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  1. Excellent! Separating the curves changes their appearance, shading in some areas, but once I join them again they look great! Thank you! Layer > Geometry > ...
  2. Hello, I made some drawings and used Inkscape to trace my line drawings into vectors. Now I have a page full of vectors, and I'd like to start manipulating the individual drawings on the page. They are all a single "curves" object when I look at them in the layers palette. I've tried selecting a subset of them with the node tool, as you can see in this screenshot, but using the clipboard to copy them copies every node in the "curves" object, not just those I've selected. Do I have any better options than duplicating the whole object and then selecting everything other than the nodes I want to keep to delete them from the cloned object? Thanks for the great software!
  3. Hello, When I draw a path that has a stroke that varies by pressure, "layer > expand stroke" defines an area smaller than the existing stroke. It looks like adding a stroke width to this new stroke can help as a workaround, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you for the great product! affinityExpandStroke.mp4
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