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  1. Hi, I'm still experiencing a major performance issue when altering stroke properties to added strokes in the Appearance panel . For example if I start a project which involves drawing and selecting a curve and then Adding multiple strokes in the Appearance Panel, it's not long until I experience very bad performance issues when attempting to adjust properties to a selected stroke in the Appearance Panel (e.g. the width slider) When this last happened I wondered if altering stroke properties normally from the top context menu would show the same performance issues but surprisingly It does not. *** I have experimented with this further. I have saved a projects when experiencing this issue and then have exited the AD application When I start AD again and load up the project again I do not experience any issues as described above (for the short term anyway) This happens on numerous occasions even in the latest Beta.
  2. I Just had some spare time to play around with Designer 2 and I too after 10-20 minutes things become more sluggish, even when selecting a tool from the palette or selecting as layer takes a couple of seconds to process. I had a go with the Beta, still experiencing the same issues
  3. Just come across this as well. Just adding a new stroke to a shape via the appearance menu and playing around with the width slider causes bad sluggish performance issues. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti i7-7700K@4.20GHz 32GB Ram
  4. I appreciate your the reply, a good solution indeed. However I think the point was not me understanding why this is not the default behaviour of the Power duplicate. TBH I'm still not understanding the reasons for this behaviour
  5. So is it possible say to simply power duplicate a rotating rectangle (like a propeller ) along the screen (x-axis)? As I'm having issues even with this ????
  6. I wonder what the thinking is behind this behaviour? To me its obvious that you would want it to rotate the shape itself by default. Is this not what the transform origin point is used use for ? If you wanted it to behave as it does at this time, its more logical that you would move the transforms origin point to the desired location on the screen
  7. Original message is now hidden. I assume its not a bug as it has behaves the same in V1 . It seem a easy task to achieve but I cannot figure out why it's behaving like this or what I'm doing wrong
  8. Hi, I'm able to power duplicate a shape/image across the screen (x-axis), I'm even able to move & scale across the screen as well. However if I add a rotate action with the move action (x axis only), the Y axis of the shape effected when duplicated. (the Image duplicates down the screen as well forming a circular pattern. I have made sure my image/shape has its transform origin set to the centre. How would l power duplicate a shape rotating (centre of shape) while moving across the x axis only? Must be doing something silly Thanks
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