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  1. I purchased all 3 softwares in the microsoft store but can not find the download links to the given apps. The links in my purchases brings me to a whitescreen page. This are the links in from my orders: https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-designer/9nblggh35lrm/0010 https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-publisher/9nblggh35lzr/0010 https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-photo/9nblggh35lxn/0010 When i download the Designer/Photo/Publisher Software from here (e.g. https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/publisher/1/) it requires a product key wich i can not receive, because its not in the purchase mails or in the order list from microsoft purchases and the links don't work.
  2. Hello there, Find here my palettes that I have been using for 4 years for Affinity Designer and others. 😊 3M Film (PRO) 3M Film (PRO).afpalette : 223 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) 3M Scothcal (PRO) 3M Scotchcal Series (PRO).afpalette : 578 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) Blueprint Blueprint.afpalette : 10 colors, 1 gradients (Industrial Design) Bootstrap 4 Bootstrap 4.afpalette : 16 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) Brands Brands.afpalette : 75 colors from brands like Affinity, Apple, Google, Microsoft... (WebDesign / Logo Design) British Standard (PRO) British Standard (PRO).afpalette : 363 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) Bulma.IO Bulma.io.afpalette : 18 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) Camo BME FR Camo BME FR.afpalette : 10 colors, 4 gradients (Map Design / Camo / Texture) FlatUI default FlatUI default.afpalette : 20 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) FlatUI 2 Japan FlatUI 2 Japan.afpalette : 19 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) Foundation Foundation.afpalette : 10 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) French Army (PRO) French Army.afpalette : 123 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) GroundworkCss.IO Groundworkcss.io.afpalette : 22 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) Human body Bones Human Body Bones.afpalette : 6 colors (Art Design / Texture) Human body Hairs Human Body Hairs.afpalette : 75 colors (Art Design / Texture) Human body Intimity Human Body Intimity.afpalette : 25 colors (Art Design / Texture) Human body Skins Human Body Skins.afpalette : 26 colors (Art Design / Texture) Kube Kube.afpalette : 21 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) L'Oreal Skins L'Oreal Skins.afpalette : 66 colors (Art Design / Texture) Maps Elements - Fills Maps Elements - Fills.afpalette : 19 colors (Map Design / WebDesign / UI Design) Maps Elements - Gradients Maps Elements - Gradients.afpalette : 26 gradients (Map Design / WebDesign / UI Design) MaterialUI Material-ui.afpalette : 19 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) Old Colors (PRO) Old Colors.afpalette : 71 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Colors Classic (PRO) RAL Colors.afpalette : 216 colors from RAL Classic (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Effect (PRO) RAL Effect (PRO).afpalette : 490 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Plastic P1 (PRO) RAL Plastic P1.afpalette : 98 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Plastic P2 (PRO) RAL Plastic P2.afpalette : 200 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) SemanticUI Semantic-UI.afpalette : 15 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) SpectreCSS Spectre.css.afpalette : 7 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) UIKit Uikit.com.afpalette : 12 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) UPDATE 2023-11-21 03:00 : Blueprint Blueprint.afpalette : 10 colors, 1 gradients (Industrial Design) FlatUI default FlatUI default.afpalette : 20 colors (WebDesign / UI Design) French Army (PRO) French Army.afpalette : 123 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) Camo BME FR Camo BME FR.afpalette : 10 colors, 4 gradients (Map Design / Camo / Texture) L'Oreal Skins L'Oreal Skins.afpalette : 66 colors (Art Design / Texture) RAL Plastic P1 (PRO) RAL Plastic P1.afpalette : 98 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Plastic P2 (PRO) RAL Plastic P2.afpalette : 200 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) UPDATE 2023-11-21 13:45 : 3M Film (PRO) 3M Film (PRO).afpalette : 223 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) 3M Scothcal (PRO) 3M Scotchcal Series (PRO).afpalette : 578 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) British Standard (PRO) British Standard (PRO).afpalette : 363 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) RAL Effect (PRO) RAL Effect (PRO).afpalette : 490 colors (Art Design / Texture / Fabric) Bootstrap 4.afpalette Brands.afpalette Bulma.io.afpalette Foundation.afpalette Groundworkcss.io.afpalette Human Body Hairs.afpalette Human Body Intimity.afpalette Human Body Skins.afpalette Human Body Bones.afpalette Kube.afpalette Material-ui.afpalette Semantic-UI.afpalette Spectre.css.afpalette Uikit.com.afpalette Maps Elements - Fills.afpalette Maps Elements - Gradients.afpalette
  3. Hello all Affinity forum users! I have come today (first time) having a slight issue. You see, I downloaded the assets that were given out to users who upgraded from Affinity 1 to Affinity 2, but I did so manually (old habits die hard). Then, after realizing that Affinity 2 has an "Account" page, I decided to download the rest of the assets from there, since it is easier. In doing this, I also re-downloaded all of the previous assets I had downloaded before, because I thought that Affinity would recognize that they were the same, and prompt an either "replace or don't copy" prompt for these downloads. This did not happen, and it just downloaded them... again. Now I have 2 sets of brushes, 2 sets of assets, and 2 sets of macros. How would I go about removing these? I can see the ones that I have downloaded from the "Account" section have locks, and the ones manually have this sort of "chain-link" icon. Would I have to delete them all manually? (Psst. It would be really cool if Affinity had (has?) a feature to where it knows if you have the assets/brushes already, and prompted you with a replace/duplicate/not do prompt, for idiots like me)
  4. I think it would be better if the Beta products could be accessed from the "Your account" button on the Affinity Store (https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/). Seeing that I have multiple addons that I got with V1, the free addons for V2, the software keys for all V1 & V2 products and additional addon purchases, the Beta downloads are now halfway in the list. Wouldn't it be better if you get an additional beta button in the your account button to immediately go to the beta downloads? At least, that would have made it a lot easier to find (and thus easier to participate for new members).
  5. Hi, I signed up for affinity designer trail over an hour ago and started the download immediately and its just at 20.5/225 MB is this slow download normal? I am connected through ethernet so there is no problem with my connection. can someone help?
  6. Please help. I have downloaded the Affinity suite, Photo, Designer and Publisher to my PC laptop Windows 10 version 22H2. None of the apps are responsive. Please assist. What else should I be doing. And also how to I register the license? Thank You Sandra
  7. Hello, here some styles, you may like... Some of the styles are two layer based: Glass, SwampCamping and SanFrancisco. ( As soon as I have more time, I will write an additional tutorial. ) Have fun. TextFX_05.afdesign MartinsTextStyles1.afstyles
  8. So I didn't realise Affinity had a new version until I tried to download Affinity Designer on my new ipad. Apparently v2 is a new one you have to purchase to use, I was happy with v1 and after looking around I still can't find an answer as to how do I get it back on a new ipad. I tried looking on purchased apps, it's there but I can't access nor download it as it no longer exists on App Store. So any solutions?
  9. I've made a brush set for painting that I'm quite happy with, and it's available via Gumroad. These are the brushes I use for painting images like the one attached. There's a free sample set that you can download for free, and the full set. They're all textured brushes with custom tips that I've made myself from scratch, all with pressure, size and opacity sensitivity made to mimic traditional painting brushes. It's not a big set but there's enough brushes to paint anything you could ever want to paint, and they're optimized to work without lag even at very large sizes. https://www.gumroad.com/adrianodocouto I'd highly appreciate it if anyone who downloads would leave me a rating, as that's crucial for exposure on the Gumroad platform. Cheers!
  10. I've just installed Affinity Photo 1.3.5 (from the App Store) and have a problem downloading the samples. The only ones that seems to work are The Visit & the Elephant King. The others acquire a small red X when I click on them. I'm running OS 10.9.5. It's not a huge problem per se but I would like to be reassured that I haven't downloaded a faulty version... I also note that the full screen toggle keyboard command is not Cmd Shift F as stated in the dropdown window. It is, in fact, Ctrl Cmd F. It remains to be seen if there are more malfunctions/inconsistencies. A cursory preliminary opening and working on local files seems to be OK. Any ideas & suggestions welcome.
  11. For RawTherapee there is a nice collection of Hald Color Look-Up Tables, that i was missing in Affinity. So i started to programming and 400 Lines of c++ later, i had a nice converter... Over 300 LUTs of (old) analog films (BW / Colour) and colour effects. Look at the attached ZIP-File. (80 MB compressed, uncompressed 365 MB) The HaldCLUT LUT-Files are not created by me (one exception). License (CC BY-SA 4.0) is included. Have fun with it... ps. I am thinking about to relase the converter(Win/C++) (MIT-license) too. If you interessed, write me a message/post. HaldCLUT_for_Affinity.zip
  12. We've had quite a few reports from users that Bitdefender is flagging/blocking downloads from the Affinity Store as being infected with a Gen:Variant.Mikey.119369 virus. We can confirm that all files downloaded from the Affinity Store have all been scanned before being made publicly available to users. This is a False Positive and as been reported to Bitdefender - it can take up to 72 hours for them to update their app.
  13. I am a registered user of Affinity Photo and Designer. I now have a second personal computer, a laptop, and I would like to install Photo on it, as a Windows App rather than execution of the usual .exe downloaded file. That's important to me because my laptop has a very small SSD where the OS is, but will install Apps on a much larger DATA HD. (On my desktop Windows doesn't see Photo or Designer as Windows Apps, but rather as installed programs. I'd like to change that situation too, but that's a later topic.) So.... Should I pay for the Windows App, then request a refund? Or is there somewhere else I can get the App install file, then later use my registration code to activate it? Thank you, Ray PS. Should have mentioned that Windows allows Apps to be installed on the DATA (D:) HD whereas Affinity Photo wants to be installed in on the OS (C:) in Program Files.
  14. Hey all, After the last update of Affinity Designer and Photo on Ipad, application gave me possibilities to download free stuff like ARTISTA AFFINITY DESIGNER Brushes, Dust Brushes & Overlays and other. But when I launch the download, it's stopping after some pourcent. Is there any thing that I've missed ? (except learning english ) Cheers, Mick
  15. It can be quite common to the get the error The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect when trying to install our apps. This error is normally caused by a corrupted download and can be resolved by re-downloading the .exe again. If you get the issues again after re-downloading, please try downloading the .exe using a different browser. Links to our downloads can be found here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101074-faq-downloading-the-latest-and-previous-versions-of-affinity-apps/
  16. Hello … I just installed the 1.9 update for Affinity Photo. Upon re-opening, I noted that there were downloads available. I clicked the little 'download' icon for each and was under the impression they were downloading to my desktop (MacG5, macOS Sierra). Upon closing Photo, there were (and are) no downloads on my desktop nor in the Downloads or Documents folder(-s) in Dock. WHERE are these downloads set to go? They are not on my Mac. Ergo, the question them becomes: Is there a way to RE-download them and to CHOOSE which location they're downloaded TO? Thanks for your assistance. Richard
  17. I have Affinity on my laptop. What do I need to do to get it on my desktop computer? Thanks
  18. Dear, I requested the demo today and received the codes with the download link by email. But the link does not work. I have tested it with other email and always the same result. No function. So the demos can not be downloaded. Many thanks. Best regards Neo Solved. It works now. Strange.(-;
  19. Guten Tag, weiß jemand warum es bei den letzten 2 Betas eine sehr schlechte Download Geschwindigkeit und Abbrüche gibt? Der Download ist auch auf meinem Laptop nicht besser. Andere Programme kann ich mit Normaler Geschwindigkeit runterladen. Es scheint die Verbindung zum Download Server schlecht zu sein. does anyone know why there is a very poor download speed with the last 2 betas? The download is not better even on my laptop. I can download other programs with normal speed. It seems the connection to the download server is bad.
  20. Download: 2020 Calendar Template (Affinity Publisher) Desk Calendar 2020 - 9x6inches (for web).pdf
  21. I just realized that I could use a canvas in Designer as a mood board, like PureRef. Unfortunately, drag and drop from a browser drops the link as text only, at least from Edge. May I suggest that the images are directly downloaded to the canvas instead, much like in PureRef? The real advantage would be that such mood boards would be file based, locally available as well as usable across platforms (Windows, Mac, iPadOS) with cloud syncing. What do You say?
  22. Hi,I've just purchased a new computer. I visited Affinity site to re-download the software onto this. There appears no way to do this without purchasing again, which I obviously don't wish to do. How do you transfer or download my purchased copy? Thank you.
  23. Im unable to down load any of the sample pictures. I can download the first one affin.co/mamtor all ok bot the rest just come up with a 404 not found page. Any ideas please.
  24. Hello, I design lots of UI for websites using affinity designer. I was just checking the Affinity Store to see whether there is a UI kit to buy. I noticed there were mostly brushes for sales. If you could maybe add re-usable UI kit for sales on Affinity Store. Thank you,
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