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  1. Does Affinity Designer have the Illustrator equivalent for: 1. Asset Export 2. Smooth tool 3. Trace 4. Shape Builder 5. Lasso Tool 6. Create Outlines Does it have the same glitch Illustrator has when sometimes you export an artboard and the dimensions are off by one pixel? Also, does it also have an issue similar to Illustrator where you will create a pattern and a thin white line will show in the pattern that doesn't actually exist? Thanks
  2. I saved it as a png. AD gives the option to save as .png. I'm designing some prints and my printer needs them as a .png or psd. I prefer to work in a vector program so my plan is to design in AD with rgb and export as png. Is this not a good plan? Thanks
  3. Hi, I created an Affinity Designer document 18" x 18" at 300 dpi. I place just text, converted the text to outlines and exported as a png. When I open the .png in Affinity Designer, the text is jagged, looks horrible. to zoom in at 100% and now it looks normal. Can someone tell me why it does that? I would think that since it's vector, it should look the same at any zoom level. Thanks
  4. I got the impression the guys at Affinity were dog people, but maybe that's what the cats want us to think, hmm?! Merry Christmas
  5. I kind of feel like Christmas came a day early! All of these cool new tips and tricks are awesome. I'm really getting more and more impressed with Affinity Designer. Thanks.
  6. Thank you Alfred. It's nice to keep discovering all the things Affinity Designer is capable of :)
  7. Thanks so much. I followed these instructions and I created exactly what you did in the image. I would like to apply the stripes to the fill, not the stroke. How do I do this? Thanks
  8. I made a circle, then I copy it and move the copy next to the first one. I can see the green line letting me know it's lined up. But if I move the copy while holding down the alt key (so I can use command-j to power duplicate, then I don't see the green lines and can't snap it to align perfectly with the first circle. What am I doing wrong? I would like to make patterns using the power duplicate method but I need to see that everything is lining up correctly. Thanks
  9. I'm watching a Chris Spooner tutorial (Retro Style Geometric Lines Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial). At about the 1:20 mark he selects the vertical stripe pattern he created and chooses the new brush icon, the art brush and creates a new brush. Then he makes a circle, clicks the newly created stripe brush and the circle is now filled with stripes that fill the circle and the strips are now circular. So, how do I do this in Affinity Designer? Thanks
  10. Let's say I want to create two sides of a circle. I use the pen tool to start creating the first half but when it's time to create the straight line, there is no guide showing me that the line is straight. I've seen tutorials in Illustrator where the guide is there so is there a setting I can set for this in AD? Thanks
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