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Found 23 results

  1. I design pop-up books and would like to use Designer as a replacement for Vectorworks CAD software I have used for the last 20 years, but has become prohibitively expensive since it switched to a subscription only version. One simple function I need a lot that's missing from Designer is the ability to flip objects along a custom angled axis – not just horizontally or vertically, which I know Designer can do. In the screen shot below, I'd like to a tool that allows me to flip the object along the dotted line between A and B, ideally simply by clicking and dragging a flip axis line between A and B. I understand that a similar function is available in Adobe Illustrator, but at the moment, the quickest way I've been able to do this in Designer is by duplicating the object, flipping it horizontally and moving and rotating the duplicate until the two axis lines line up, which is a lengthy workaround. I've seen other people requesting this function in this post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/59694-can-i-flip-mirror-a-shape-through-a-pointaxis-of-choice/
  2. Hello, I have a problem transforming selected pixels I have move tool selected and a selection of an object but when I want to transform it flips whole pixel layer.
  3. How do I flip a object if the original object is oblique and has moved transformation origin? (P.S. the object on attached picture is horizontally symmetric but I would use asymmetric one.)
  4. Hello there! Purchased Affinity Photo two days ago and I am (happily) on the (re)learning curve. I have to say, there went a lot of good thought in some of the altered features (compared to how they work in Ps), well done! Of course there will be quite a lot of questions. Some I can find here, some I couldn't. So I will ask here on the forum, putting the Ps nomenclature in the title for future Affinity-Turners that also say goodbye to Ps! My question: I am working on a composition in which I want to flip a layer horizontally. Ofcourse, using the move tool I can flip it but I only get it done stretching the image (out of ratio), which I don't want to happen. Searching the menu's I didn't see an option that seemed to fit but maybe I am looking for the wrong word (Ps term probably) or I am just too tired ;) Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Dennis G www.DeeGee.net Photography The Netherlands
  5. Would be nice if you could add flipped view mode. (like mirror image that just showing flipped image without changing the document status, not flipped layer or canvas) Photoshop and some painting software such as ClipStudioPro has this.
  6. Can we please have the option of these buttons for PHOTO? They are in DESIGNER as in the picture attached. They are would be most useful in photo as well. Thank you Gary
  7. I have a vector spiral and I need to put text on the path, but the spiral is the wrong direction. When I flip the path and then attempt to place text on the path, the text is also now flipped. How do I place text on a flipped vector shape without the text also being flipped? EDIT: As always inevitably happens I figured it out immediately after I posted. Using the 'Node' tool I selected all the nodes, pressed 'Transform Mode', scaled it horizontally, then applied text to the path and it's flowing the proper direction.
  8. Whenever you try to flip multiple objects with the "Transform Objects Separately" enabled, they flip as a group and not as individual objects. I opened up a thread yesterday showing this behaviour in detail and looking for a workaround but I was wondering if this is a bug or if it's meant to be as it is. In my opinion since Flip is a transform tool I expected the objects to be flipped individually instead of as a group. That's why I consider it a bug but, again, I'm not 100% sure it is.
  9. I was trying to flip a bunch of objects over their own axis and I assumed -as with other transform objects- that selecting Transform Objects Separately and then flip them would do the job, but it seems to ignore it and flip all of them as a group. Flip behaviour Affinity Designer.mov Does anyone know if there's a way around it? I have a lot of objects to flip and it'll take a lot of time to do them individually. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I recently started my first larger piece in AD and since than had a lot of issues with the program freezing my whole pc(have to close the file or go into task manager so it works properly multible times in a sitting), getting really slow when I'm working in a deep layer structure, brush size scaling with tablet pen, adding anchor points with a tablet pen and much more. All things I also see people complaining in the forum and hopefully get fixed some day. A recent bug that drives me insane is this: I want to duplicate and flip a vector drawing in the designer persona. so I just duplicate and flip the folder like I always did in Adobe. The flipped image isn't the same as the original. There are bits and pieces changed and I just can't get it to simply look like the original. Anyone has experienced this and knows a way to fix this?
  11. Would be nice if you could add options to Flip command like Illustrator's Reflect tool. Also would be nice if I could flip objects depend on the transform origin of Move/Point Transform Tool
  12. I've noticed an odd behaviour in the attached Affinity Designer file. The objects on the page are all the right way up (no rotation). However if I group any of them together the group shows as rotated 180 degrees. Logo Flip When Group.afdesign
  13. In patch / stamp and other similiar tools where source can be set, there's option to rotate it, but what would be also useful is flipping (mirroring). That's all folks. Thank you for attention.
  14. In AD after duplicating a layer, how do i flip it? I was following a tutorial for the pen tool but they use AD for the pc but in the iPad version I don’t know where i go to flip my duplicated layer. Thx
  15. Hi, it would be nice if you add "Flip" tool in Photo. I can't find it in "Layer", "View > Customize Tool(bar)".
  16. I've got a few shapes where, at some point in the past, I've flipped them horizontally. To my surprise, when I filled them with text, the text was also reversed. Is there a way to tell Affinity to not keep that information hanging around, and just make the text object normally? Personally I feel like it shouldn't behave this way (if I wanted reversed text, I'd flip it after adding the words). There are work arounds, like combining some geometry, even if it doesn't alter the shape, will resolve the issue. Thanks!
  17. Lots of times when I break a curve then play with the stroke pressure profile to widen or shrink the stroke widths... it would be super cool to have a quick flip feature to just switch the profile width direction, instead of doing it manually. Currently we have a "save profile" and "reset" button and there is still room in the centre for a "flip" button or the even repurposing the existing icon from the tool shelf could work here, see attached. :-)
  18. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use an Affinity Designer template with symbols to create a CSS sprite for an animated Jumping Jack. Download You will find the AD template for the animated Jumping Jack here on my website and the tutorial on my YouTube channel. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  19. Hey guys, Is there a way to reflect an object in Affinity Designer? I know I can duplicate an item, flip it and then move it to create the reflection. But is there a way I can do it in a single click? Thanks
  20. Hey guys, I thought it would be really convenient to add Flip controls to objects' bounding boxes. Basically what I'm proposing is to change the cursor when it hovers over the top/bottom and left/right control handles while INSIDE the bounding box - in distinction from the shear cursor which appears when hovering OUTSIDE the top/bottom and left/right control handles of an object's bounding box. Additionally, adding a modifier for duplicating (alt or option keys come to mind) would make this a slick timesaver and UI improvement and shouldn't be too hard to code. Check out the attached image to see a mock-up. Cheers guys, the apps are rocking more with each release! Preview: AD master file: Flip cursor.zip
  21. Hi just upland, Affinity Photo, but seams to see i can't rotate the image. Is this function not working?
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