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  1. Thank you, @Lee D. Just curious: do you have any idea of if, and/or, when a patch can be available? We would also be willing to test a patch, or provide any other assistance, as we are highly motivated to abandon our current software and move full time to Affinity Designer and Publisher (both experience the same issue). Publisher / Designer PC: Windows 10 Pro v. 1803 (17134.1184) / Intel i7-8650U @ 1.90GHz / 16GB RAM
  2. Thank you both for your responses. The files I previously attached were not edited between import and export. I simply opened the original wmf in Affinity, saved and exported as a demonstration for this forum. I've also opened a new document, added text "This is an overlay." and exported to wmf (emf will not work for our application), while I could open in paint, it is massive (compared to the ancient editor we previously used). Is there any way to reduce the resolution when exported?
  3. Hello, We are migrating our forms overlay process to Affinity Publisher and are forced to work with Windows Meta Files (.wmf) as our overlay. We start with the original overlay file (wmf) to open/import into Affinity, then save to .afpub. Next, we would make any changes, as needed, then save, and export to .wmf. Affinity creates a new .wmf file, but it is significantly larger than the original, it also can't be opened The problem with the .wmf file Affinity created is that it can't be opened by other windows programs. While our application is proprietary, Affinity's files can't be opened or viewed using the usual programs, like paint, which seems to be the issue. Any tips or setting change suggestions, or even what the issue is would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the original (FINL-org.wmf) file, the (FINL.afpub) and the Affinity created (FINL-pub.wmf). FINL-pub.wmf FINL-org.wmf FINL.afpub
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