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  1. I have to add them together because they can’t have each extra line from expanding the stroke. I use these as cut files for my silhouette machine, so if I stopped there, then my cut file would have 3 different widths cut. I hope that makes sense.
  2. I have been using a workaround for when I need to make lettering thicker, since there is no path offset tool yet. I add a thicker stroke and then I expand the stroke and then I add them together to complete it. However, when I am expanding the stroke it is adding gaps in random places, so I end of with random spots in the middle of my letters. Picture 1 is before I add them all into one. Picture 2 shows a close up on the "s", also before I add them into one. Picture 3 shows a close up on the "s" after I "add" them. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  3. @firstdefence I thought I had figured out all of the lettering except for the "for", but it seams I actually just complicated all of them. Thank you for your help. It seems like the following steps are the way to do it. Convert to Curves, Ungroup, Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves, and then Add Thank you again!
  4. It seems I am still having issues with this. I thought I had it figured out, but there are still some instances that have me wanting to pull my hair out. I will attach a video and the file. I was able to successfully merge each word together with the compound add except for the word "for". compound_boolean_add.mov TEST Jesus is the reason for the Season.afdesign
  5. I'm new to Affinity Designer so this might not be a bug but just a gap in my understanding. When trying to perform boolean add with text, if letters overlapped, then the middle of letters (like an o) get filled. However if I do a compound Add (option + add) the o looks correct. Attached is a screen record of the issue as well as the file. Thanks for any help or feedback Screen_Recording_2020-08-28_at_9_01.57_PM.mov TestAD2.afdesign
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