windows vertion 1.5.2 works fine too.
  5. Thanks MEB, i´ll wait for the solution. I´m Downloading the 1.5.2 beta version on windows to see if it does the same problem as my Osx version.
  6. My problem is on the mac version i recently bought
  7. On windows i use the and works just fine
  8. Hi Fixx and Lee D, thanks for your quick answer and tips. But I have a beta version on windows and in the export settings when you click in the "area" option there is a sub-menu (all Document, Selection with background, Selection without background) and I bought the final version for machintosh and i am not able to open that sub-menu.... That must be some problem with the app right?
  9. I bought you´re app AD a few days ago and i´m am very happy with it. But i have a little trouble here i hope you could help. I´m working with and old macbook from late 2008 with the 10.9.5 osx installed. I have a problem with exporting my work. I texported in .Jpg and .Png and i´m not able to select the option to export the area i want... so i can only export the all document... Thanks in advanced Best regards
  10. Hi, is there some way to select and move more than one guide line at once?
  11. Thanks Leigh, i will try that. I hope this feature comes in the future. It safes lots of time.
  12. Hi, I use the magic trackpad a lot and sometimes i rotate the page unintentionally...it´s a little annoying... and when i try to revert that i can´t make it right.... Is there a way to stop this to happen?
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