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  1. ill be gathering the issues i had in this thread and lack of QoL features ive found in this post. I like this app and the business model of affinity but these minor issues or after thoughts gets really frustrating when trying to get in the zone. Most of this applies for touch screen use. Lack of a ruler tool and poor implementation of constraint tool in touch screen only use. see this Lack of brush size presets, and poor implementation of brush size entry on touch screen. The smallest stroke of the pencil on the tool area causes brush size to be massive or tiny. its near impossible to do small adjustments, like taking it to 20px from 10px. Also it would be nice if we could enter brush size by writing the number with apple pencil on the toolbox. And presets, thats a must imo. Lack of split screen support or an in app browser for referencing. Cant relocate toolbox at the bottom. Longer list of recent colors and ability to add custom colors easily. A window to save brush + size + color combos on toolbox on the right would be pretty nice to have.
  2. Hmm, i kinda went with ap with because its similar to photoshop, photoshop is good with digital drawings, no? and pretty sure affinity advertises photo as a digital art creation tool as much as it does for photo manipulation 🤔
  3. im not sure if this is the correct place for feedbacks but the ideal tool would basically be the apples ruler tool in the screenshot menu. nothing fancy
  4. to add tapping the start point and end point really isnt ideal for drawing lines in the angle one would want them.
  5. these are the issues im having. since it doesnt show missed clicks it might not be apparent but basically when im holding down constraint and let it go after my stroke finishes it acts as if im still holding down, even though ui stops highlighting it. this shouldnt be the expected behavior from what understand from the tool tip. with holding down with one finger issues, i wouldnt know where to start honestly. RPReplay_Final1640862867.mov RPReplay_Final1640863003.mov
  6. Hi, i just checked out the pen tool, it does draw straight lines but it creates a new layer for every line (ill need to draw a lot of them) and most importantly, i cant use any of the brushes. Yes i am using affinity photo for drawing. i dont do vector stuff so i didnt get it.
  7. tapping the screen with one finger trick is too inconsistent and finicky, it keeps picking color instead of constraint, and the floating keys at the bottom just plainly doesnt work. either draws ghost lines or sticks longer than i press it, or snaps to wrong axis. Oh and most annoyingly it keeps disappearing and going back to first page after every action. drawing straight lines are a relatively common action, i dont get why is it hidden behind pages of tools and is that buggy. please give more consideration for touch only use cases, and add an always visible toggle for snapping to axis, or better, a proper ruler tool. Even making the floating toolbox actually float would be an improvement.
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