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  1. Merci R C-R !! It worked perfectly :) :) :) Would be nice if we could do this in the Transform panel, with precise numbers instead of dragging ...
  2. Thank you v_kyr, this almost works for me:) However, certain texts are not scaling down with the rest - there must me a tick box i need to use somewhere...? This method will not allow me to use cutting marks, unfortunately...
  3. Hello :) I have created a document containing multiple pages (12) in size A4, each page on its own art board. The print shop wants me to send a PDF (or the original file) in size A5. I have looked and looked... and still can't figure out how to either: - resize my original A4 document to a A5 - or export my original A4 document to an A5 - or export my original A4 document into a A5 PDF - or if there is another way... I thought that A5 is simply half an A4 and it would be easy for the printer to simply downsize, but apparently it doesn't work like that so... I need to send that file YESTERDAY so... help me please :) Thank you