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  1. I used the basic brushes for this drawing where the Hardness was a vital tool for me but that was V1. I don't really see why every brush cant have the feature. No doubt there is a technical reason that is beyond me. y
  2. I understand this now but why make it so complicated? The basic brush works for me with all the controls I need. It seems that because they can they do.. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. In version 1 when I was using the brush I had three options: width of the brush, Flow of the colour and Hardness which made the selected colour stronger. In version 2 I seem not to have Hardness with the Paintbrush. The function is greyed out and set at 100%. The function is available with the Clone tool so I know that it is there somewhere. I have tried using the various brush options and wondered if somehow I had disabled the Hardness when using the Brush. I have probably missed the obvious so anyone with a clearer mind: thank you
  4. Thank you very much. I was working with a pad and must have clicked on the Symmetry without realizing. Lot to learn...
  5. I am colouring in a background to a drawing and working close up and then I zoomed out only to find that the bottom half of the drawing has been painted as well. It looks as if the top right is repeated at bottom left. I have no idea what I have done and how to undo this. I have obviously set the tool to do this but I cant find an undo and I dont want to start again if I dont have to. Can you please tell what I have done? Thank you Adrian
  6. I have lost how I check I have the latest version of Affinity Photo. I am sure its obvious but can someone please advise. I am sure it's obvious. Many thanks
  7. Thank you again for your help and I have learned a lot. I have attached the two images before and after to show you what I have achieved.. Adrian
  8. Mark - I didn't know there is a history panel. Do I use your image you sent me and where is the History Panel?
  9. Thank you its very kind of you to take the time. The two examples are very good so I now have something to aim for. I also have a list now of technical terms to decipher but I will get there. Thank you Greyfox, Joachim, MarkW and Old Bruce. I will post my result. Adrian
  10. Thank you both. I can send you a screen grab, would that help. Sadly, calling it a Gaussian Blur is another example of my ignorance which is why I am grateful for the help. This is an image of a statue. The figure has a drop earing. I want to add a red highlighted area to make the earing look like a real pink sapphire. Thank you Adrian
  11. I enjoy using Affinity but I find that I am using only just enough to start the engine when what I want to do is taxi, take off and fly as well. There is help a plenty in the videos but there is a but. Here is an example. I have an image to which I want to add a small area of diffused colour. Sounds simple but when I go to the videos, I am lost in a sea of technical titles which I am sure are fantastic but I don't see where I might begin. Clearly there cannot be a video for exactly what I want but although enthusiastic, I am not of The Language. I am thinking that it would be great too see a list of ideas that people like me want to explore and for someone in the know to suggest titles to watch; or combinations thereof. So where would I best go to learn how to add a small area of colour to an image. The colour has to be a highlight with a diffused edge; a hint of colour rather than a blob. I feel that in order to do this, I must first acquire Phd in photographic manipulation.
  12. Thank you very much for your help. I have uploaded 2 images. You may notice that there are some repeated areas of cloud. Using the method I described above takes me a long time and is hit and miss at best and certainly not the professional result I am looking for. Adrian
  13. Blending the Edges on a 360 panorama I have made a 360 panorama image ready for viewing in 360 as per google photospheres. I have removed blemishes, retouched any failure spots and when I view the result in the PTGUI viewer, there is a seam in the sky which shows how different the edges of the flat image are. I have tried the clone tool followed by blending and image in-painting but still the line seam difference remains. The difference might only be slight but often not and this spoils the seamless panorama. Is there a particular tool I am missing? Is there a video I have not found and has anyone else found a solution? I want all the sky to blend as one with no seam. I have tried to upload a 17mb image but each time I see a -200 error message saying the upload has failed. Thank you Adrian Adrian Wood
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