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  1. Hi Toltec, Last week I finished the work on these. Still took quite some time for me to do it as neatly as I could: about an hour per photo. There was quite a bit of work on the legs and feet too (lots of spill, colourcast). I am satisfied with the outcome, so thank you very much for your help here! Perhaps you could shine your light on how to get the faintest strays of hair correctly? I now ended up with some vague blurs somehow... And here's an example of the finished work, as promised groep_067.psd
  2. Hi Toltec, Just a quick note from the holiday address: thank you so much for the detailed explanation! Once I get home (in a few weeks) I'll start working on it and will let you know (and post the results). Doesn't seem very complicated, well it SEEMS The greenscreen used here was a (way too) small green screen found on site. I tried to keep them as much forward as possible, but as they wanted group shots that was doomed to fail. I wonder too why camera people don't get it right, all too often. I reckon it must be limited space or time (or both) or perhaps not the best software - which needs to render as fast as possible? It could also be too complicated (for a cameracrew). Anyways, thanks a million. Will get back to you in a few weeks time!
  3. lol I thought about purchasing photokey but it doesn't justify the few times I would need it. Would you mind explaining what it is that you did, using the colour brush?
  4. Thank you, toltec! That looks how I want to have it! I tried the Colour Replacement Brush as well, I think I have yet to get to grasp with it. Is there a good explanation out there so I can learn how to use it properly? Kind regards, Dennis
  5. Hi Grazie, thank you for your information. Do you have a link? I went through most of the tutorials (I think) before I came here! I don't have AP for iPad so I can't follow that path Thanks in advance! Dennis
  6. Good morning! I have been an avid user of Affinity's Photo and hardly ever had to ask for help (I thought never but I found a question from 2015). A client asked me to take pictures before a greenscreen while I was on assignment. They had a very small green cloth and there was a mixture of sun and tungsten light. I did the best I could... Having no studio lighting I expected some color cast but it is far worse, probably because of the small screen/cloth so the group had to stand close to it Can anyone help me in regards to how to remove the green color cast from the models? Below I attached a screenshot of what it looks like. If you need more info etc, let me know. Thank you in advance! Dennis
  7. Hello there! Purchased Affinity Photo two days ago and I am (happily) on the (re)learning curve. I have to say, there went a lot of good thought in some of the altered features (compared to how they work in Ps), well done! Of course there will be quite a lot of questions. Some I can find here, some I couldn't. So I will ask here on the forum, putting the Ps nomenclature in the title for future Affinity-Turners that also say goodbye to Ps! My question: I am working on a composition in which I want to flip a layer horizontally. Ofcourse, using the move tool I can flip it but I only get it done stretching the image (out of ratio), which I don't want to happen. Searching the menu's I didn't see an option that seemed to fit but maybe I am looking for the wrong word (Ps term probably) or I am just too tired ;) Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Dennis G www.DeeGee.net Photography The Netherlands
  8. At the start of the (re)learning curve :-/

  9. At the start of the (re)learning curve.... :-/

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