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  1. I am creating a digital journal in Affinity Publisher and keep running into problems that is slowing down the creation of this document. The latest issue has to do with creating picture frames. When I make the picture frame, my everything on the page gets blurry. If I delete the frame, it goes back to normal. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to solve the issue? I've included a video affinity publisher_blurrines.mov clip of the issue. Thanks
  2. I have a 445 page document. I put hyperlinks on only the 1st two pages so far. -The first page has hyperlinks to urls only. -The second page has hyperlinks to other pages in the document only. -I can choose 'go to hyperlink target' on both pages and the links go where they need to go. -I export only these first two pages (of the 445 page document) to test the links. -I export as a PDF(digital high quality), under 'More' the hyperlinks option is checked. -I check the PDF in both Mac Preview and Goodnotes. -Only the url hyperlinks on page 1 work. I click and they go to the correct urls. -The page hyperlinks on page 2 do not work. Nothing happens, I don't get any kind of hand or color change to show that there is a link. I click on it and nothing happens. Why are the url hyperlinks working but not the page hyperlinks? How can I fix this? Thanks
  3. I'm using Affinity Designer desktop on a macbook pro. I'm trying to subtract a rectangle shape from an image. The jpg image has a baroque design on it. I changed it to a curve, then selected the shape and the image, held down alt while choosing 'subtract'. As you can see in the video I included, the image gets dark, almost. black along the left edge. What are the steps I should follow to correctly subtract from this image? Thanks Untitled 11.mp4 Untitled 11.mov
  4. Why is this such a difficult question to get a definitive answer to? Why can't someone who is higher up in the organization give an OFFICIAL word and either say yes, it's still planned but behind schedule while we work out the kinks or no, we've thought more about it and it just won't work out, etc. Why the mystery?
  5. Are there still plans to have Affinity Publisher on the iPad. If so, when can we expect this?
  6. I renamed a document in Affinity Designer for iPad, when I choose to save it to the iPad, it says it's saving 'Untitled' to iCloud instead and does that. I want it to save with the new name where I choose to save it. What can I do to fix this? Thanks
  7. What is the Affinity Designer/Publisher pdf export equivalent to Illustrator's "high quality print" option? Thanks
  8. Alfred, that didn't work, the image is not on a background. 1. On the iPad app, under 'new document', I can choose 'transparent background' and 'create artboard' and that will create an artboard with a transparent background. I did not create my original file this way. I believe I just created a document and later on added new artboards. 2. My file has 7 artboards, all of them have white backgrounds but the thumbnails in the layers panel show transparent backgrounds. If I place a blue box on the artboard and place the blue box below the artwork, I can see the blue box so the artwork has no background. 3. I export the artboard as a png and it seems at some point the white bkg is added. 4. I would like to export pngs with transparent backgrounds, no white backgrounds. 5. I don't want to do anything advanced, I just want to export pngs with no bkgd. If I am doing something wrong and overlooking something basic,please let me know. 6. I'm sure there is a really simple way to do this that I am missing, so maybe someone, anyone, can kindly list the steps to do this properly. 7. Once again, I need this to work on Affinity Designer for the iPad, thanks
  9. So is this another thing that Affinity Designer iPad can't do and do I need to create a new file? I have 11 files I need to export as pngs with transparent background and I would like to know how to do that. Is there some kind of best practices procedure that I need to follow to do this task? I can't believe it's 3 hours later and I still don't know how to do this most basic step.
  10. @walt.farrell I created this file a while ago. I may not have created it with the transparent background. But I need it to export transparent pngs. Surely there's a way to do this?
  11. @walt.farrell Is the artboard supposed to have the transparent layer? It shows as white but I know it's transparent because I placed a colored square behind the image to test it. This is a confusing setup. There must be a way to know if it's going to be transparent before I waste time exporting and testing. I exported the png to my iPad folder but I can't tell if it's transparent or not. Then I add the file to iCloud, move it to file on desktop and drag it to photoshop and it has white background.
  12. @walt.farrellI have it disabled, it looks just like your image. @walt.farrellI have it disabled. It looks just like your image.
  13. What steps do I follow to export an image on an artboard without a white background in Affinity Designer for iPad. I created the image without a background. On the artboard layer I have 'checkboard background' checked. It still exports with white background. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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