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  1. hannabygrace

    Lasso tool

    Thx so much
  2. hannabygrace

    Flipping layers

    That’s great, thx so much!
  3. hannabygrace

    Flipping layers

    In AD after duplicating a layer, how do i flip it? I was following a tutorial for the pen tool but they use AD for the pc but in the iPad version I don’t know where i go to flip my duplicated layer. Thx
  4. Is there a lasso tool in AD for the iPad?
  5. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    Good to know. I appreciate your input!
  6. hannabygrace

    Changing layers opacity

    Thx! I found it!
  7. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    They have great tutorials! However... i can see that my first step has to be knowing how to use AD. I need to get familiar with the tools first before attempting to follow any tutorial. It’s frustrating for a person like me, cause i want to draw and create and i can’t yet. Procreate is so much easier since it has much less features and tools... sighs...
  8. Well, it seems that I’ll be here very often anyways, I’d like to know how to change the opacity of a layer. Please, forgive me if it is a stupid question. thx so much
  9. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    Awesome! Thank you so much! Yes, procreate only offers a raster approach and this is why I wanted to try AD, which also seems similar to PS. I cannot afford PS but it has been hard to find artistic tutorials for AD. Hopefully AD will eventually come up with tutorials in that direction. Thx again. I really appreciate it!
  10. hannabygrace

    Enabling only pencil

    Thx! Yay
  11. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    I do have the classes from the first link you posted. I really like it, but it is towards understanding the app which im doing right now; but i don't think it covers the artistic part on how to illustrate. But thx again
  12. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    Ok, i understand. Thx for the links!
  13. hannabygrace

    Drawing with AD

    I’ve been using procreate to create my illustrations but decided to give AD a try since it seems more powerful. I’ve been studying affinity revolution videos to get know the app before I attempt to create with it. Does anyone know of good classes or tutorials for AD for iPad that teaches how to create an illustration free hand? Im attaching an illustration of mine that i made with procreate so you guys can better understand what i am trying to do. Thx so much!
  14. Can i add a profile picture or is this only something I’ll be able to do later? Thx

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