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  1. Hello! I find it very difficult to see which layer I selected with all artboards already "highlighted"... Is there a way to turn off automatic highlighting of artboards? Or augment the contrast between artboards and selected layers? Thanks!
  2. Yep, I have the same - it's quite annoying. Mac OS 10.15
  3. I've seen other threads on this topic but my issue is a bit weirder: the first page of the exported as PDF reads fine, second one is blurry (see attached). This happened with the save for web option on a Mac. I've attached the options as well. It's the same document, same fonts same everything. It doesn't do that when I use the "flattened" option... _______________ Is there a definitive guide on how to export PDFs? For example, what are the best presets to send proofs to clients or to send for print? When should you use flattened vs web... isn't web flattened? I'm nor sure how to deal with font embed, either. Font as curves seems the safest bet but are they good when you send to print? Thanks a lot
  4. Mac was right. I think you ought to put that in your FAQs if it's not there already - to help mommy brains out there
  5. Mac, you are a genius. Mind telling me where my house keys are?
  6. Hello, I am a big fan. I bought all of of your products. But on my "downloads and product keys" page I only have publisher and a few freebies. Missing photo and designer that I want to install on my new computer. Thanks for your help
  7. Merci R C-R !! It worked perfectly :) :) :) Would be nice if we could do this in the Transform panel, with precise numbers instead of dragging ...
  8. Thank you v_kyr, this almost works for me:) However, certain texts are not scaling down with the rest - there must me a tick box i need to use somewhere...? This method will not allow me to use cutting marks, unfortunately...
  9. Hello :) I have created a document containing multiple pages (12) in size A4, each page on its own art board. The print shop wants me to send a PDF (or the original file) in size A5. I have looked and looked... and still can't figure out how to either: - resize my original A4 document to a A5 - or export my original A4 document to an A5 - or export my original A4 document into a A5 PDF - or if there is another way... I thought that A5 is simply half an A4 and it would be easy for the printer to simply downsize, but apparently it doesn't work like that so... I need to send that file YESTERDAY so... help me please :) Thank you
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