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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there were any informations the next affinity photo update. Because I reported a bug a while ago that prevents me from working on affinity photo for digital art, but the next bug fix update still doesn't seem to be coming, which means I still can't use it. In the meantime I end up using Krita, but as I already bought affinity photo and designer as well as brushes for them, it's really frustrating that a bug fix still isn't there for an issue like this
  2. I only own a single drawing tablet so I don't have any other driver and, well i guess I could try next time I'll use my drawing tablet to use the manual keyboard shortcut
  3. Yes, in all cases where affinity crashed it was while using the undo shortcut on my tablet (ctrl+z)
  4. I actually just got a crash with both opencl and windows ink disabled this is the crash log 689ecbae-1ba8-49be-948c-83f08f4b582a.dmp
  5. After testing I ended up getting a new crash when windows ink was disabled so I think the problem comes from OpenCL, so I'd recommend to test OpenCL's behaviour on RTX 2080 cards on the latest drivers
  6. I see, atm I disabled windows ink only, I'll check if I get another crash I will then do the reverse and disable opencl but not windows ink to basically define whether the issue comes from opencl or windows ink specifically
  7. I see, isn't ntdll used by absolutely everything though, because ntdll is the system library interacting with the Windows NT kernel from what I know
  8. At the moment I haven't got new crashes, but the crashes were really random so I can't guarantee that the problem is fixed, I'd still recommend to check the crash dumps I sent
  9. Also I noticed that when I use my drawing tablet in high precision mode, it will randomly sometimes place some points at some random places of the image, it's not drawing tablet related as this doesn't happen on other softwares
  10. Hi, both my GPU drivers and drawing tablet drivers are enabled and up to date Windows ink is enabled in driver settings Here are my performance settings
  11. Hi, I have been experiencing some issues with Affinity Photo while using it for digital art. I am running Affinity Photo version on Windows 11 I have a ryzen 7 3700x CPU and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU I am using a drawing tablet (XP-Pen Star 03 V2) and am drawing using it on your software. The crash happens no matter the selected mode (low, high or windows ink). In all cases using the undo shortcut just after drawing with the tablet can make the entire software suddenly close. Attached to this post are three recent crash logs to help troubleshoot the issue 8ca3abf4-24f5-429f-a028-ac8fe9d85d1c.dmp eeeaff53-e2e0-402b-b815-e47005da756b.dmp 3efcbf17-d328-49bb-870c-d7a8a05743c7.dmp
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