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  1. So, I guess you last statement is now my question. While I might guess the desktop could be installed in any location, I think it's a safe bet that most testing by the software engineers took place with it installed in its default location. So i'm always quite hesitant to install any software elsewhere. Any experience out there with installing on a drive other than C:? Ray
  2. I am a registered user of Affinity Photo and Designer. I now have a second personal computer, a laptop, and I would like to install Photo on it, as a Windows App rather than execution of the usual .exe downloaded file. That's important to me because my laptop has a very small SSD where the OS is, but will install Apps on a much larger DATA HD. (On my desktop Windows doesn't see Photo or Designer as Windows Apps, but rather as installed programs. I'd like to change that situation too, but that's a later topic.) So.... Should I pay for the Windows App, then request a refund? Or is there somewhere else I can get the App install file, then later use my registration code to activate it? Thank you, Ray PS. Should have mentioned that Windows allows Apps to be installed on the DATA (D:) HD whereas Affinity Photo wants to be installed in on the OS (C:) in Program Files.