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  1. After the 1.6 update, the expand stroke function that wasn't accurate with rounded rectangles before, now is completely broken (see screenshot of a rounded rectangle, circle, and a cog). Upd. It seems to happen only in certain affinity files, not all of them. Regards, Anton
  2. I restarted Affinity Designer and tried it again and again, but the strokes won't transform into a path. They just stay outlines. This is so annoying since I need this to work for a logo.
  3. BUG REPORT - What happens when I Expand the Stroke. Everything I tried doesn't work on this particular font and rasterizing is not an option for me due to professional publishing needs. The only workaround for me on this one was taking it into another software to make the paths. I wish there was a fix for this in Affinity. This issue really needs to be fixed or at least some way to have a viable workaround. Font is Krupper Additionally, I first noticed the font was breaking from Publisher when exporting to PDF. So I tried to convert to curves in Desginer which causes the font to break. Running MacOS 10.15.5 & Affinity 1.8.4 Steps to repeat this: Download Krupper Font Add Stroke set to 3.5 Convert to Curves Expand Stroke New Document file attached as well as a photo. Memorabilia.afdesign
  4. Sorry for my English. The problem occurs when I apply the Expand Outline command. The lines with the dynamic brush after pulling Expand are smaller (blue) than the original unconverted lines (black). When I export to pdf, there are no differences - so the problem is somewhere in the image display. I am using Nvidia Studio drivers (version 527.56) on GeForce RTX 2060. Unfortunately, switching in Settings>Renderer from "Default (Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060)" to "WARP" and trying different settings (Retina, View Quality...) - there or no difference.... I do not know if the problem affects only me (Affinity version 1 is also the same)? Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, compilation 22621.963 EDIT: attached test file test.afdesign
  5. Hi, I found that affinity designer expand stroke with pressure for brush is completely not correct. The expanded stroke is smaller. You can see the issue by watching the video I attached below. 2022-07-13 16-54-10.mkv
  6. Expanding strokes are creating weird paths. Is this a known issue? test.afdesign
  7. I have created a couple of curves (via pen tool), and have customized them via the appearance tab. If I select all curves and selecting Layer/Expand stroke I experience a crash to Desktop Please find attached File crash2.afdesign
  8. I found interesting thing with expanding stroke with arrowheads. If I trying to expand stroke of unclosed path with center alignment - everything is okay, but when I using inside or outside stroke alignment, shape is losing arrowheads. It's a problem because unclosed path with different stroke alignment looks same whatever is it center or inside/outside. This problem same for both Designer versions PC or iPad.
  9. Hello, dear developers. First of all - I like your program, it is more comfortable than illustrator or Corel draw. But thing is - Designer doesn't have the required functionality to normally offset and expand strokes, while illustrator and Corel draw do. I wanted to design a logo with "luminescence" effect - like soft glow - by outlining, offsetting and expanding strokes. With illustrator I could do it, while in Affinity Designer I can't. I tried "outline" effects, but then I discovered that I just can't expand it. I probably could create something "resembling" to desirable effect, but that is not the solution. I didn't`t notice this instruments in 1.7 either. So please - add this functionality to 1.7 or 1.8 update - while it`s a small detail, but for some projects its crucial. And I`m not the only one asking about this - there are some related topics on this forum asking about the same. Aaaaaand - do something with your "expanding stroke" - it`s horrible! Although a bit better in 1.7 update, but still not appropriate! Many programs (illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw, even Sketch!) can do this much better! I`m using Affinity Designer 1.6.5 on Mac OS Mojave (also used on Sierra). Thanks for your work and cannot wait to see this functionality in update
  10. Hi just had to prep some final art, expanding strokes to maintain integrity down the line and had a seriously destructive result from one instance (See photo) and another issue related is redundant points when using boolean operations ie when the software places two nodes/points exactly on top of one another.. very annoying and leading to unnecessary work. Also the same thing occurred on the opposite side/corner to this one. Stroke was set to outside. Anyone else experiencing this issue?? Cheers
  11. I'm working with an old design where I've (unfortunately?) used lots of dashed lines for a pattern fill. I need to convert everything to curves for this job. I'm seeing issues and as a consequence the patterns are no longer consistent across the filled areas. I can't show the actual design but here's an illustration: The red is the original vector and the green at 50% is the result after Layer | Expand Stroke has been applied. The curve has a negative phase and it looks like this gets set to zero when the expand is applied. Also notice the funky shapes top-left and the corner top-right. This is in the latest release of AD under Windows 10. Any thoughts?
  12. I have been using a workaround for when I need to make lettering thicker, since there is no path offset tool yet. I add a thicker stroke and then I expand the stroke and then I add them together to complete it. However, when I am expanding the stroke it is adding gaps in random places, so I end of with random spots in the middle of my letters. Picture 1 is before I add them all into one. Picture 2 shows a close up on the "s", also before I add them into one. Picture 3 shows a close up on the "s" after I "add" them. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  13. Hello all! Maybe this question was already here. The problem is this. I made a texture line curve by brush with my tablet pen. The brush style is simple, it's a solid engrave line, from the brushes engraving stack under number 3 from the top. Then I want to convert this curve to an object. I have tried it by clicking Expand Stroke but haven't got any. The curve still remains a curve. But if I would make my curve by the solid line style I got an object after using Expand Stroke feature. Please, could you explain and help me?
  14. In addition to the existing bugs in the contour tool and expand stroke, visual artefacts also appear! S_curve_example_BUG_contour_tool.afdesign S_curve_example_BUG_expand_stroke.afdesign S_curve_example.afdesign S_curve_example_BUG_contour_tool.mp4 S_curve_example_BUG_expand_stroke.mp4
  15. Hello, When I draw a path that has a stroke that varies by pressure, "layer > expand stroke" defines an area smaller than the existing stroke. It looks like adding a stroke width to this new stroke can help as a workaround, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you for the great product! affinityExpandStroke.mp4
  16. Hi there, just wondering if we're going to see a way of converting brush strokes to outline, in fact... making the whole outlining of artwork easier? Or am I missing something? At the moment having created a pattern with a new brush stroke I cannot convert to fill or outline it. thank you for any suggestions r
  17. Hello everyone, i have a little proble with expand stroke and i don't know if this is a bug or not. When i try to expand a dash line i got a solid line; i used to work with Illustrator and when i do that it work fine, i got all my little dot. I don't know what to do, if someone can help me it will be great. (Sorry for my bad english. Not my native language.)
  18. Hello, Affinity Team, with the new version you have once again done a great job and got Designer more stable. First of all big praise for that! Now to the problem: In the new version I read the point "Fixed several boolean operations and expand stroke issues on simple geometry or compound objects" and was really happy! But after the installation the big disillusionment, "it" is still there! Please try to solve the problem once and for all, I have a lot of work here and can't get any further. I have to export my drawings to Illustrator and edit them there AD_1.8.2.620_expand_stroke_problem.mp4 AD_1.8.2.620_expand_stroke_problem.afdesign
  19. As I have already reported, I could still live with the fact that by adding end elements to a curve (arrows, points..etc.) I was able to work around the problem ( with truncated ends. But with this version even this is no longer possible and in addition the "Add" function causes errors again! I have added an AD file with the document history, I hope you can see and reproduce the problem! AD_1.8.1.611_Beta_expand_stroke.mp4 AD_1.8.1.611_Beta_expand_stroke.afdesign
  20. You guys are saying that graphic designers will love the accuracy of the expand stroke feature when it can't even properly expand the stroke of a 45/45/90 triangle that's been rotated 45°. Is this a bug? Please fix this asap (and please add envelope distort and offset path as well). affinity_problem_lq.mp4
  21. Unfortunately the line / curve ends are still cut off. I added a AD file with document history, hope you can reproduce the problem! S_Curve_expand_stroke.afdesign
  22. I was testing out Designer 1.8 Beta tonight by tracing over my blue jay sketch with the built in vector brush under the "pens" section. I only adjusted the taper, not the opacity. All lines were made with the same brush. I overlap my lines and then expand them to fills and then typically hit "divide" to divide them into pieces where they intersect, allowing me to delete the extra overlaps quickly. I know the "divide" operation is still buggy and being worked on, but the issue I had was before I got to that step. After selecting all my strokes, I hit expand several times because only a few lines were affected each time I did so. I also hit "convert to curves" Some of my former strokes became what look like empty fills with a stroke -(the horizontal stroke right above the legs for example) Upon closer inspection, it's a thin fill with an empty interior. I included some screen shots as well as the file with a before and after I completed the steps above. Am I missing something or is this an issue with the app? Thanks for any help blue jay error.afdesign
  23. Matt, you said you wanted to be informed of any oddities with expand stroke. First, I find that 99% of the time it's doing great for me. I did notice that when using it for the attached file after I expanded the stroke the node handles looked great. Test 1.afdesign I figured from what I could see is that there would only be one handle on each node, but when I moved most of the visible handles there is always a second handle that is behind the next node. This second node is not visible until pressure is applied to the visible handle then suddenly the hidden handle pops into view. Is this supposed to be acting this way? It seems that any handles that reside directly under the next node should be deleted in the conversion. Why are they not visible until pressure is applied to the other handle in the pair? Thanks for all the great work. Mike Edit: I also notice then if the neighboring node is moved before pressure is applied to the node handle, the length of the hidden node changes to keep the handle behind the node.
  24. Designer, Windows 10 Home 1909. I have an A5 document (attached) that is set for just 12 DPI (don’t ask why). When I add a curve to it with a reasonably thick width (considering the DPI) and expand it I get a weird result, see attached GIF. It’s not a major problem for me as I’m just experimenting but I think it might need looking at. (This is probably related to other expand stroke issues that have already been raised.) very-low-res-expand-stroke-oddity.afdesign
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