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  1. My read on it is that any printer driver for a normal home or office printer will include margin information as a normal A4 laser printer for example can't print to the page edge. So, if the .afdesign / PDF file is specifying area to print all the way out to A4, the printer driver must scale it back down to fit on the printable area of the page. Totally agree with MattP. Also, I'm never happy paying a print company until I get back a physical proof sample just to be sure ;)
  2. Hi MEB, thanks for that :) sent off just now. From the .afdesign file, I multi-select all of the 6 purple objects and can move either and both fill tool handles around anywhere and the resulting export is the test1.pdf file. Going straight back to AD, any movement of the fill tool slider gives the resulting export in test2.pdf :blink: Thanks & Kind regards, Chris. ====================== It's now ten minutes later and I realised I hadn't tried doing it with the full version I bought today, deleted the trial and tried again; same result though
  3. Hi guys, using AD 1.1.2 (Trial) the steps: 1. Created .afdesign file from a PDF created in CorelDRAW! X4 (all curves). 2. Multiple-selected some objects and used the gradient fill tool (radial CMYK), adjusted the handles at both ends as desired. 3. Export to PDF (text as curves), no issue. 4. Went back to .afdesign file, adjusted gradient fill tool SLIDER as desired 5. Export to PDF (text as curves) - the edges of the selected and filled objects have become rasterised(?) such that it's as if they have been changed into low-resolution bitmaps instead of vector curves. This behaviour is totally repeatable for me. I can use the handles of the fill tool to achieve close to what I want, but it would be nice to have the slider too. BTW, I created a new .afdesign file from scratch, Made a large rectangle, put 3 smaller rectangles rotated 15 degrees approx on top of the large one, multi-selected the 3 smaller ones and went through all the above steps and could NOT replicate the issue at all. I would really like to attach the .afdesign file (and the original PDF if you want) but is there a way to prevent public download of the files? The artwork isn't ready for that level of exposure. Thanks & kind regards, Chris.
  4. Really great so far guys: 1. PDF export from CorelDRAW! X4 and open in AD, so far it's the only Mac proggie I've found to recognise ALL objects in the PDF (Haven't and won't be trying Adobe). CDR page background into PDF = AD extra layer. Looks like I won't be needing CDR import after all :) 2. Love the on-screen handles and sliders for fountain fills 3. Haven't figured out how to do things like measurement unit default settings, dimension objects etc. but that's what these forums are for if I can't work it out ;) A few more days playing then I better get my wallet out. 24/11/2014 - Bought the full version now :)
  5. Hi Jens. but the whole point for us CorelDraw X4 (edit: on Win) and earlier users is not to have to buy the latest, just to save files. I wanna buy Affinity instead! LOL
  6. +1 too, running CorelDRAW! X4 on VMware Fusion 6. Performance fantastic, but want to remove Win entirely (sick of Windows Updates & Virus s/w updates just to keep a program or two running). Also, look at the Mac vector graphics competition.... Sketch, ArtBoard, Intaglio, EazyDraw, Sketsa, SketchBook, Inkscape... NONE of them can do it... what an edge you'd have ;) Edit: Also great to see you're not doing the "subscription" and "cloud" nonsense that's a huge turn-off for someone who likes to control and backup their own data ;)
  7. Hi audible, I'm with you on the CDR import filter... there are some major problems with export from CorelDraw in non-native formats then import into almost every vector app I've tried so far in the Mac world. I'm looking forward to the trials version (committing AUD$65 sight unseen won't happen LOL). (To staff) An accurate CDR import surely would win over heaps of people like us who are moving from Win to Mac. Add ten bucks to the price for it and I'd gladly pay it! ;)
  8. Hi Tony, when it's available, could you please tell us on this topic? Looking to replace my win/CorelDRAW! X4 with a Mac proggie :) Thanks & kind regards, Chris.
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