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  1. Also if I do create say a shape with integer values and select 'Move by whole pixel' I can still see fractional values in the X and Y of the transform tool sometimes when I move the shape on screen ? Can someone please explain?
  2. This issue was causing major headaches so this thread has helped me a hell of a lot, thanks Great to know regards to using the transform tool to check fractional values however in most cases it seems to be mainly a antialiasing issue (according to this discussion). Do I take this as a AD issue that needs addressing?
  3. Just searching the forum to see any other threads mentioning issues that I'm having currently and come across this one Just for the record still experience major performance issues in general only when using FX (layer effects)
  4. TBH for some reason on my system the FX (layer effects) have a major impact on performance. If I draw just three curves on the screen and add a layer effect to each of them with say 3d and bevel/emboss enabled, and then start editing the points of the curves , my system grinds to crawl (see Video) I just thought I do the same thing on my iPad and it works great, very smooth, no issues. ??
  5. Hi Hens, Thanks, I would imagine this would be the case , will confirm this when I get time as I said before also if a add a layer before drawing I have no issues
  6. Yep I did try unchecking OpenCL Compute Acceleration (and re-started) and made no difference
  7. Hi, I seem to experience a certain situation of severe performance issue with my pencil tool in wish I have managed to reproduce in this attached AD file I just wondering if there was a simple explanation why I would be experiencing this issue. I would say I have a decent machine (Win 10 pro 64bit) I7, 1080ti, 32gb with latest drivers I thought I do the right thing and report it just in case, it would be interesting if other users experience the same issue Re-creating my issue The issue is if I scribble a line across the image if can take 10-20 seconds to render before finally creating a top layer with the resulting scribble. If however I add a new layer first and then do a scribble with the pencil tool there seems to be no issue Apologies if this is a known issue pumpkin.afdesign
  8. I have been noticing performance/lagging issues as well in a few projects . If save the project, restart AD and load the project up again the lagging issues I experience seem to go I use a Windows 10, NVidia 1080ti, 32gb ram Machine
  9. Hi, I wonder if someone can shed some light on this. I have attached file simply contains two slightly overlapping donuts shapes which have been duplicated. Step1 With the top (red) donuts selected I perform a Intersect operation. The result on screen appears correct as expected, however if I select this top layer (the result of Intersect operation) and the next layer down (grey donut layer) and perform a Boolean subtract it appears I don't get a accurate clean cut. Any help would be appreciated BoolDiv.afdesign
  10. Really would love to this implemented PLEEEEEEASE!!! My mistake, bit just spent a lot of time going through my large project enabling this 'Scale with Object' I surprised this not on by default when creating curves????
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