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  1. Hello Affinity team, as a designer who heavily relies on art boards to produce an array of files for a single project. I would love to see a save feature within the export persona that allows for us to export the art boards as the artboard name we have chosen, but also the project name. Something like this: MasterFileName_ArtboardName.psd. That way when we export multiple files that are very similar in size and have the same extension, we can move them around more efficiently. If this is already a feature, please someone show me how. I feel like this would boost my productivity immensely.
  2. Since the newest update to the Affinity softwares (1.8.2) on iPad os, my font storage is out of wack in the apps. In fact, I can no longer search for fonts by first letter because they are no longer alphabetized. I have tried deleting all fonts and then reloading them into the app, but they will not all delete from the font preference pane. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. I have followed the video tutorial as well and have had loads of success with installing fonts, but there are some font families (with the same file extension and source) that absolutely refuse to play nice with affinity. My full Nexa and Open Sans library are useless on the ipad. They appear in the import list, but once in the app are non-existant from the font selector.
  4. I am actually having the exact same issue with ".afdesign" files. but upon exporting them to a ".jpg" or a ".psd" format the full document preview appears.
  5. I am having a very similar issue using the newest launched public beta for ipadOS when dealing with editing text properties such as line and paragraph spacing. When I go to adjust anything from the character or paragraph panels the whole app crashes and I have to restart it.
  6. @Pšenda, that works, but I guess I should rephrase that I want the above feature in the batch export.
  7. Gabriel, see the above video from Munirul as this is exactly what occurs for me.
  8. When using Affinity products, I have noticed that if I move my program (in full-screen mode)from my MacBook Pro to an external monitor, I encounter odd jitters when zooming around the already opened documents. To resolve the issue I have to save the current document and completely quit the program before opening it on the secondary monitor. The issue is exponentially worse when working with multiple artboards.
  9. As someone who transferred to Affinity Designer upon launch, ditching the traditional Adobe Products that most of the industry utilizes I am, for the most part, thrilled with incorporating Affinity Designer into my workflow. However, there are two features that I have been longing for. The first of which is the incorporation of editable text in an exported PSD. Some clients desperately want the PSD files of all of the work in the final form, and documents with tons of text present an issue as all text now exports as a pixel layer. I know it is a huge coding ordeal, but it would be such a huge asset to us all. Please, in your next update try to incorporate this feature for your dedicated designers using your design programs so that we are not forced to find ridiculous workarounds. Secondly, I would love to see an option for batch exporting of artboards to save them as the individual artboard name in a dedicated folder. So much of my time is spent opening a new document and placing the contents of each artboard individually on a new canvas and saving them for client work. A batch save option would be extremely helpful, especially if the same options are available there like the ones currently available in the export menu.
  10. Since we are all talking about new software, I have a serious question I would like to ask. Maybe something like this already exists, but I would love to hear what, if any, Affinity Products (or Affinity Compatible Applications) are in the works for organizing files and digital assets (along the lines of Adobe Bridge)?
  11. Since the newest release of Designer I have not been able to utilize the cross-program workflow as I get an error message saying something like "incompatible file type for this software version". I am unsure if this issue has been fixed in a beta update but I am updating to it as soon as the download is complete. Just wanted the bug to be known.
  12. What I am talking about are those standard graphic dimensions for headers on popular sites. There is no way I would suggest all of them being implemented. That would be absurd. Dimensions for commonly utilized sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. As far as websites changing their predominate feature standard sizes, I think that happens in far smaller quantities than we image. ;-) If there was a way to save our own and catalog those then I would be equally as enthralled. Any way to make life easier than just galavanting online every time I am in need of them to find those standards would be a welcomed changed.
  13. Would it be at all possible to add in social networking sites in page setup/document setup drop-down menus? As designers, we often work in those mediums and I find myself constantly entering in those dimensions. I think it would be a nice little nod to separate Affinity from the rest of the pack on the desktop design software programs.
  14. Just the idea of affinity on the iPad pro makes me extremely excited as I just ordered my first 9.7 iPad pro. It would be an answer to workflow issues when it comes to illustration works when I am away from my mac and still need to get work done. I would love to be a beta tester for both designer and photo when they are ready to test.
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