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  1. Hey Babe transparency.svgI created this in Affinity Publisher using an SVG I had made in DrawPlus based on an old clip art image I had on disk. After increasing the original resolution using PhotoZoom I auto-traced the image and saved it as an SVG. Loading the SVG into Affinity Designer I tweaked and removed certain parts of the SVG to allow transparency where I needed it. Then using Affinity publisher I placed the SVG over a metal background and tweaked the colour using colour overlay. Exported as a PNG 8-bit, it looks like a metalwork project I did at secondary school using metal etching techniques. I hope you like it. SVGs included for you to experiment with. Hey Babe transparency.svg Hey Babe.svg
  2. I've animated a drawing I made on paper 27 (!!) years ago in 1997. Did all the cutting, slicing and editing in Affinity Photo. Long live the Affinity Photo Clone Stamp, non-destructive vector masking and the great exporter which directly exports to Spine, which is just wonderful! 😀 I've used Esoteric Spine Pro to Animate it. Hope you like it! Original Drawing on Paper (scanned):
  3. Hello I am used to Serif for Windows. Before I bought Affinity I was using Serif V8. I design sewing patterns that need to be accurately sized. In Serif I could set the grid to 1" with 1/4" subdivisions, and the grid would open on every new document without me having to change anything. I cannot see how to set this in Affinity. Is there a way? I've worked out how to set the grid to the measurements I need, but I cannot see anywhere that I can set this as the default for all new documents. Every time I create a new document the grid is invisible and when I tick it in the dropdown menu it has switched back to automatic and changed the default square size back and I have to reset it from automatic and select the advanced option before I can see my preferred grid style. The only way I can work round this at the moment is to save a document with the grid switched on and set to the defaults I require, and open this and do a save as for any new documents. Surely there must be a better way? Thank you for any help you can give.
  4. Hello! I had this problem at least twice now, and want to report it. When using the brush repeatedly, while having pen pressure on, affinity designer freezes and crashes, after a few quick brush strokes. I tried it without the pen pressure and it works fine without it, i think. Only setting I have changes i that I disabled Windows Ink inside of Affinity Designer and on my tablet. I don't have any issues with pen pressure on Affinity Photo, so I personally think the vector brush tool in Affinity Designer with pressure sensitivity ON is just bugged. Hope you can reproduce this problem and fix it. Thanks for your time and patience! Extra Specs, just for good measure: GPU: RX Vega 56 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Graphics Tablet: Huion Inspiroy 950P. RAM: 16 GB of something. affinitybrushbug.mp4
  5. Hi everyone! This marks the start of my sketchbook. EDIT; here is the optimized version with shadows, thanks for the tip!@MBWanderer
  6. Hello Guys! I already did a number of Projecs in Affinity Publisher, using Designer and Photo as Tools but also have done some Logos and stuff in designer itfself. But what I always wanted to do is Illustrations using my XP-Pen Tablet that I mainly use as a second Deskop right now, which is kinda embarassing. I also bought a number of brushes (like Frankentoons Neptune, Christis Comix toolbox etc). So I got the Tools, but everytime I want to draw something, I dont even try long because I dont really get how to start and how to use the Brushes right. Digital Drawing is very frustating for me, which why i dont try it very often. But I want to! My Questions are: - What is the easiest Starting-Workflow - Is there Any drawing tutorial/Udemy-Course specificly for affinity products, you would recommend? - which Program do I use???? Photo or Designer? - Any suggestions for my Tool-Layouts and settings? I draw mainly traditionaly on Paper with graphite, which is most of the time really satisfying because I can simply start without wondering "where" to start. Thank you for Helping me! Damijan
  7. Hi Guys! What do you mean? Creating without Drawing? I published a super IMPORTANT class😃 To teach you how can create ART without DRAWING! These are TOOLS that every beginner needs to learn! 👉Click here or 👇
  8. Hi, I start a new file, but my brush don't work. I checked the color, and my version of Affinity Designer in 1.6.1, latest. really need to know why brush don't work. it's actually happens several times. thank you for helping.
  9. I am a heavy drawing tablet user (by tablet I mean a wacom or other similar device for drawing/painting with a pen, not an ipad) and I love the idea of using affinity designer for a hybrid vector/raster art experience, but until more hotkey functionality is added painting and drawing are just too cumbersome for me to really consider daily driving affinity. There are a few key actions that tablet users need to have at their fingertips at all times to work with any real efficiency: Rotate (and reset rotation) Zoom Pan Alter Brush Size Toggle Eraser/Brush Color Picker The most ideal setup for this to have your non-pen hand on your keyboard where you can access a small cluster of hotkeys that alter the effects of your pen drag while held. Currently the 'Pan' functionality in Affinity is perfect! While holding space and dragging, I can pan with my pen and, on release, return to my previous tool. The problem is that, unless I'm missing something here, there is no matching functionality for those other actions. (color picker works, but I can't reassign it to the key I want) For example in my custom Krita setup, I was able to easily set up custom hotkeys and now I can perform all of these actions without moving my hands into a new position. space + drag = pan shift + space + drag = zoom fn + space + drag = rotate fn + shift = reset rotation shift + drag = alter brush size E = toggle eraser/brush command + drag = color picker I can transform the canvas almost as quickly as I can think and immediately have my brush or eraser back. the difference this makes is immense. after working this way in Krita and Blender, having to move my pen hand to my mouse wheel when I want to rotate the canvas feels like a car crash in the middle of my workflow. Krita has incredible hotkey customization options that could serve as references for the Affinity team. It lets you create pretty much any key combinations you want and just warns you if that shortcut is already assigned somewhere else. Thanks for reading and considering!
  10. Been reading Spy X Family lately and ended up loving it. Just wanted to make a fun little drawing of the cutest character in the manga, Anya. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aYgyGq
  11. In version 1 when I was using the brush I had three options: width of the brush, Flow of the colour and Hardness which made the selected colour stronger. In version 2 I seem not to have Hardness with the Paintbrush. The function is greyed out and set at 100%. The function is available with the Clone tool so I know that it is there somewhere. I have tried using the various brush options and wondered if somehow I had disabled the Hardness when using the Brush. I have probably missed the obvious so anyone with a clearer mind: thank you
  12. My latest work. Drawing with affinity designer 2 ipad. hope you like it. Timelapse video
  13. Far too often am I trying to draw on a pixel layer with my hand resting on the screen does the color picker pop up and select my background color. Therefore most of the time I have to hover my hand above the screen which reduces drawing control and is quite uncomfortable. If there was an option to disable the color picker (or any other individual gesture control) it would be a huge improvement to the overall drawing experience.
  14. Hi, I have been experiencing some issues with Affinity Photo while using it for digital art. I am running Affinity Photo version on Windows 11 I have a ryzen 7 3700x CPU and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU I am using a drawing tablet (XP-Pen Star 03 V2) and am drawing using it on your software. The crash happens no matter the selected mode (low, high or windows ink). In all cases using the undo shortcut just after drawing with the tablet can make the entire software suddenly close. Attached to this post are three recent crash logs to help troubleshoot the issue 8ca3abf4-24f5-429f-a028-ac8fe9d85d1c.dmp eeeaff53-e2e0-402b-b815-e47005da756b.dmp 3efcbf17-d328-49bb-870c-d7a8a05743c7.dmp
  15. Animatior in Affinity Photo, and or Timeline?? I think that it would be super cool if Affinity Photo like Photoshop added frame by frame animation, this is a huge downside to using Affinity Photo for me, I don't think it should become a seperate product since, well, I already have Affinity Photo, I do not need a full fledged animator and they already have their hands busy. The idea would be you could makes frames and export them as .gifs and maybe .mp4's? that would be cool! all the features would pretty much be a copy of photoshop (maybe some cool feature aswell.), then cartoonists could animate, photo editors could do some sick things and designers could make sick banners and internet .gifs, If affinity added this, I would completely forget about photoshop and leave it in the dust, affinity is amazing and with animation it would be great! Thanks for reading this post! please consider this :D - Segovo
  16. Is there any way to rotate canvas in Affinity Photo while using drawing tablet? Now the canvas can be rotated using alt+scroll wheel on the mouse - but while using a drawing tablet it breaks the flow and not as intuitive as some other applications where you can hold down a button and drag the pen on the drawing tablet rotate the canvas without leaving the pen.
  17. Is there a way to maintain line integrity when removing nodes in Affinity Designer? Being a Corel Draw user, I've always appreciated the way that Corel will try to maintain the flow of a line when a node is removed. It's handy for smoothing curves and areas where shapes have been joined together. Affinity Designer and Illustrator tend to really lose the shape when a node is removed so I'm always having to manually re-align the curve. Affinity Designer's node editing tools seem pretty basic when compared to Corel Draw and it's not even a recent version of Corel that I'm comparing to. The curve smoothing button has a mind of it's own, that's useless too. I've included some examples to illustrate. If anybody could recommend a solution, I'd be most grateful.
  18. ill be gathering the issues i had in this thread and lack of QoL features ive found in this post. I like this app and the business model of affinity but these minor issues or after thoughts gets really frustrating when trying to get in the zone. Most of this applies for touch screen use. Lack of a ruler tool and poor implementation of constraint tool in touch screen only use. see this Lack of brush size presets, and poor implementation of brush size entry on touch screen. The smallest stroke of the pencil on the tool area causes brush size to be massive or tiny. its near impossible to do small adjustments, like taking it to 20px from 10px. Also it would be nice if we could enter brush size by writing the number with apple pencil on the toolbox. And presets, thats a must imo. Lack of split screen support or an in app browser for referencing. Cant relocate toolbox at the bottom. Longer list of recent colors and ability to add custom colors easily. A window to save brush + size + color combos on toolbox on the right would be pretty nice to have.
  19. I've been using Affinity designer to make maps for a novel I'm working on. As one would imagine, it is quite time-consuming to draw a properly jagged coastline. What would make easier is if you could draw fractal lines, curves, and shapes like in ProFantasy's app Campaign Cartographer 3. I have attached a mock-up of some examples of what I have in mind for Affinity Designer's equivalent. Firstly, unlike CC3, AD's bézier handles and corner tool would make fractal curves and corners far more versatile. As with the corner tool, fractal lines could be "baked" for more precise node editing. The actual jaggedness of the fractal could be adjusted for softer or harsher coasts depending on the effect one is looking for, and the line could also be smooth but wavy, which would be useful for drawing rivers. I'm sure that there would be many uses for this feature outside of mapmaking, and it would certainly make my job quite a bit easier as CC3's export functionality leaves a great deal to be desired. If fractals were added to Affinity Designer's already astounding features, it would save a huge amount of time when trying to make jagged shapes.
  20. Hello all, Ive been using Affinity Designer for a while now Yet I still haven't figured out how to delete a specific line without losing or warping parts of a drawing. here is a picture of something i'm working on at the moment, I am outlining this car - as you can see I have a line crossing through it How do I remove that line without affecting the lines that are connected to this? Really appreciate any help Miles
  21. I work with png files with transparency. Currently, the only way I know to make an image with transparent edges is to select part of a non-transparent image, cut it out, and paste it in a new image. But once it's there, I cannot make more parts of it transparent. Is there a way to use normal drawing tools to edit the alpha channel of an image? (This is not the same as drawing with transparency, as that only affects the SOURCE alpha, not the destination (background) alpha). What I'd like to do is be able to directly change the background's alpha layer and paint "transparency" onto an image. I've tried drawing with only the alpha channel visible, but it didn't work. Any advice is appreciated. Great job on Affinity Photo - I love the updates. - Jeff
  22. Practice drawing using vector brush
  23. I use Affinity Designer's isometric grid feature quite a lot for drawings and find it's incredibly helpful how I can modify it so well, but is there a way I can create a vanishing point grid layout in designer? Even if this isn't a feature right now, does anyone have any tips for how I could achieve this, please? Would be greatly appreciated!
  24. I would like to request to add an option to merge/stitch documents or drawings to Panorama feature. Panorama works with photographs but doesn't work well with documents or drawings. (Unintended modification or distortion happens sometimes)
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