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  1. To gdenby - I've been making line drawings in a very unorganised way. I haven't been paying attention to how things are connected and been more focused on just making it work or look the way I want it to. I also haven't got a clue how to colour anything digitally - I've realised recently that the way i'm approaching these drawings is also affecting the colouring stage in Affinity Designer. So yes I definitely left a lot of open shapes. :wacko:
  2. Thanks everyone. To Stuart_R - thanks, great stuff! . Is this a more efficient way to selecting two nodes and clicking delete? or is it the same thing. To Jer - Yes the line was created by a new path and I didn't realise. As you said, when you click on two nodes to eliminate a line it warps whatever is connected to it. so it is possible to isolate a line and delete it regardless of how everything is connected. If I drew a flower and the line forming the stem is also connected to all the petals (same path) - I am able to isolate the stem between two nodes and delete it without w
  3. Hello all, Ive been using Affinity Designer for a while now Yet I still haven't figured out how to delete a specific line without losing or warping parts of a drawing. here is a picture of something i'm working on at the moment, I am outlining this car - as you can see I have a line crossing through it How do I remove that line without affecting the lines that are connected to this? Really appreciate any help Miles
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