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Found 110 results

  1. Hi Folks, It's been a while since I've been on here. Must mean I've been getting better with AP and AD... hmmm. Anyway.... Artboards, what are they all about? I understand the idea behind them, useful for showcasing projects etc but they do confuse me and I am after some help. I have created a number of social media ready type banners and profile photos etc that I plan to use across various social media platforms for a new upcoming venture. I have each of these created as separate files having used both AD and AP to create them. I then thought it would be good to have them printed so that I can pin them up in my office and mull them over. I thought what would be the best way to place all of these separate files onto a single sheet and print it to display it. Then I thought of artboards. Now first things first am I being daft and this isn't a good use of art boards in this situation? secondly. How the hell do I place all my separately created layer files onto a single artboard? is it possible or am I just getting the whole concept totally wrong and this isn't going to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated as alway. Thanks Mark
  2. At present the print dialogue always defaults to Document. I would prefer it to default to the currently selected / active Artboard. (Obviously this would not apply in a document that has no artboards) Thanks for your consideration.
  3. I would love it if we could set artboards to automatically update sequential order. When I'm sandboxing a design I will often copy an artboard to make an alternate design. Right now I'm stuck with 20 "Artboard 1" artboards, and it would be great if there was a way the number could update when I copy the artboard (Artboard 1, Artboard 2, Artboard 3, etc.) It would be even better if I could set the name of the first artboard and have this happen. For example matchstick_001 turns into matchstick_002, matchstick_003, matchstick_004.
  4. Hi all, I can't move on with this and also haven't found any relevant topic on the forum so I'm trying my luck in this topic. As I'm beginner it might be something easy and stupid but it took me some time and I haven't found any solution. I have a project (catalogue) with about 140 artboards/pages and I need to rearrange pages and insert some new pages as well, for example add new artboard between pages 7 and 8 etc. It doesn't work if I do it manually by moving artboards nor using the right menu or other ways. If I do export nothing changes. Also If I delete some artboard, there is still a blank space after all. So my question is simple: How can I change/rearrange pages easily? Can I easily move artboard from the end of the document somewhere else? I hope this explanation is enough for you. Thanks guys Martin
  5. VolkerMB

    Tiny bugs in Designer

    Hi there! While working on a brochure I encountered some problems with the export function of Designer ( on Windows) and the creation of new documents: Sometimes layer masks of embedded photos (.afphoto) are not honoured when exported to pdf (if a sample file is needed, please let me know). I had inserted an image that was edited in Photo before (added a mask layer in order to hide parts of the image). While the screen displayed the image in Designer correctly the exported pdf showed the image as if the mask layer was ignored. I was able to solve the issue by rasterizing the image in question before exporting it to pdf. However, the should not be necessary, should it? Settings for margins are ignored if the option „create artboard“ is set when a new document is created. This applies to the first artboard as well as all others created at a later stage. Perhaps not a bug but an inconvenient behaviour: If you copy several artboards and create a new document from clipboard afterwards, the objects of the copied artboards are inserted in one large document instead of a document with several artboards. Best, Volker
  6. This problem still exists, even on the latest release. I'm having trouble working around for multiple art-boards each time I open the document. I have posted a video to explain what's troubling me. As you can see, this problem is only with the art-boards. And also, the values once entered in the document creation window is stored in the document setup field and it doesn't update at all. Please watch the video to understand the issue more clearly. Please solve this issue soon. Thank you!
  7. It would be nice if the Layers panel disclosure widgets had the same behavior as Finder's List view, expanding and collapsing all child containers when Option-clicked.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to export a document (book cover - 3 artboards), with bleed (5mm)? The only thing I have found is this: ...and it does not work for me. Either this method neither normal method (jus exporting PDF with print marks checked in options does not work. AD exports image to the exact size of documents, no graphics in bleed area. The impossibility of exporting my work with bleeds for print is a disaster for me. Please help, P.
  9. Hello, after last update I have a problem - when I create multiple artboards they're not included later in export persona as slices like it was before. There is always the main file including all artboards available and sometimes some random artboards as well (but never all of them). It happens with the different files, I attach a screenshot as a reference. Can someone please help me with this issue? Will be very grateful.
  10. So I have made an arrangement with multiple artboards, for a modular UX concept. Problem is, I cannot export it. No matter what I try: - Either that "grey" background is missing (I tried to place a grey rectangle behind but that didn't solve all issues) - Sometimes the white background of the Artboards became transparent - Artboard titles were missing - No matter if I export Whole Document, Selected including Background or via Slices, either something is missing or the document is cropped for no reason I could make out. I simply want to export "What I See" - preferably in a higher resolution, into a single JPG or PNG. In the end I took screenshots and attached them together in Photo - but next time I work on this project I need to have the export working. Thanks for help.
  11. I have a document that has about 15 artboards. I have two different logos that I need to switch out. I created a layer for each logo and the layers are not attached to any art border. So by turning these layers on and off, I can change the logos on each artboard. The problem is when I go to export the document the logos do not export and I assume it is because they are not assigned to an artboard. Is there a way to have an element on every artboard that can be turned off with one click?
  12. This is probably an easy question to answer, but for some reason I am confused. Does anyone have an alternative way to explain artboards? something just isnt clicking for me. I feel like it should be an easy concept, so Im not sure if I am overthinking it? The way I understand it is that its like an area where if you were to be designing a brand identity, it would be where you place the business card, letterhead ...etc. So then its all in one place? I am doing the Workbook which is fantastic at explaining everything, but im at a loss so i must be overthinking it right?
  13. I have created several artboards, which are actually playing cards. I want to print the cards to a pdf. I have watched the videos but it isn't clear to me how to group the artboards on to a selected page size to optimize the number of cards on the page. To clarify, if I have (say) twelve Artboards of the same size and I want to print them on one sheet of portrait paper as three columns and four rows, is this possible? Is there a video to show how this is done? Many thanks. I love the software, but I am learning as I go.
  14. I am trialling AD and am having trouble placing secondary artboards, as an Adobe Illustrator user it may be that I am hanging on to old habits. I have successfully migrated from Adobe Photoshop to AP and wish to do the same with this AD vector package. The problem - General problems with additional artboards etc. I click on the Artboard tool and try to drag a new artboard adjacent to the existing one and it draws it OK, but then everything else goes black including the original artboard and pasteboard - content of the first artboard remains unaffected. The original artboard returns but the pasteboard stays black. Plus I seem to lose the layers and acquire new ones. The video tutorials are for earlier versions of AD and are different to how 1.6.0 behaves.
  15. I would love to be able to add a specific amount of artboards when I create a new document. I will create a icon set with 50+ icons and its a pain to need to set ut one artboard by itself.
  16. Hi, My wife has a craft hobby (obsession) and I regularly have to use AP and/or AD (ver 1.5 on MS Surface Pro 4) to edit or create small and medium bespoke items for her items. I use artboards to create small individual items - for example, a line of text that is curved or a series of small shapes. These are then printed off onto a special A4 transparent sticker to be cut out and applied to the created item. My question is: When I select a single small artboard to print, AD wants to print it in the center of the page, it is not economical or practical to print a single line of text - that is going to be cut out and stuck onto a birthday card for example - in the center of an A4 sheet. Is there a way to select my artboard for print, then move it or make it print at the top edge of the special A4 paper rather than the middle? At the moment I have to create a new A4 doc and copy and paste my selected item into the new docs top edge and print that. Not an ideal procedure. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  17. Is there a way to edit multiple artboards at the same time? I need to resize a pdf document for all pages. Each page is an artboard. When I click on multiple artboards, it gives a combined size, which is hard for resizing. Instead of clicking multiple artboards of 2x4 and it displaying 4.5x4...can I click multiple artboards and resize each to be 4x8?
  18. Hey, I was trying to get familiar with symbols and came across following behaviour. If I have an artboard with one or more symbols and duplicate this artboard with ctrl+j, then all symbols are detached in the duplicated version. If I copy the artboard with ctrl+c and paste it with ctrl+v, the symbols stay so this is propably not the intended behaviour for duplicating. This is kinda frustrating, working with symbols and duplicating artboards shouldn't be exclusive to each other. I can recreate this all the time and also with completely new and empty files just for testing.
  19. Problem: When printing an individual artboard, if any artboard has the same name (for example, it's been duplicated) then you cannot select it in the dropdown list Easy Fix: When duplicating an artboard, the name convention is forced Artboard1 (duplicate), Artboard1 (duplicate) (2), etc. Expected: Artboards should be named whatever the user wants, and you should be able to individually select and print them. The print preview currently updates, so you always know which artboard you've selected anyway. Cheers guys!
  20. Is there a way to print multiple artboards in Affinity Designer on one page with the bleed and crop marks applied to each artboard? Currently the crop marks are for the whole artboard group.
  21. Page names would be quite handy in the exported PDFs. Layers are already exported using their names, which is great, but for some reason artboard names are ignored in the exported file. Is there any particular reason why this is not implemented?
  22. Someone know if there is a shot way or shortcut to collapse all artboards and groups inside?
  23. Im laying out a photo book using Designer. There are potentially 100 pages, Is there a way to re-arrange the placement of art boards into a grid matrix instead of the endless left to right scroll? I find the grid layout to be a lot easier to work with and visualize the final product. Can artboards be rearranged? When working on a project like this sometimes I want to swap page 10 with page 35 for example, Is there a way to drag and drop to rearrange the artboard order? Guides, setting up guides that are the same for every artboard is a bit daunting with the current method, I have to select the precise location for every artboard. Is there a way to place guides at the same locations on all my artboards? Thanks for the help or consideration of adding these features to the artboard functionality.
  24. I am starting to see a few posts asking Serif why Publisher hasn't been released yet. After just completing my first BASIC layout project with Designer and Photo it makes sense to me for at least some of the reasons why Publisher hasn't been released. The two currently available apps are still missing some very basic layout tools so Serif needs to get the basics put in those two apps before moving on to the more complex layout software. I wrote a lengthy piece about this in another thread but it was buried one hundred posts down. I just wanted people to be aware of these points so I am starting a new thread so that they can get more exposure. Original post: After doing my first layout project on Affinity I can understand why Serif isn't rushing Publisher out (even though I enjoyed using it for layouts.) There are still a number of basic layout features that need to be added to Designer and Photo to even work well as a basic one page layout software. Why rush out complex layout software before you even have the basics working right? This is the list I have come up with that Affinity should complete before moving to a layout program. - Visible bleeds in the program, not just after exporting the file. There was too much work trying to set up bleeds at a half an inch when I could see an object after it was dragged out into the bleed area. I basically had to draw a half inch box and then drag the object to the size of the box and then delete the box after I no longer needed it. - Adding and editing artboards needs to be done in Photo. If Photo let me edit artboards I could have done my entire book cover layout in Photo (I think) and not had to jump back to Designer each time I needed to make a slight revision. For an example the publisher I was working with said that my book spine needed to be .58" rather then what I previously had it set to which was .5". Such a small adjustment should not require me to go to another app. - I consider text wrap to be a basic tool so this needs to be done without having to rely on a workaround. There is also a feature from InDesign where the text follows along the side an object that I find to be very useful but I can't remember what it is called off the top of my head. - I should be able to select a shape that I want to import an object into. I know there is masking from the layers panel but with InDesign I have gotten used to selecting a shape, selecting place and then having an object get imported in. This object could then show up in the layers panel as a masked item. -The first version of Publisher should include some of the features that InDesign users have been clamoring for over the past several years and never get. The goal is not to just make a clone of InDesign but provide functionality it can't do or can't do well. I think Affinity got off to a good start as a basic layout tool but I really believe that all of these basics need to be done before Publisher comes out. Ideally Publisher should be a solid app right from the first version since so much polishing would have been done to layout tools in Designer and Photo already. This way the focus for Publisher can be placed entirely on things like long document features and ebooks rather then adding layout tools that have been available for decades now (those features should already be in Photo and Designer by release.) Another advantage of placing the focus on Designer and Photo is that people will get comfortable using those programs as solid basic editing apps so when Publisher comes out the transition to the more powerful long document tools will feel more natural since it will be so similar to the programs they already use. PS. I noticed as I was typing this that there is a shortcut for adjusting leading. That is a useful idea. Is anyone else getting this to work? It doesn't work for me. That seems like a much better idea then having to type numbers into a leading box.
  25. Hi, I hope you can help me. Sorry for my bad english. I'm working with 32 Artboards in one file. My question is: How can I change for example the color or the size of an object without selecting every object in every Artboard? I saw it in this video: https://youtu.be/Y1J6yrgNRZw?t=6s He's changing the color of an object, and the color changes across all Artboards. How can I do that? I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot. Greets from Munich.